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$3,111 pledged of $6,600 goal
By Gene Turnbow
$3,111 pledged of $6,600 goal

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Krypton Radio Rides Again


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It Was Pointed Out To Us..

.. that we already had a PayPal button on the Krypton Radio web site, but that it was very hard to find.  We have since fixed this, and you can now find it on the front page.

Again, thank you for your faith in us, and for your continued support as part of our readership and our listening audience.

Gene Turnbow

Krypton Radio

Relaunching the Campaign in the Spring

To all who pledged their support for the 'Rise of Krypton Radio' Kickstarter campaign, we thank you. Sadly, we did not make our goal, which means that no one's credit cards or PayPal accounts will be charged (and Krypton Radio receives no funds).

I'm personally grateful for all the support I've had during this campaign. A lot of friends, old and new, worked very hard along side us to try to get the word out.

Thanks especially to Marc Scott Zicree, famed producer, writer and director of science fiction and fantasy television and captain of the Space Command movie project, for lending his support and helping spread the word.

Thank you to Jeffrey Bridges, executive producer at Pendant Audio and creator of Dixie Stenberg, for your support and helping boost the signal.

Thanks especially to Walter Bryant and David Clarke of Day Zer0 who let us turn their studio practically inside out shooting the pitch video.

Thanks especially to Liz Clary and Kristine Cherry of The Corsair's Closet for their energetic support and assistance in making radio promo spots that ran around the clock on Krypton Radio itself.

Thank you to Doctor Jerry Pournelle, who made me stand up and explain myself to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society before recommending that the world's oldest science fiction club endorse our efforts.

Thank you to my father for believing in me.

And I know I've forgotten dozens more, please know that I appreciate everything you did to try to help.

Fortunately we're all still here, and we're all still able to talk about how we can make it work better from here moving forward. What would you like to see from Krypton Radio? We can make all sorts of things - and we're discussing making smart phone apps to make it easier to tune in any time. So what do you think?

Thank you all for the support you have shown us, and that you continue to show. We made a lot of new friends, and we made stronger ties with the ones we had. The future is still bright for Krypton Radio.

- Gene Turnbow


No kidding, post comments. We can make stuff. We're smart - what would you like to see?

With 13 Hours To Go ...

.. what can we do to get across that finish line? 

It occurred to me that we have a number of really cool shows on the air right now, and more in production. If you donate $50 or above you're likely to get a logo mug, so what if we put the Krypton Radio logo on one side, and the logo of your favorite Krypton Radio show on the other side?

Just an idea.

- Gene

21 Hours To Go, And Pledges Are Surging

The Universe, apparently, is not finished with us yet.

With 21 hours to go, we're getting some rather large pledge amounts.  If we get ten more like them in the next 21 hours, we could still win this.  The odds are against us - but we've beaten steep odds before. 

But apart from writing updates here, there is little we can do from here to affect the outcome.  It's all up to you know, and whoever you might know that would want to become a really significant backer.

It's hard to know what to say next, because it's hard to know what will happen next.  We thought we knew, but we may be about to be proven wrong, in the good way.

Cross your fingers.  Take a breath.  Make a wish.

- Gene Turnbow

- Krypton Radio.