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We're the only sci-fi/comics radio station in the world. We help new writers, artists, musicians & filmmakers rise. Time to level up.

We're the only sci-fi/comics radio station in the world. We help new writers, artists, musicians & filmmakers rise. Time to level up. Read More
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A note to those new to Kickstarter - if we don't reach our goal, you WON'T be charged.

What Is Krypton Radio?

Krypton Radio is the only science fiction / comics radio station in the world. Out of a planet full of podcasts and radio shows, we’re the only station. And that’s a shame, because science fiction, fantasy, gaming and comics fans are some of the most creative in the world.

Science fiction, fantasy, comics and gamer fans are wildly creative, yet so much of this creative work languishes, unable to find its audience. And it’s not because fans aren’t looking for the stuff other fans do. It’s a big Internet out there.

That’s why Krypton Radio is so important. It's a lens, bringing both fannish creators and audience into focus for the other, and in the three years since we first went on the air, we have become a focal point for much of this mad electrified creativity.

Why We Need Your Help

We're an internet radio station, and that means we need both a radio stream and a web presence. We  use:

  • Writers
  • Reporters
  • Videographers
  • Editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Programmers
  • Talent scouts
  • Disk jockeys
  • Producers
  • Sound engineers
  • Voice actors
  • Social media people

Its a labor of love for all these people who come together to bring you great new stuff every single day - it's all done by volunteers.  Nobody gets paid.  It’s something of a miracle that the station even exists with these kinds of daily challenges.

But to go any higher, we need your help to bridge the gap between what we can do working completely volunteer and unfunded, and what we know we could do if we had the resources. And unfortunately for us, at the moment that's a pretty big gap. That's where you can come to our rescue.

Our Goal: $6,600

The first thing - the most important thing - Krypton Radio needs to do is to grow its audience. This will let us help the authors, musicians, artists and filmmakers reach Fandom around the world.

$6,600 would pay for mixers, microphones and other audio equipment, music for our on-air library, computers for media and content creation, and the station’s technical operating costs for a year. We could greatly improve the quality of the station’s content and attract more listeners. It would also free up money we’re already spending for basic survival so we can use it to expand the fan base of the station itself.  More people should know about us.

This will help us sell ads and sponsorships, and that can help make Krypton Radio self-sustaining on its own. But we need a leg up to get us to this phase, so that’s why this is our minimum goal. If nothing else happens, we need at least this much help.

Stretch Goal #1: 'The Event Horizon'

This is kind of embarrassing.

We got so much interest in our proposed weekly panel show, 'The Event Horizon', that instead of waiting, we're just going to go ahead and try this without the extra funds that our first stretch goal of $11,900 would have provided. We have been turning away requests from people who want to appear on Krypton Radio right and left, because we don’t have a show to put them on. If we work smarter and not harder, we might be able to pull this off.  Certainly, the fandom community is making its wishes known, and from everything we're being told this show is very much wanted.

The Event Horizon is already in preproduction, and the show's pilot episode aired last week on Saturday, 9PM, November 24th.  We recorded it right there at LOSCON 39 where we were sponsoring our own panel. 

Think of The Event Horizon as a rolling convention panel with special guests and speakers each week - except without the convention. The show features science fiction and fantasy writers, filmmakers, fan guests and creative people from all over the science fiction and comics creative spectrum.

We projected that this will cost about $3,500 a year to produce - if we’re careful. If we get $ 11,900 as a first stretch goal from this campaign, we will have enough to cover both our basic technical costs and production for The Event Horizon for one year.  If we don't reach this funding level, we're still going to proceed, though it will be harder for us and we may not be able to produce a new show each week.

Episodes of the show will be recorded live at various conventions around the southwestern United States, and show archives will be made available as downloads after each episode has aired.

The Bottom Line

We’re in a unique position. Nobody’s ever stood on this spot before. There has never been a better time to try this, and with all the amazing people that have gathered together to do it, there has never been a better team.

Help us create something wonderful. You personally can make a mark in the world by helping us rise - and as we rise, so too will everyone around us, and you can play a part in that.  

Let’s make some history.

Risks and challenges

We have a clear vision of how we're going to rise, and what we're going to do to get there, and the kind of fan-run radio station we want Krypton Radio to be. We're already on the path. We just need a little boost to help us gain altitude.

We still have to solve technology problems that will come with getting thousands of listeners at a time, and reaching that critical mass that will make the project self sustaining. And with those changes will come changes in the way we manage the business aspects, adapting as we grow into new roles in the Fandom community.

The second subscribers-only ad-free stream idea is one that frankly I'm not sure is going to work. We face the two-fold problem of solving the unique identification of subscribers with getting a high enough adoption of the subscription stream idea to make the whole operation self sustaining. But the first is mostly a matter of working out an account authentication system that certifies each subscriber connection, and the second is mostly a matter of plain old promotional work. They're both puzzles to solve, but they're both solvable, and I think we can do it, because other services have done it. This is well trodden ground.

I recently spoke with the manager of a comic book store in Burbank, California, who said that he played Krypton Radio in the afternoons at the store - so I think we can create a (very low cost) pay service for comic book and memorabilia stores across the country. I believe that this aspect of the business alone could fuel the entire station if we can work this technology out and get it set up and selling.

I'm confident that we can meet these challenges. I personally have background in a wide variety of practical and fine arts, animation, film making, game design, internet technology and computer programming, along with decades of experience in other roles - and much of that leading teams of people.

But more importantly, I am blessed to be working with one of the most sensational team of creative crazies that I personally have ever seen, and together I believe we have limitless potential. We're fans ourselves and we freely communicate and share ideas with fans like us every single day.

Krypton Radio is by fans, and for the fans. That includes you. People like you can be part of the team - we don't have to sit separately and quietly wonder to ourselves what might have happened or how our lives might have gone. We can join together to make something wonderful, and we can all rise together. And that's the whole point of all of this.

- Gene Turnbow

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  • We've considered the fact that we might not make it - and if that happens, we'll just reload, reregister and try again. Dozens of people have already pledged, and nobody's out a thing if we don't make it so we can return to those people and probably recover most of those pledges for the next attempt - but this will give us a huge head start on a second campaign should it become necessary.

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  • While about half of us live in the Los Angeles area, the other half live in other cities across America, and we even have a promotions and talent coordination guy in Sweden, of all places! Krypton Radio is therefore about as virtual an organization as it's possible to be.

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  • Send a written description of your show to '', and we'll respond. Some of the best stuff comes from fans, not professional production companies, so don't feel intimidated. And if you have what you think is a great idea and everything's in place but the technology, we can help you figure that out. That part we understand pretty well.

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    Pledge $6 or more About $6 USD

    "Krypton Radio Listener" - We realize that a lot of fans want to help, but don't have a lot to help with, so we created this special reward. If you pledge this much, you will get a hand crafted 2.25" button with the Krypton Radio logo on it, and the legend "I Support Krypton Radio." And we do mean hand crafted - these aren't from some faceless manufacturer. These buttons are being made for us by The Button Lady, Suzanne Egg. You may have seen her if you go to conventions in the southwestern United States - she frequently wears a red cloak covered top to bottom with buttons! She's a fan just like you, and the buttons she makes are the best.

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    Pledge $9 or more About $9 USD

    "Evil Minion" - You will receive an attractive "Krypton Radio Evil Minion" refrigerator magnet, with those words printed on it along with our bright golden logo. For, you know, your refrigerator. Or the case of your computer. And, your name will be listed on the Krypton Radio web site as a donor, for a period of one year. Link to the page with pride from your own web site, and show your friends that you support listener funded science fiction and comics radio internet broadcasting at its finest.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    "Secret Identity" - If you donate this much, you'll receive a handsome "Krypton Radio Secret Identity" mousepad with our increasingly famous logo on it. It will also carry information on some of the ways you can tune in, so you’ll never lose track of your favorite scifi / comics radio station on the internet. You'll also be listed on the Krypton Radio web site as a donor for a period of one year.

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    "Official Sidekick" - If you pledge this amount, you'll get a "Krypton Radio Official Sidekick" coffee mug - a lot of us drink it, or tea, but knowing you helped give Krypton Radio help in our time of need will make that tea or coffee taste better. The mugs will feature the distinctive Krypton Radio logo and the phrase "Krypton Radio Official Sidekick" and will be dishwasher safe.

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    "Mad Scientist" T-shirts - okay, yes, we surrender, you actually can have a Krypton Radio logo t-shirt, with the legend "Krypton Radio Mad Scientist" on it. Not a lot of people will have these, so you’ll turn heads when you wear yours.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    "Hero of Krypton Radio" - Your name (or your company's name) will be listed on the Krypton Radio web site in a premium donors area for a period of one year. You’ll also get one each of our coffee mugs and t-shirts - with the legend "Hero of Krypton Radio" on each.

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    "Krypton Radio Superhero" - If you pledge this much, your name (or your company’s name) will be read in public service announcements on the air each day for a month, as well as being listed in the premium donors section on the Krypton Radio web site for a period of one year. You’ll also get two each of our mousepads, coffee mugs and t-shirts, with our golden logo and the legend "Krypton Radio Superhero" on each.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    "Krypton Radio Hero of Legend" - This is for really really significant donors - you get to sponsor your choice of our shows, with the proceeds going directly to the producer of that show. Your name, or your company's name, will be read along with a brief statement about yourself, or your company, at the beginning of that show each week on Krypton Radio, ahead of every episode for three months. You’ll also get four each of our mouse pads, coffee mugs and t-shirts, so this is good for a family or a fan club donation. Just let us know what sizes of shirts you want. Each will carry the message "Krypton Radio Hero of Legend".

    You'll also appear on our Heroes of Legend donors page on the web site for a full year. If you pledge this much and you're not in the United States, we'll wave the shipping fees.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    "Krypton Radio Demigod" - This would make you an amazingly significant donor. We would identify you as a major sponsor of Krypton Radio four times a day in on-air announcements on Krypton Radio, as well as being listed as a corporate sponsor on the Krypton Radio web site, for a full year. You’ll also get coffee mugs and t-shirts, bearing the legend "Krypton Radio Demigod". Just let us know how many you want of each, up to ten. If you pledge this much and you're not in the continental United States, we'll waive the shipping if you want to back us this generously.

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