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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

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Late Backers + Error Backers . A Catch 22?

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

If you missed the Kickstarter, then this update will be very exciting for you :D

Lots of people have been messaging, who have missed the campaign, and wanting to get on board! So we are opening a Late Backers Scheme. Where you can still jump on, for a period of 1 month, while we finish sculpts and prototypes :)

Please note, Late backers will be added to the end of the list, so they will receive their pledge after all the core backers of the KS.

Click the image to go to our website for more info.

And if we go over 125k, with late backers, to unlock the Bronzed item stretch goal - we will of course, honor this and make it available to everyone :D

Error with your Pledge?

Around 30 backers received an email from Kickstarter about an error with their pledge.

  • This can be either your bank needing confirmation to make an international payment.
  • Your card details have expired and need updating.
  • There are not funds available at this time.

Kickstarter will attempt again, each day for a week. After a week, the pledge will be marked as Declined and it will drop you from the backers list. So be sure to check your inbox and act upon that as soon as you can to keep your spot :)

Real Work!

The sculpting continues, John is working on the Unholy circle and we have shared out the remaining sculpts between us ( we are both happy - because John got his Knight Statue and I got the map table! :D)

Shri, the programmer is well into creating the Pledge Manager, we will be after a few beta testers in a few weeks, if people have a spare 10 minutes to test it out. 

And the posters, have been printed today and will be sent at the end of the month (yes, Banner Bearers - you get free Jack'o Lanterns and extras added with your poster too! ;) )

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Funding Complete! Over 2,000% Funded

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

We have concluded funding with an incredible burst activity, it was right down to backers jumping on board in the last seconds!
It really means a lot, that so many people are willing to support us while we create this wonderful new range of miniatures; with the backing of 887 gamers, im sure Twisting Catacombs will be pushed to new and awesome heights! We really appreciate the feedback, activity, support, encouragement and general chat and banter that has been going on this month. I hope folks will stay engaged here, in comments or on Ye Olde Inn forum :)

And the statistics agree this was truly awesome! It put us to number 1 of all Kickstarter projects today on Kicktraq!

The Roundup

Now Kickstarter has swallowed everyone's gold like a gold-hungry Purple Worm, we, at Zealot, will likely not receive the funds for another month. But that certainly wont slow us down!

Here is the round-up and some information on the way forward for us all. Please do have a read through :)

You can expect updates to start popping into your inbox right away. But today, we're having a hard-earned afternoon off, with a glass or two of celebratory Mead! :D

So for now - Good luck down there, Adventurer!


Pure Completionist . Unholy Circle WIP

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Twisting Catacombs has seen such fantastic support from nearly 800 backers! That is incredible! The stretch goals for this project have grown to a massive and myriad selection of scenery add-ons for everyone to chose from :D
While this is awesome for a huge selection, it does also mean that the Completionist pledge, could no longer cover all the Tier 5 add-ons with the included 40 gold, as was initially intended - to be a "Complete" collector's pledge.

So from high demand, we have introduced a new pledge level "Pure Completionist" which contains one of every piece in the Kickstarter. All stretch goals included, all items that have clear resin options - the clear resin version is included! This is for collectors who want one of every sculpt :D
The value per gold is the same as "Completionist", and better value than taking Completionist + Gold add-ons to get one of everything by the old method.

(Note the WIP dragon is unique and is not included, it is not truly scenery and so best decision to leave it as an add-on)

We hope this new reward will be a good fit for a few backers!

  Housekeeping! Please Read through :)

There are a few things which everybody should note before the end of the Kickstarter:

  • The Painted option from Golem Studios, is NOT to be pledged for as part of your kickstarter pledge here. I cant stress that enough, the painting service is separately offered by Golem Studios and not part of Zealot Miniatures or this Kickstarter. You will have to contact them directly to arrange painting and payment for this service.
  • International Shipping is added at £18 automatically for core pledges. But this is not the correct value for the vast majority of backers, the shipping cost will likely be lower. Consult the shipping table for core pledges, or Gold pledges over 100 gold.
    Any overpaid shipping can either be used towards the cost of adding a Gold Add-On to your pledge or can be donated to Galious, in the pledge manager later, for his marvelous fan made pledge calculator im certain everybody used, or it will be refunded when we come to fulfill your pledge. If you have purchased a gold add-on, please make sure you have deducted any overpaid shipping from the cost of the Gold add-on, so where possible, we dont need to refund anything :)

Unholy Circle WIP

Well, while I have been battling with graphics updates and answering more questions than those on an entire series of "Mastermind", John has been busy designing and blocking-out the Unholy Circle 100k stretch goal!

Here is a WIP of the inactive version. Note this is just the rough forms, no sculpting is shown here and a few areas will change before the end :D

It looks like this will exceed a milestone 100k! A massive thank you for everyone's support as we enter the final few hours :D

Good luck down there, adventurer.


24 Hours Remaining! New Stretch Goal Concepts . New Unlocks

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

These Final Days have been incredibly busy for this Kickstarter! The rate at which gamers have jumped on board, to support us before the deadline, is amazing. Just look at that graph

But we are not slowing down, we have got some concepts for the next upcoming Stretch Goals!

The Map Table, so evil wizards can plot and track adventurer's progress on a magical 3d map!

 A Knight statue Tier 3 Freebie :) Will it come alive? Wont it come alive? Keep adventurers guessing!

 And some Mayan inspired dart walls, combine them with the rolling boulder trap to really make those heroes run for their lives!

 Its Magic!

The Spellbook sprue dropped down to a tier 2 freebie, since everyone will need a sprue of these to kit out their Sorcerer's Table!

 We are looking forward to a great final 24 hours! Tonight's update will cover a new "Pure Completionist" pledge which includes tier 5. And how we are going to keep you updated with behind the scenes of producing all this amazing resin scenery :D

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Its all going very ..Well

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Ok I hadn't made a pun in a while. Here is the Well sculpt. We are still playing catchup with these stretch goals, since we are unlocking them at such an amazingly fast rate!

Since the Pledge Manager will have the option to modify your pledge after funding is complete, if you wish, there will be more sculpts added after funding, which you can make your mind up about including, afterwards :) 

 Are you a Facebook-er?

If you partake in the act of Facebooking, from time to time. You can follow our news and ramblings on our page here.

Good luck down there, adventurer!