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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

Miniature Creation Continues! . Progress 24 Jan

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

It's time for another update! If you are usually too busy to read the TC updates, with all the usual ramblings from Zealot. I would however, recommend reading this one, since im going to address every stage of the Kickstarter in turn, so everyone has a complete insight into where we are at with regards to the KS fulfillment.

Before a massive wall of text, lets have some pictures of the latest prototypes :D

More Prototypes

The living door is open and ready to be molded up. Since the digital image, we did enhance his eyebrows a little!
The living doors are 50mm wide exactly, (the lip on the base has been removed from each side) so that they are one size fits all, all the size and imposing detail of a regular door but with a slim footprint to fit your tiles. :D

Treasure chests are also all done. A couple of the inserts undersides are going to be sanded down to fit deeper into the chests.
Despite our lack of photography skills, i really love these and cant wait to get casting them with some painted examples to display!

 And a pit trap! Its a hole in the ground. The bottom of the pit trap is very thin, so if people want to, they could easily razor-blade out the bottom of the trap for conversions on a 3d board.

 Other Prototypes

Which are off getting molded up now, so lacking pictures - a better print of the levers sprue and the slim pillar is printed out a little wider also.

Stage Progress Breakdown

Lets have an in depth look at where things are, and how progress is going :D As always, we aim to keep everyone informed with the latest news on their scenery :)

Sculpting: 98%
John has just got to finish the Gargoyle sculpts which is the last piece for him.
And a couple of outstanding pieces are being done by good putty sculptors (its easier to smash things in real life, rather than digitally!) So smashed bed, smashed bookcase and equipment piles are being done traditionally. We send the sculptor a cast of the regular bed/bookcase and they base the smashed version on that!
All that should be done in a couple of weeks :D
The dragon, is huge, so Jae Chi is making slow but regular progress on that one!

Prototyping 40%: We are going to upload images on the website, of what has been prototyped and update it as we go along.
Prototyping is the bottleneck at the moment. With the time spent organizing the purchase of the new printer, and making it work properly, getting the replacement model; prototyping is behind. Combine that with the new printer being around 3x as slow as the old one, prototyping is going to be ongoing for now.
The good thing about the new printer is the higher resolution! (scroll up!) so the miniatures will be higher quality and with better details than what had been possible before :D

Molding and Casting %Ongoing:
Casts have been going very well. Bill is casting the pieces we currently have molds for, and will keep casting as the prototypes are finished. We are pleased to say, this should be quite smooth and straightforward once we get molds for everything. :P

Pledge Manager 85%:
Shri is finishing this off over the next few days. Hopefully we should finish the testing and have a working version released by the end of next week!
But for early backers we could really do with their info ASAP to get putting their orders together first. For these 48 people, tomorrow, ill send out a request so all early backers could email their pledge calculator spreadsheet that they used, to work out their pledge before. ( here is is again if you need it to so that with a bit of manual admin work, we can collect all the data we need for these initial early orders :)
If you wish to add to your pledge, or any other requests, you can simply add that into the email.
You can send that now if you like, but we will ask officially tomorrow :D

Progress Conclusion:
Lets round up, because of the nature of the pledges, they have a wide selection of scenery in each one, we need to have everything prototyped and casting, before we can ship any of the pledges.

With the higher resolution prototyping bottleneck, this has introduced some delays (it wouldnt be kickstarter without them! :P ) Realistically prototypes will be finished around the end of march. As we are casting alongside the prototyping. Early backer's pledges are estimated to dispatch early April, with regular backers following on straight afterwards.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, as always; we are putting every effort into making your scenery the best dungeon scenery available!

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Test Beta Pledge Manager (Final Version in few Days) and Prototyping Status . Progress 15 Jan

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

With Christmas, New Year and a Winter Vacation, it's about time for a long overdue update! :D

Beta PM Version, for Testing ONLY.

Lets start with news of the Pledge Manager. IT'S ALMOST HERE! I think we may hold a record for most overdue manager and most patient backers :) so thanks for the patience and sorry for the overdue-ness!

Today we have a Beta version which is running, for you to test, and can be found at this link if you want to play around with it and submit feedback in the comments box below. Only fill this in if you want to help with testing, it is not the final version.

If you have your pledge calculator spreadsheet open and just copy across the values of which items you have picked, that is the best method for filling it. You will need your backer ID and Kickstarter Email to log in - this is for security, so nobody else messes with your pledge ;)

The manager is BETA, that means not quite final, just for testing purposes. Depending on feedback, it will be released properly in the next few days. I cant stress enough, that it is a test version. For actual managing of your pledge, please wait a couple of days :D

Things still to be added -

  • Comments box (send gold to Galious, which bronzed item etc)

  • Golem Painting studios tickbox that zeros shipping costs.

Replacement 3D Printer

The old 3ZPro printer was having some problems and was producing parts that were not quite perfect. Since we want to produce the best quality miniatures we can for you, we have had this replaced with a new machine, but this has held up prototyping a lot for these last few weeks. So now we are playing catchup, to some degree.

Here is a part printed for Minion Miniatures. You can just see the artifacts and problems ringed in green.

 Behind the Scenes: 3D Printing

Its all about printers this week! :P I rigged up a webcam to record a time-lapse of a print. Can you guess what it is?

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 Next time, ill close the blinds!! A bit of glare there. Later on, may run the webcam to stream live on the site so you can always see what is printing if you go to the page :D

This is The Well! Its modular, you dont have to include the upright sections, and you can turn the handle if you dont use glue on the crank :P

"I'm Blue, Daba-de, Daba-die"  - Other Prints

A few more bits are printed. Due to the replacement printer and several botched prints, not as many finished as would have liked. But quality is great :D (Pillar done on old printer does have some artifacts on the top to clean off before casting)

And monster skulls!

 More New Equipment - Vacuum Chamber 1

Still needs a liquid feed and turntable inserts added to it, for casting complex pieces.

If it looks like we need to hire another casting minion, there will be Vac chamber 2 also :D
This 12 inch diameter tank pulls an amazing vacuum and soon it looks like Bill will be starting his side of the work in earnest! :P

Will do a video playing with some marshmallows next week ;)

Until next time! Good luck down there, adventurers!


50 Days Since Funded - Progress 24 Dec

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Its been 50 days since funding was successful :D and it has really sped by! We are hopeful that it will only be another 50 days until we are ready to start dispatching some of the core pledges :)

What progress these last few days? (aside from having the new printer set up and learning its operation, see previous update!) 

3Z Pro Initial Prints

So far, im very happy with the parts coming off the new machine. At the moment the Christmas Pudding and Stocking is printing, due to finish christmas morning tomorrow :D

Here are some others we have completed. And yes, the stairs are now spiraling the historically accurate way ;)

More of the Final few Sculpts

John has been making more monster skulls since they were last shown! Now this pack contains even more skulls for your gold :D

 And one from me, the thick pillar is all done also!

All Doors Casting

Every size and style of door is now casting :D here is a lineup of some of the first resin casts

Plan for next Two Weeks

Its the holiday season, and tomorrow being Christmas Day, is the start of a bit of time off for me (for the sake of my sanity, else i may convince myself i actually live in a dungeon). Up until 30th Dec are part-time days. Then I fly for a short 9 day break to snowy eastern europe, until the 8th January.
Normality returns after the 8th, so this is a note that things may be quiet until then.

Hopefully, while im away, John will make further progress finishing the last couple of digi sculpts, looking forward to seeing the Gargoyle. Shri will have the PM finished (beta is practically done, will try and release for testing before 30th Dec) and Bill will keep going with the castings :D

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas, be sure to get some dungeon crawling games in, this festive season :)

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Miniatures Quality Upgrade - Mini Progress Dec 23rd

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

A mini update for today and its good news! Look what S̶a̶n̶t̶a̶  Solidscape delivered!

A shiny new 3ZPro 3D printer was installed today at the Zealot design office, it's the latest purchase - with Twisting Catacombs hitting 2000% funded, we can now afford to go the extra distance, producing the very best detail miniatures for you guys, that any company can offer :D

 What does this mean?

For everyone reading this; it means TC minis will now be printed on this industry leading printer with an unmatched level of detail (6 micron layers with surface smoothing? yes please! Previous prints were 25micron layers with no surface smoothing) There is a wax support material so that more complex parts can be built in one go and the build area is 6inch x 6 inch x4 inch, allowing for larger parts!
Future KSers can be offered at even better prices as our costs will be lower.
Future releases can be even more awesomely intricate than what has been seen before!

What it means for Zealot?
Investing in a top spec printer means we can operate our miniatures 3D printing Bureau, offering the highest resolution available to other Model makers. It is a step to make Zealot Miniatures a business that will work into the long-term, and not stall after the KS is fulfilled, so you can expect many years more releases from us ;)

What it means for fulfillment timescales?
On one hand, this cuts out the premaster stage of the miniature making process as the print is easy to work with and requires no premaster cast to cleanup. Faster process.
After having spent time organizing things for the new printer and learning its operation, at this stage it is hard to tell if it will speed delivery up - since the print times are very slow printing at this ultra high detail. (A certain 62mm bugbear monster from Minion Miniatures would take 130 hours to print!) 

We shall soon find out if we are saving some more time, as we load more TC miniatures into it! :D

Pictures of last few sculpts, new 3Z prints and more news, coming tomorrow!

Good luck down there, Adventurer!


Free Christmas Gear for Each Core Backer . Progress 14 Dec

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

'Tis the season to be jolly! Give gifts, spend time with family and eat far too much! But what if you are an orc, living in a dungeon? Poor orcs, do they get Christmas too? Probably not.

Show your dungeon orcs just how much you care, with these Chrismas extras, FREE for all core pledgers :D

Happy Christmas orcs! Happy Christmas Backers!

 The stocking can be attached to the fireplace model, and the pudding can go on a table and makes for a great ad-lib projectile!

Stay Warm this Christmas.

Dress warm, a thick robe and cowl is ideal, and stay near the fire! Below is the new scale of cultist. Your feedback was that he was too small, (shown prototyped, new and old) so we listened and scaled him up :D
Regular Campfire and Clear cast campfire, paint the logs and stones and add a red LED for a dramatic effect (will be showing that in action later) 

Further Sculpts Finished

According to the initial plan, all sculpts should be finished, and it's prototyping this month. In reality the stages are blurring together and while some sculpts remain, prototyping is a good chunk done and casting for a dozen or so miniatures is well underway too, which is good news :)

For clarity, here are what sculpts you are yet to see:

  • Thick Pillar
  • Smashed Bookcase
  • Smashed Beds
  • Equipment Piles
  • Gargoyle
  • (A few tweaks and improvements)

Almost there :D

Monster Skulls make great trophies from a successful adventure. Add them to your mantlepiece! (There is also a dragon skull with the "Artifact Axe" mini.)

 Treasure Chests - Additional Inserts

Want more variety to your treasure chests? You can add this pack of Insert Upgrades, including "Nothing - some old clothes and bedding" , "Ka-skewer - it was a spear trap" , "My treasure Hisses?! - Box of Snakes" and "Potions!" 

Pledge Manager Nearly Completed - More Info in Previous Mini Update

For those that missed it, there is info on the soon-to-be-released pledge manager in the previous update. The last changes are being programmed now. There will be a beta version for testing and mass release will be after that. The manager will allow you to add to your pledge and will stay open for at least 2 months :)

"That's an Interesting Wall Decoratio-"

Not just for decoration, this is the Mayan inspired Dart Wall sculpt. Designed to sit against your current walls as a trap upgrade.

Currently a 1.5 inches long and 0.5inches wide footprint. Feedback on this sizing would be great. :) An alternative would be to split them so there is 2 sections per set, 1 inch by 0.5 inch footprints each. May got that route for neatness of keeping the length as whole tiles.

Good luck down there, Adventurers!