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A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
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    1. Preston
      on March 10

      The game looks great! Can't wait to play it. I made a Discord channel for the island of El Dorado here: We can talk about strategies, how to play and even maybe find other fans nearby to play with.

    2. BloopidyBloop on March 6

      @steven B. - Where are you seeing the printing being off?

    3. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer on March 4

      I agree some of my excitement is giving way to trepidation. It would be nice to see some more straight forward pics of the finished product rather than the artsy shots with dim lighting and shadow.

    4. Steven B.
      on March 3

      Anything looks great, though I'm bit worried looking at the picture with all tbe exploration tiles. There are a lot where the printing is off around the edge, even more recognizable because of the blackish color on the back. Apart from that this takes away some of the beauty of the game, it also could lead to certain tiles being recognizable because of certain patterns.

    5. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi on March 2

      The explorers’ boards are actually cardboard: I don’t know the actual size (they definitely look larger than Tarots), but I don’t think you’ll find sleeves for those...

    6. Missing avatar

      Sergio Cerdá Fernández on March 2

      Thankyou not read all comnents....and what is the size of the explorer cards?

    7. Missing avatar

      Dirkjan82 on March 2

      @Sergio the cards are bridge sized, according to an earlier answer from Daniel.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kent Forry on March 2

      Question mate, I'm now living overseas and for shipping reasons I was wondering what the weight of the package will be for shipping reasons?

    9. Missing avatar

      on March 1


    10. Missing avatar

      Sergio Cerdá Fernández on March 1

      Hi Daniel. I would like to know the sizes of the resource cards and explorer cards in order to can buy sleeves. Thxs

    11. Phill on March 1

      Said it in the update, and I'll say it again here:

      We need a live stream of the finalised game!

    12. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer on March 1

      Is there a glossy finish on those tiles or something? Could just be my eyes or glare, but the edges look like they have white edges and really prominent nubs from. Punching

    13. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi on March 1

      Yeah! Sounds awesome! Waiting for the update!

    14. Daniel Aronson Creator on February 28

      GUYS!!!! The first copy off the mass production line came in the mail today. I’ll be sending an update soon with a video of me going through it all, but OH MY GOSH. I’m over the moon excited. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ll post a few pictures on our Facebook page today so look there if you want a sneak peak before the update. AH!!! I’m so excited to get these to all of you!

    15. Missing avatar

      sweetcuppincake on February 23

      @Giacomarshmallow, Thats it! Panthers and armored rhinos!

    16. Brian Lewis
      on February 22

      Hey, I've seen that documentary!

    17. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi on February 21

      Wakanda as in the fictional African country Marvel’s Black Panther is from? Was the title of the documentary you saw “Black Panther”? ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      sweetcuppincake on February 20

      I saw a documentary recently and apparently El dorado is in wakanda africa.

      on February 20

      will the rulebook be in spanish too?? (or in pdf)

    20. Paul Taylor
      on February 20

      This game looks more amazing with every update!

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Cervenka on February 19

      When I go to the crowdox survey, I get:
      Thank you for your interest in The Island of El Dorado
      We no longer have an active survey. For more information you can reach out to The Island of El Dorado.

    22. Jeremy Evain on February 19

      Hi are you able to resend me my crowdox survey link so I can update shipping? Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      Gina Dunlap
      on February 19

      Super excited to see the components, especially the bags. I am descended from Pierre Lafitte, Jean's brother, Arrgh!

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Cervenka on February 16


      I missed the original survey to select rewards (it went into spam), and by the time I noticed it, the link was no longer valid. Is that related to the address change issue? Is there anything I need to still do to select the reward?

    25. BloopidyBloop on February 15

      I really can't wait to finally have this game! I'm also really looking forward to The Thieves of El Dorado :)

    26. Daniel Aronson Creator on February 13

      Hey guys! Crowdox is having a little glitch stop stops people being able to change their shipping address right now. Don’t worry - we still have time. I’ll send out an update explaining once they have it all fixed. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      john morgans on February 13

      I need to change my shipping address

    28. Jeremy Evain on February 11

      Hi, how do I go about changing my shipping address?

      Cheers and keep up the awesome work!

    29. Daniel Aronson Creator on February 8

      Heyo! Thanks @Josh!

    30. Josh Simons on February 8

      BGG posted The final results of most anticipated games of 2018. Congratulations that the island at El Dorado is number 13 on that list!!…

    31. Missing avatar

      Joe DiPietro on February 7

      Cool, thanks for the quick response.

    32. Daniel Aronson Creator on February 7

      Hey guys! Crowdox is having a bit of a glitch not allowing people to change their shipping address right now. We have time - so don’t worry. I’m planning to send an update when they fix it and explain to everyone how to change your address. :) production is going well! We’re on track!

    33. Missing avatar

      Joe DiPietro on February 7

      I’m also having addrsss change issues, I messaged and tried to email the pledge manager, help would be appreciated.

      +1 on ship naked, I’ve heard of people having problems, but they’ve handled two I’ve done, one worked great, one had an issue and the place called me on the phone to help get it corrected.

    34. Josh Simons on February 7

      I've had a few KickStarter pledges deliver via ShipNaked. None of mine have been damaged. The customers who reported in the comments they had gotten damaged products seem to be taken care of with replacements by the project creator.

      If you like following the tracking, it seems to stall in Massachusetts until it's at your door, instead of actually being tracked.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dirkjan82 on February 6

      Today I got a Kickstarter game that was send through ShipNaked (the game Hardback, not The Island of El Dorado obviously). First the good news: it arrived in a very timely manner, well packed and in good condition.

      Then the bad (which isn't so bad at all): ShipNaked send out an e-mail notifying me off a shipment that was on it's way a few days ago. There was no telling which day exactly it would arrive and no tracking option. Today I got an e-mail from DHL with tracking info dating several days back, saying it would arrive today. So I wonder why they couldn't send me an e-mail earlier.

      In short: my current experience with ShipNaked is good, although there wasn't tracking until the day it arrived. So I'm okay with ShipNaked for this game here. Now I'm looking forward to more beautiful pictures and the actual game (and the info on expansions!)

    36. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on February 5

      Will premium sleeved cards fit in the resource box? What is the card size?

    37. Missing avatar

      Scott Refvik on February 5

      +1 scared of ShipNaked I'd be willing to throw some more money in for shipping if it means a reliable shipping partner without the horror stories.

    38. Missing avatar

      Niccolo Guanzon on February 4

      @Daniel Aronson I messaged you regarding a change in shipping address. Can’t seem to access the pledge manager anymore

    39. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer on February 3

      (FWIW facade sent me a new box for Tortuga, no gripes with that project or creator)

    40. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer on February 3

      +1 leary of shipnaked. I've seen the plethora of horror stories about Game Salute. The only game I've ever recieved from them was Tortuga 1667 which was shipped. In a bubble envelope and was bent up pretty badly.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dirkjan82 on February 1

      I just got a shipping confirmation from another Kickstarter board game that uses Shipnaked and they should ship it from within the EU (EU friendly shipping). But according to the mail it can still take 4-6 weeks to get it. That's slow!
      Hopefully this one goes faster once it's ships.

    42. Bender Rodriguez on January 31

      Bit concerned about going with ShipNaked ... hopefully this is one of the lucky campaigns to be treated well.

    43. Missing avatar

      Yungchou Tsai
      on January 29

      @Daniel Aronson I had some problems to update my shipping address. I have e-mailed and left a message to you. Could you give me a hand? Thanks.

    44. Daniel Bates on January 29

      Oh I know...just waiting for the game is killing me!!

    45. Phill on January 27

      You should live stream a game with the expansion but not explain how it works

    46. Daniel Aronson Creator on January 27

      @Daniel don’t worry - the expansion details will be revealed eventually. We might just have to be wait a bit longer. :) Just played a game of the first expansion last night and I’m so excited to share details with you guys.

    47. Daniel Bates on January 26

      If only a 1/3 the backers vote on BGG, well be at the expansion revelation! come on!!

    48. Brian Lewis
      on January 23

      Thieves of El Dorado. Man that one sounds cool.

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