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An intimate collection of recordings and photos from Doc Watson and his extraordinary family in a 94-song, four disc box set.
An intimate collection of recordings and photos from Doc Watson and his extraordinary family in a 94-song, four disc box set.
497 backers pledged $83,096 to help bring this project to life.

Milestones is shipping now!

Hi everyone - 

I mailed out the first batch of Kickstarter rewards on Monday, and then another big batch yesterday. If you pledged only for a box-set, yours is on the way. If you pledged for a box-set and another item (like a pocket knife, ball cap, etc.) it will be another day or two before I can ship those - packaging is tricky. I am sending everything through the USPS via priority mail. 

We got the first review of Milestones a few days ago - its a good one. You can read it here:

Below is a picture of the shipment. I didnt realize how big it was and told the semi-truck to come to my house. Ha! This is 10,000 pounds of Watson Family music - my living room would have collapsed. The sets are now in a local storage facility, and now begins the process of sharing 4500 sets with the rest of the world. 

I will be so eager to hear your thoughts about Milestones and I will pass along any message you may have for Nancy, too. 

Thank you so much for helping make Milestones a reality!

Roy Andrade

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Thanks to you, Milestones is off to the printer!

Hi everyone - 

Today marks one week since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and 90 years since the birth of Doc Watson. Its a fitting day to send a sincere thank you to all who helped us get to this point. On Friday we sent the artwork to the printer, and tomorrow morning the audio goes to the manufacturer. Its still hard to believe the way this is happening and how the kindness and generosity of music/art-lovers can make projects like Milestones possible. There is something Utopian about it and it makes us all feel so encouraged. 

We expect to have everything back from the manufacturer on April 15th, at which point we will promptly mail out copies to all who have one coming. Other non-box set rewards will be coming in the next couple of weeks, once we are able to sort and process everything. For those who didnt pledge for a box-set, we will be taking pre-orders on March 15th on the website, so keep an eye out for that. 

Lastly, the final version of the Milestones film that we plan to show at Merlefest is up on our homepage now if you'd like to see it:

Thank you all very much!

Happy 90th Doc!

Roy Andrade

Final few hours!

Please see the rare photograph of Doc from the Watson home, below. 

Hi folks - just a few more hours (5 hours, as I am writing this) left in the campaign to raise money for Milestones: Legends of the Doc Watson Clan. We are over our goal by almost $6500 and are looking toward increasing the print order to 6000+ copies, or maybe more. The more copies we can order, the lower the printing price - and thus, a lower retail price. Here is what is remaining of the rewards from the Watson home.

  • Doc's harmonica (2)
  • Doc's stage shirt with photo (7)
  • Doc and Merle 45rpm out of print (8)
  • Doc's ball cap (5) 
  • Doc's finger picks (2) 
  • Doc's thumb pick (1) 
  • Doc's flat pick (4)
  • Doc's new or used guitar strings
  • LImited edition numbered box-set 

Thank you one, and all!

Roy Andrade

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Last day! We met the goal, and we're still rolling!

Hi folks, this is Roy here. Its the final day! So I returned from the Watson's yesterday with a message from Nancy, only I have had a technical malfunction and the recording I made did not work. Arg! Her message will have to be from me to you today: Nancy was in tears yesterday several times for several reasons. As we worked through the afternoon on the Merlefest video, and final edits to the book artwork, we kept a keen eye on the Kickstarter numbers. About mid-afternoon it became clear that we were going to meet the goal, and Nancy was overcome with emotion. This is all unbelievable to her. That people would be interested in her project at all is amazing to her, and on top of that, the fact that folks would contribute money to help it happen is like a dream. She is truly humbled and grateful to all. Before it became clear that we were going to meet the goal, she gathered a few more items to add to the rewards list, and agreed to lower the reward amounts for items without pledges. We have added them here, if anyone is interested in some last minute memorabilia: FLAT PICKS, FINGER PICKS, THUMB PICKS and a few more POCKET KNIVES as well a a couple of new items.

I don't really know how to say thank you in a way that can express the satisfaction and gratitude all of us who have been working hard on Milestones feel. For now, please accept our sincere and heart-felt appreciation.

Lastly, as we creep over our goal of $72,000 we are looking toward increasing our initial order to 7500 units, which will bring the printing price down another notch. We can make 5000 now - and will see where we end up and if a larger order is possible.

Please see the photo from yesterday of Nancy with a spiral bound draft of Milestones. 

Roy Andrade

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45 Hours to go and we're not slowing down!

We are getting very excited!

WE are planning to continue to push through until the clock runs out.  Every dollar that we raise will help the cause.  If we raise more than $72,000, we plan to increase our order size, which will in turn decrease our cost per set and allow us to lower the ultimate retail price.  So please keep spreading the word.

Also, as we write this update, Roy is with Nancy at the Watson home.  Look for an update from Nancy sometime tomorrow.

We are adding 2 more belt buckles that belonged to Doc, and we've found a couple of more his pocket knives and 45's.

Also, Nancy has approved an adjustment on some of the rewards.  This may be your last opportunity to have a piece of American music history of your own from the Watson family.

The DWFM Team

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