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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

What's been Cookin' in the Dungeon? - Progress March 23rd

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Nothing makes me more happy, than being able to say; there are just 35 pieces left to prototype for the Kickstarter! :D
Once all the design tweaks and prototypes are done, moulds are made - its a linear process of casting what pieces everyone has chosen, and delivering it to you! (..time consuming...  but linear! ;) )

So what pieces have i found to take pictures of today for a much needed update? :D

Elkor is cooking up some heroic brew with the new cauldrons casts. Casting thin walled, hollow cauldrons? No problem :D

 Here is the original Fireplace, still wet :) Ill be adding all sorts of clutter on the mantlepiece when i get around to painting mine :D

 Many backers wanted more variety to their treasure chests, so here is the print of the Treasure Chest Upgrades set. Clothing, Potions, Snakes and a Spear Trap!

 The Magic Portal underwent a big change in the breakdown, its much more flexible now because you can assemble it as an inactive or active version, by using the portal insert or not.

 Game of Thrones? ;)

 Can you guess what just printed? Still encased in the wax support material

 Or can you guess what is printing right now from this wax support raft? :P

 The Chaos Stone is casting fine. I love how it defies gravity :D

 All the Equipment is also done. Kudos to Mikhail on a great set of sculpts there :)

 And Elkor tries to switch the Goblin Idol out from the Treasure Trap ....

 ..but he's misjudged the Idol's weight with his bag of sand! ;) The trap's center section lowers down!

Gargoyles are getting there gradually. Going to be an awesome pair of models ;)


A serious bit of info at the end here :)

According to the revised plan we are aiming to dispatch Early Backers at the end of April (that's next month!) and then straight after, Regular Backers will be sent in waves of 100 people according to your backer number and if we have received your Pledge Manager, if we dont have your manager at the time, you move to the following wave.

Best case scenario is we start shipping end of April, if everything goes without any problems from now on.

In the reality, it only takes one pieces of scenery to give us a problem going from digital -> cast (im looking at you, Unholy Circle!), dropping a prototype (have reprinted the previously broken double portcullis now), sculpts holding us up (yep the Dragon (Drags-on..) and gargoyles are still being worked on) or printer issues - and dispatch could be pushed back a couple of weeks. 

Ill aim to keep everyone informed, here in the updates or in the comments, during the countdown to the start of shipping :D

Good luck down there, adventurer!

What's News from the Dungeon? Progress March 4

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

What a hectic two weeks! With emails, messages, processing pledges and crediting people who are adding to pledges - its been a whirlwind of spreadsheets and emails! Plus, of course, prototyping more stuff and overseeing Bill casting more minis!

I have missed taking pictures of some of the prototypes in the madness, so a lot of pieces have sneaked into production without being photographed! But today, i grabbed a few minis and prototypes that are at hand, to show what is happening in the dungeon! :D

A Word on the Pledge Manager

Ok it's five words :P 'Please don't use Google Chrome'.
The google chrome browser is not very stable with the manager, and some people are experiencing glitches not adding enough gold, when using this browser.
Rest assured, all pledges will be processed and checked before packing and shipping, to make sure you have got exactly your gold's worth from your pledge ;)

More Painted Casts!

Hot from the desk of Adam Skinner, we have some more inspiring painted scenery :D

 The Spinning wheel is quite a complex assembly, but the end result speaks for itself :D

 And if this Bunny doesn't make you smile, you must be an ent ;)

Portcullises, Portculli?

Whatever the plural is! We have two regular double sized ones all prototyped :D The slim ones are printing as i type. Yes that lattice of bars will be cast and its going to look awesome!
And this is a picture of the back of the portcullis, the chains and mechanism is on the other side ;)

 Bigger is Better!

The old Living Door was a little small. So we have resized and enlarged the door by removing the lips on the sides of the base, to get all that we can from the 50mm width!
And its prototyped again on the new printer in even higher resolution than before :D

 And the open version is molded and casting. You will have to duck to get through that mouth-door! But of course, you expect to have to duck and crawl a little when exploring underground dungeons! ;)

 Prison Redone

The bars and jail door has been reprinted to make the bars a little shorter, since they were too tall for most dungeon ceilings! Here is a shot of them still encased in wax support material, it will be melted off in a solvent before molding them :)

 Where is the On Switch?

The unholy portal is casting now, but we still need to mold the clear resin postal insert for it. That will be coming soon :)

Secret Door and Blocked Wall Sizing Feedback?

To make these compatible with 1 inch game tiles, we have printed them at 1 inch wide. Although we think this is just too small.
These will likely be modified and rescaled so they are a better height, but still a game friendly 1 inch wide. Feedback appreciated!

Some of these reprints are taking time to get right. But it is worth it, since we will have for you, the best looking dungeon scenery around! ;)

An Overly Large Pie. Win this one-off Print.

This pie has been warped by the changing powers of foul Chaos Magics! Such dark sorcery has caused it to exhibit a horrific mutation - the mutation is; Being overly Large!
Or in the real world... i accidentally printed this pie too big! It has been reprinted at regular size now, for inclusion in the Produce Sprue, but this unique print still exists :P

Would you like to win this one-off prototype? (a good objective for extra hungry adventurers perhaps?)

If you would like it, be sure to share your best home made Pie flavors in the comments box! (pictures are a bonus!) pie connoisseur Bill, will pick the one that sounds the best, and you will get this unique pie added to your pledge :D

Thanks for everyone's continued support with Twisting Catacombs, its the fantastic community behind this that really helps to push us to produce the best scenery we can :D

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Pledge Manager Lives! - Progress 17 Feb *** Attention Required For All Backers. ***

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

The Pledge Manger is here! :D It is quite overdue, because us humble miniature-makers under-estimated the time needed for such an undertaking.

So first things first; thank YOU everybody for your patience with the Pledge Manager. Out of all, nearly 1000, backers (935 to be exact, including late backers) we had not a single message that went beyond a polite inquiry, everyone has been amazingly supportive, understanding and patient. Many backers even going as far as helping to give feedback and test the beta manager :)
Thank you to everyone, for being such great folk!

You have a healthy two months to fill in the manager, but the quicker you fill it in, the quicker we can dispatch your pledge. Pledges will jump up the dispatch queue if the manager is filled in before someone whos manager we are still waiting on. 

Manager Link:

Operating the Pledge Manager

  • This manager will over-write anything you have filled out while helping with testing the beta.
  • Early backers should still email their Pledge Calculator spreadsheets, as we have started collecting data with that route and should continue this way. There are still 5 sheets to be received :)
  • Please read the guide and notes here before filling the PM in.
  • You can only fill it in once, if you need to reset it, you will have to email us at
  • You can increase your pledge using the manager, and send the funds through payapal, to the email address, with your Backer ID in the subject.

 Other News

Is that castings and prototypes are still flying out :) We will show pictures and some more painted examples soon :D

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Prototype Spam! - 08 Feb Progress

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

We are madly churning out the prototypes this week! Prototypeing and moldmaking are the critical tasks to get sorted by the end of March. All so we are ready to start delivering in April, these Early pledges, per our revised schedule. :D

And as we love to be very open with how things are going; we have a check-list on the website here: Where you can see what items have been prototyped already. List is updated every couple of days :)

In other news- the Pledge Manager is done! Just needs a last round of testing, since we really dont want any bugs discovered after it is released :P Thanks for everyone's patience waiting for this. Next KS, the manager will start well in advance, as we know it takes much longer than expected to create :D

More Blue Goodness

Here are some pictures of some parts done this week :D im looking forward to getting these pro-painted and properly photographed!!

 And this is how the prototyped model is melted off the build plate, a very hot ceramic hot-plate! (As my burnt fingers can attest to!)

 Reprinted the books with some better details and more accurate sizing :)

 After a hard day's adventuring, even a flea-ridden dungeon bed looks inviting to our wizard, Elkor! ;)

Good luck down there, adventurer!


A Song of Ice and Fire . Progress 31 Jan

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Its time to share a few more prototypes :D The printer is working 24 hours a day, turning out the blue stuff! 

Blue Ice

This is the ice wall, it is 2 squares footprint.

Also, Elkor got a paintjob, at long last :D Now he is looking even better, as he helps model the scale of the parts!

 And here is the ice wall on Stefan L's Dwarven Forge tiles :)

 We cant have ice without fire! These walls will be offered in clear resin, or cheaper grey resin, you can pick the type you want, depending on if you are going to paint them/LED them or not!

Remember to Bring your Bag of Sand!

The treasure trap is a really cool piece! We have two plinths of various heights that you can put in the top (shorter plinth is for a trap that has been set off!) The gold Goblin Fertility Idol has prototyped out really well too! (even though photography skills are still lacking!)

Well Equipped?

The couple of outstanding sculpts (like smashed bookcase and smashed bed) are being done in putty by the talented Mikhail Vasilev. This is because it is much easier to smash something in real life, than digitally! We will send him the intact castings to smash up :P

In the meantime, he is getting stuck into sculpting the Adventurer's Equipment. This is great for marking the loot dropped by a fallen adventurer or as treasure, or for arranging for a campfire scene :D

This is the the Wizard and WIP dwarf equipment. There will be 4 types in total, in the set.

 Traditional Fireplace

John has finished his last sculpt! (aside from the gargoyles, saving the best till last eh!) This new traditional fireplace offers a large mantlepiece to decorate with whatever accessories you want (candles? skulls? produce? weapons?)

 Fun with Hard Vacuum :D

And as an extra, for those interested, here is a video of the vacuum chamber in operation.

Degassing 2kg of RTV silicone rubber for a lot of molds!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

 Also tried it with some marshmallows over on the facebook page here :D

That's all for now. Portcullis prints are finished tomorrow!

Good luck down there, adventurer!