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A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
A strategic board game. Explore the island, gather its resources, and cross swords as you race to control powerful shrines.
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    1. James Austin
      about 1 hour ago

      Got my game on Tuesday and holy hell is that box gorgeous

    2. Gerard van den Akker
      about 2 hours ago

      I just received my copy today in the Netherlands (could have had it yesterday, but I wasn't home) and it looks absolutely great! And not only the game, but also the box, the art, everything. This is a high quality game. Looking forward to play it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Sattary about 2 hours ago

      Got it, Woop!!!

    4. Andrés Egea Huertas about 3 hours ago

      Yes yes... sorry hahaha. I just read it in the game... really fast answer, thanks Daniel and... wow, I need the expansion

    5. Daniel Aronson Creator about 3 hours ago

      Hi @Andrés! Orange has 5 villagers because Hector's special ability gives him an extra villager. 😃

    6. Andrés Egea Huertas about 3 hours ago

      Can someone tell me why some heroes have 4 or 5 villaguers? Please?

    7. Robert Aubin about 3 hours ago

      Just arrived in Edmonton, Alberta.

    8. Koendert Ruifrok about 4 hours ago

      Received the game today in the netherlands. What a fantastic quality it looks magnificient

    9. Missing avatar

      Bored Gamer about 4 hours ago

      Kudos for the great campaign. The game isn't for me, but thank you for a very well run project.

    10. SMYR
      about 4 hours ago

      @creator: Daniel, 1000 thanks to you! What you did during this campaign is just outstanding! I’m a experienced KS backer and your campaign was like a miracle right from the start. I don’t know how you pulled it of but never ever have I been part of a board game campaign that went so smooth through every single step. Especially regarding production and fullfillmemt - everything was fast and top notch. I got both a tracking mail from Ship Naked, a DHL message and the game within two days. It’s a worthy end for this campaign. Now I have to resist the urge to take this campaign as template for every other campaign... i’d be terribly disappointed if I did. Again, thank you and see you again on your future projects!

    11. Jolanda
      about 5 hours ago

      Received the tracking mail today and the game. It was delivered by DHL. @Piet Wenings I'm also in The Netherlands. Fingers crossed that yours will arrive soon too. It looks amazing!

    12. Piet Wenings
      about 5 hours ago

      By the way, I am in The Netherlands.

    13. Piet Wenings
      about 5 hours ago

      Got my tracking mail today. No tracking ID. So not sure why it is called a tracking mail ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kieran Woods
      about 5 hours ago

      UK. It's here :)

    15. Philippe PETIT about 6 hours ago

      Quel est le transporteur pour la France ? (La Poste, DHL, Chronopost ?)

    16. Missing avatar

      Martin Pelletier
      about 6 hours ago

      Received yesterday in Quebec City in excellent condition.

    17. Scott Bridges about 7 hours ago

      Received my tracking email today in UK. I can't wait for this fantastic game :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Patrick Craenmehr about 7 hours ago

      @Dirkjan82 Thanks for the info! When I read it I thought, how does he know I just got that e-mail!? But then I noticed more Patricks in The Netherlands are still waiting on delivery and had already posted here. Hopefully it will be delivered within a week. :-)

    19. Cedric Sureshkumar
      about 7 hours ago

      Got my shipping notification this morning. Received the game at lunchtime.
      Fantastic quality all around - super psyched to get this to the table!!

      Thanks @Daniel Aronson for running a superb campaign, keeping us well informed throughout and delivering on time (even though us in the EU got a bit delayed). Was nice to scan the thanks pages to find my name (although I didn't need to hunt too far).

      Can't wait to see what's coming next!

    20. Andrés Egea Huertas about 7 hours ago

      Thaaaanks! Easy. 😍

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonesy about 7 hours ago

      Woohoo! My copy just arrived here in Hampshire, UK via DHL and UKMail. The box - which is really elegant - took a ding in transit but it's nothing structural. I've been keen to play this ever since I backed, so hopefully can get it on the table tonight or tomorrow. Congratulations, Daniel, on a well-executed campaign, and good luck with all your future ones!

    22. Daniel Aronson Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Andrés Egea Huertas: hi! Army movement can be bought anytime during your own explore phase. It can also be bought during other player’s explore phase once they have made a first move (that’s how their explore phase begins). You can buy as many army movements as you can afford with gold. 🏆🏆

    23. Dirkjan82 about 9 hours ago

      @Vitonofrio and @Patrick and others who just received their shipping email in Europe:
      The email stating the shipping takes 4-6 weeks without tracking is a standard email sent automatically to everyone when a shipping label is made. This standard mail is written as if your order ships from the US.


      Your game will ship from within Europe (from Germany to be precise) and probably takes only 1-2 weeks or less. This also means you don't have to worry about customs.
      After I got my email it took about 3-4 business days (5-6 days if also counting the weekend) before I got mine through DHL from Germany to the Netherlands, even though my mail also mentioned a local courier (PostNL would've been better, but fortunately I was home and the DHL delivery guy actually did his work well).

      Ship Naked is very busy preparing and sending all the games. Sending a few thousand games is not done in 5 minutes or even in a day. It's manual work and takes a few days, perhaps even more than a week. Waiting isn't fun, but your game is on its way and will be with you very soon now.

    24. Daniel Aronson Creator about 9 hours ago

      Hey guys! Don’t worry! 4-6 weeks is just the just what all of the emails say if it isn’t in the US. As you can see from the comments, lots and lots of EU backers have already received their games. Their notification emails (that they got a day or two ago) said 4-6 weeks too. The EU games are shipping from the German Depot. 😊

    25. Urmao
      about 9 hours ago

      @Patrick Koeman : i received the same email 2 hours brfore the game :-)

    26. Urmao
      about 9 hours ago

      just received it ! very nice game ! i m from Marseille - France

      about 10 hours ago

      I'm from Spain

      about 10 hours ago

      I've just received the game!!!!
      uooooh!!! what a quality!!! great!!!

      thank for the campaign, thanks for your dedication and thanks for the game!!

      I will send a photo to you for the contest.

    29. Patrick Koeman about 10 hours ago

      And then again i thought all european games were already in the eu.. through customs.

      But 4-6 weeks sound more likely it still needs to be shipped from the US.

    30. Patrick Koeman about 10 hours ago

      Just recieved email with same bullshit 4-6 weeks? Why is mine deliverd this way with local postage and others from the netherlands by DHL and got there game already ??

      Why 2 different delivery methods

    31. Jean-Rémy Gallapont about 10 hours ago

      Reçu ce matin dans le sud est de la France, 10 minutes après avoir reçu l'email m'indiquant qu'il avait été expédié et arriverai dans 4 à 6 semaines !

    32. Philippe PETIT about 11 hours ago

      I've just received my shipping label from Ship Naked, here in France !!

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan Sattary about 11 hours ago

      Another 4-6 weeks!!! This is agony!
      I was waiting it's imminent arrival 😭

    34. Missing avatar

      Vitonofrio del Rosso
      about 11 hours ago

      ehm, not to sound like a douche but..
      "Your package will be delivered via your local postal service to keep your shipping costs down. There is no tracking number for this shipment.

      Our general timeline for delivery is 4-6 weeks. Certain countries may have packages arrive faster than that. If you have not received your package in 4-6 weeks from the campaign completion post, please contact us by email at or by phone at +01 603-401-9386. If your shipment is part of a Kickstarter campaign, we ask that all status inquiries be held until after the timelines listed above have passed."
      Say what? there is no tracking? I've to wait 4-6 weeks for shipment from the uk else contact them (which considering the current timeline is in mid-august? like who the fuck will fetch a package in the middle of august?????)..
      was it stated anywhere that we would get a uber-slow shipping method (land??? or what? because 4-6 week from uk to any eu destination is a joke...) and untracked to boot? because that's really not good enough in my book..

    35. Josh Trumper about 11 hours ago

      Order has just been shipped! Exciting! :D Any news on thieves expansion?

    36. Patrick Koeman about 12 hours ago

      Still nothing :(
      no tracking, no news, no email but i read people from the Netherlands already recieved theirs.

      Have to be patiënt.....

    37. Andrés Egea Huertas about 13 hours ago

      @Daniel Aronson

      Hello! I have just read the rule book and I have one question, I cant understand the ARMY MOVEMENT. I dont know how many times in a round I can pay for it and I cant understand when I can pay it. I think in the rule book is confused.

      Thanks for the answers!

    38. Panga
      about 13 hours ago

      Nope still nothing in France

    39. Missing avatar

      about 14 hours ago

      Nothing here in France, not even a tracking mail

    40. Bury
      about 16 hours ago

      Any word on replacing a few damaged cards? Thx.

    41. Johan Hellqvist about 19 hours ago

      Finally got to break the plastic wrap and check the contents. Aside from a slight bruise on the front side of the box, the content is in perfect condition. Cardboard, cards, meeples, shrines and dice are all in good condition. Now I just need to get it to the group for a few play sessions.

    42. Missing avatar

      mike about 22 hours ago

      My copy arrived (Canada) today, it's so nice. If I didn't know better, i'd swear the graphic design folks behind the rule book make guides for art galleries or museums. It's def got that vibe to them, and I mean that in a good way. I wasn't sure how this was going to be when I saw it in my hands, but I am extremely impressed. Super nice work folks, after I try this out i'm going to have a hard time not backing the expansion.

    43. James Robertson 1 day ago

      Game received in the UK - thank you!

    44. Tom C
      1 day ago

      Great, tnx

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Schouppe 1 day ago

      @Tom C: bpost

    46. Hohyss
      1 day ago

      Hi, someone received the game in France ? Nothing for me :(

    47. Isaac Alexander
      1 day ago

      Mine arrived yesterday in Ontario... on time? Daniel, you are creating unrealistic expectations about first-time creators on kickstarter.

    48. WeAreGeek 1 day ago

      Quick update to say it was my copy of this game and everything looks gorgeous and even better than the pictures here are able to convey.

    49. Artur Dlugosz 1 day ago

      I just got game delivered to Poland. It really looks awesome. Thanks guys :)

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