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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

Beta Pledge Manager + Late Backers Closing- Mini-Update 11/12/14

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Having skipped an update this Sunday, its been 10 days with no official update!! The horror! ;) So to fight off those Twisting Catacombs update-withdrawal symptoms, here is a mini-mid-week update to get your fix! :D

Beta Pledge Manager - Full Version for Release will Follow

With so many products, having a way to organize everything was always going to be the #1 challenge with this KS (3d printing, molding and casting are the easy parts that we do every day). Organizing this lot required specialist software written to collect everyone's selections and feed them into a spreadsheet that will tell us "cast 861 cupboards" etc.
For this, Shri, who's a top rate software programmer, has been creating the pledge manager along-side his demanding full time day job. Im very grateful to him, for devoting his rare spare time to creating the manager. 

Its nearly at the beta stage where we can release it for testing (hoping for this weekend) there are a few changes (like door size selection), layout tweaks and pictures that pop-up.

After completing the manager you will get a pledge report to review before submitting to us, so we can get on with casting.

Here is a preview video of testing Shri's handiwork! Music far too epic for clicking tickboxes!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Creating the working Pledge Manager has indeed been taking longer than expected, but the good news is; it's independent of the rest of the project for now- it doesnt hold anything up and we are still getting on with prototyping and the final sculpts as we usually would :)

Late Backers Closing with Pledge Manager Release

When the official manager is released as soon as Shri can finish off the software, the late backers scheme will close. The pledge manager will need everyone's info inputted into it, before launch, both late backers and regular backers. So on an undetermined day very soon, late backers will close. If you still want in on the KS, move fast - move faster than Shri programs! ;)

Allowing Late backers has worked very well, 40 more backers  have jumped on board as of now, and everyone has been very happy they have a chance to join on the end of the backer list :)

More Sculpts, Prototypes and Miniature Eye-Candy

Will be coming soon in this weekends update. No time for photos now, things need prototyping! ;)

Good luck down there, Adventurer!


Banner Bearers Shipped . Progress 30 Nov

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

It's the end of November and as promised, the Banner Bearer pledge levels are tubed up and shipped on time. Its not just posters, the tubes are also full of freebie miniatures and scenery :D

There are only 5 banner bearers as the rest are upgrading their pledge.

That's one core pledge fulfilled, so i guess we are 1/8th of the way there .. right? ;) ... Ok maybe not! That was the easy one. Next time I'll be writing about pledge fulfillment, it will be to send off the Early Backer's rewards!

 Behind the Scenes: 3D Printing

Its proving a little bit tricky to mount a webcam inside the 3d printer to film a time lapse of a print, where you folks can see anything worth viewing. But I will devote some more time to this when things are production casting and Bill is the busy one, so i have some spare time to play around filming the printer :) Hope to continue the look at behind the scenes, in the next few weeks :D

More Sculpts, Making a Mess!

Nothing says "get lost, adventurer" better than a set of severed heads on spikes!
Gruesome stuff!

 Although, severed heads are a little messy. So i guess we need something to clean up with? 

 The mop and bucket was originally just a single mop and bucket. But lets go the extra mile and give you a full set of buckets and mops for the same gold value! :D Because we know what you need, since dungeoneering is messy work! 

Preview Dragon WIP

Talented putty sculptor Jae Chi Lee, has been working on the Dragon for us. This beast is one big project by itself! So we are not pressuring Jae Chi to rush this monster. Even though all the core scenery sculpts will be finished and complete over the next few days, the Dragon will likely be complete in the new year. Here is a WIP to give an idea of the kind style you can expect from this monster :D

 Seeing Red

Red prototypes, that is! Another batch of pieces are prototyped and ready to mold up :D

For next week's update, we will show that campfire cast in clear resin :)

 What's in the Cupboard? Clothes? Weapons? Goblins? Or a Portal to Narnia?

The resin cast pre-master of the Cupboard is here :D This will be further cleaned up and then production molds will be made. Next on the list, the Library Bookcase!

 That's all for this week :) Good luck down there, Adventurers!


On Target! Progress 24th Nov

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Its Sund- ... Monday! :D So lets cheer up from that gloomy monday feeling with a new TC progress update!
You could say, things are on target ;)

 Also Rothoehler Benedikt, a fellow YeOldeInn member and top-rate German guy who runs , (check out his printed miniatures) has kindly donated a modular archery target. You can swap the center piece out for one arrow, two arrows, "Robin Hood split your first arrow", and parchment for drawing the face of your enemy on, and firing arrows at!

 Behind the Scenes 2: 3D Print Setup

"3D Printing is easy! All you do is get a file and click the print button" Afraid not, good sir. If we had a gold piece for every time someone has said that to us...

Last week we covered the sculpting, here we cover the digital print setup :)

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 Next week we will cover the physical 3d print setup :) If you cant see that video. Its also on our facebook

Game of Thrones? And Levers!

As the video above suggests, the throne and levers set are done. Fresh off the printer, needing cleaning up

Initial Casts Continue

We are getting a head-start on Casting also :D We are going to need more wall-trays (and walls!) when we get into the production stage properly! The swords above are an emergency measure, to repel Orcs, in case of an Orc attack! 

 More Sculpts Finished

The Rack needs some scale tweaks to make it squashed (ironically) thinner before prototyping. It is actually 2 and a bit inch squares long. But currently too wide. Perhaps a version with a victim also :D

Campfire will have an upgrade pack available in the store for it later -cooking equipment.
Yes its clear, so it can light up :D

 And the Knight Statue, great work from John here, working with Darrius's concept :D

That's all for now! Good luck down there, Adventurer! 


Tables, Portals and Progress 16 Nov

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

It's Sunday! That means, it's Update Day!
This week, admin prep is moving along behind the scenes - Zealot Miniatures is now set to become a Ltd Company (that's a UK equivalent of a L.L.C), also sorting the registration for VAT tax, and a lot of writing of emails!

Even with all this going on, we still have lots of updates and miniatures to show this week :D

Behind the Scenes 1: Sculpting

We are going to give everyone a bit of an inside look, into how the models are created. With videos or photos detailing the processes involved :D This week, we cover the first stage (aside from drawing concepts!) which is Digital Sculpting!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 Here is the map table, "vanilla" map insert being sculpted :D As opposed to traditional putty sculpting, Digital sculpting has an additive method to it, you mainly add the material to create the forms. Where, with putty, after blobbing on the base shapes, you would only displace and remove material to create the forms you want :)

Finished Unholy Circle

To activate the mighty Unholy circle, follow these 4 directions:

1. Assemble 6 followers, arranged on the 6 platforms around the Circle.

2. Chant the litanies of summoning in unison. Repeat as necessary.

3. Use an onyx blade upon yourself to make a blood sacrifice, at the point where the Circle starts to glow.

4. Rejoice as the boundaries of reality collapse and you are dragged into oblivion. Be pleased, as the Dark Powers thank you, for opening this accursed gateway for them.

The active version is cast in clear resin, for unholy lighting underneath. We will be trying a new casting technique on the closed version so that when lit, just the runes and recessed areas glow :D 

Further Table Sculpts

Alongside John's masterpiece above, we also have the Map Table and the Side Table.

 At a later date, we will have more Map table inserts available - including a labyrinth -so dont glue your insert to the table just yet! ;)

Prototypes Continue to Flow

Here are some of the latest prototypes, this florescent red again. But that's why we have the section for finished castings, that are easier to see, below ;)
These are pictured on some Sewer Tiles, sculpted for us by the awesome Kieran Billings.

 The Unholy portal will have both clear and regular resin pieces. Still needs a cleanup before molding.

 Elkor tests his masculinity by trying to assemble a flat-pack spinning wheel with no instructions! :P

 And still wet just off the printer are the Jail bars and door :D In need of a good washing before post-curing and removing from the supports!

Advance Castings Running

We now have quite a few pieces being cast already, ahead of schedule! This is so we can send out free casts to the Banner Bearer backers :D Will likely pigment the resin a little darker on future casts also :) 

Here are a selection of a few of the newest castings :D

Next week, the focus will be on digital sculpting and sending out Banner Bearer Pledges.

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Kickstarter Fulfillment - Through the Looking Glass . Progress 09 Nov

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Today it is one week since the funding period ended, and we have wasted no time in jumping into prototyping and finishing the sculpts! Even though a lot of time has been swallowed up taking of stock after such an amazing funding period; by admin, planning and organizing finances, we still have a nice packed update for you all!

Bronzed Item Unlocked by Late Backers

Good news! The Late Backers Scheme we are running has pushed the total up so now we have unlocked the "Bronzed Item" stretch goal for everyone! This means, for 2 gold, you can pick a single item in your pledge to be cast in cold cast bronze :D

Do you Trust the Man in the Mirror? 

Will your adventurers take the advice of the magic mirror? This new sculpt comes with a face insert which can be attached to the front of the mirror. This multipart piece is constructed so that the mirror swivels :D

Unholy Circle Continues

Another WIP, different surface detailing and the whole middle section will swap out with an insert. Its going to be clear, (or we may try a special casting technique ;) ) so that with an LED underneath - the runes and details will glow :D

Banners all Finished

The posters for the banner bearer backers are all done and on track to ship this month. We just need to mould up and cast all the eligible free miniatures to include with everyone's posters!

Another big thanks to Grigor Georgiev for his wonderful artwork "Forgotten Hero". We thought we wont add a logo or something intrusive to the poster, and have kept it just the pure artwork.

 Noc's Box Takes a Look at Some Casts

A super local games store, Noc's Box have recently started running some video reviews on all things miniatures, games and geek culture :D
We sent them a few preview castings and they have kindly featured them in one of their videos.
If you fancy hearing what these lovable British gamers thought of the pieces, you can check it out here. Its a 20 min video, so if you'd like to jump into the chat about a specific piece, specific time-stamp links are here:

Regular Boss Door
Corpses Sculpted by Juan Manuel Montaño Cruz
"Regular" Not "Slim" Spike Trap
Standard Bookcase
Bones Sprue

For more reviews and unboxings, be sure to hit subscribe :D

WIP Prototypes Rolling Out

I quickly snapped some shots of the latest prototypes off the printer, before they go in for moulding :D These are in the first stage of a surface treatment (gives the castings a nice matte finish).
Will be sure to take some better shots of the Resin Casts, when Bill runs those in the next couple of days!

We have prototyped the freebies first, as they have to be sent out this month to Banner Bearers. 


And here is another print bed which just finished as i type :D A prime example that Wet Neon Red is a royal pain to photograph!!

"Why have you swapped to Red resin, not the old Green, Zealot?" - Well, im glad you asked; the reason behind us mixing red pigment into the resin now, is that the printer works by exposing the resin to near-ultraviolet light. So in order for the resin to absorb the most Near-UV light as possible (blue end of the spectrum)- red is the best color for this (absorbs blue spectrum, reflects red spectrum), this achieves faster and better quality prints!
On the flip side ... its not easy to photo this better quality, until we cast it up in nice grey resin! :P Next week!

Contest Winners! Painting and Writing

Both of the contests are over! Thanks to everybody who took part, it was great to see everyone's painted miniatures (really will be exciting to see how people paint the TC terrain!) and to read some clever works of fiction, which reflect how inventive and involved at games-mastering, many of you must be!

The winners are, for painting:

First Place: Entry U. Lady_Sabelle. With a fantastic Egyptian themed terrain piece which demonstrates just how flawless water effects should be done.

Second Place: Entry T. Kuba Sawicki. An amazing diorama, suitable for this Halloween season, with some masterful on-source lighting and foliage.

Third Place: Entry G. Donald de la Cour. Depicting a duel between two superbly painted models. Not only are the miniatures masterpieces, but the rocky plinth is a display by itself.

All three winners will get a Painter's Prize Chest for a prize!

Next, the winners for Fiction:

First Place: Entry I. Becky Rose. With an entertaining and candid piece that was very reminiscent of the great Terry Pratchett and featured mentions of the TC terrain.

Second Place: Entry A. Gary T. With companions like these, who needs enemies? A fun and well-written piece about a lucky dwarf, and not so lucky wizard!

Third Place: Joint Entry B, C and H. ChaoticPrime , Lirazel Cowper, Joakim Strom Three entries were tied for third place, since all three were equally awesome, all three will get the extra Fiction Prize of the "Writers Chest" :D

I think that is all that we can pack in this week! :D Next week, expect a lot more new sculpts and prototypes, along with finished resin castings off at least all the freebie miniatures!

Good luck down there, adventurer!