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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
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Castings. Large Pieces. Nearly starting fulfilling! - Progress 20 June

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

This week is mainly a picture spam update of images of nearly every piece cast up :D Since some people have been waiting to see final castings, we provide ;)

"So how come your are not shipping yet? You're bad at these estimates, Eddie!" I know, I know. If only things would run smoothly, life would be easy! :P So that we keep the quality of these minis to a high level, i want to tackle any problems and issues with them, which require changes and remoulds, premaster fixes and remould or reprints on the models.. and remoulds!

The easy option would be to make do and ship the stuff out as it is, but the right option for happy backers is to make any changes and tweaks to make sure every piece is something we can be proud to have in our dungeon ;)

Here is a pretty extensive list of all the pieces. Although, there are a handful missing.
The cast pictures are just raw casts straight out the mould, not much cleanup done :)

 And some of the big parts which we have got back after being outsourced. Material is a little hard to see the detail but would be good to hear feedback on these :)

 If "a picture paints a thousand words"; i wrote quite a lot for this update ;)

Good luck down there, adventurer!


Home Stretch to Shipping! Exclusive Paints Discount Code . Progress Update May 31

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

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Full of Changes! . Progress update 5 April

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

A lot has been happening these last few weeks!
It's all change at Zealot, everything is bigger, better and newer than before. 

In 10 days, we can confirm that it is physically possible to decorate a 1,000 sq foot workshop, move an entire miniature production business to a new premises, launch a new-look website and online re-brand, prepare prototypes to occupy a printer for 24 hours a day, organize new sculpts, boss about caster goblins, sort production mouldmaking, shoehorn in the odd client's miniatures, and juggle the general running of a 2,000% funded Kickstarter. 

So lets see some pictures of it all then! :D

All Creatures Great and Small

Firstly, i always apologize for the photo quality. But this week, all the lighting and the good camera is at the new premises (which doesnt have internet yet!!!) so with writing this on a home PC with a borrowed camera - photo quality has reached a whole new sub level im afraid :P

GREAT! The Dragon is done, and what a beast he is! 6 inches long (because his tail is curved around) with a 1 foot wingspan. I think the head has some similarities to a T-Rex? The first thing he did when he arrived, was to bite of Elkor's hand! ;) 

Once the dragon is cast, ill organize a complete picture of an assembled dragon :D

 Yep Elkor will be getting his hand grafted back on, after he visits a skilled biomancer ;)

Another great monster, is all finished and ready to print :D The stone-form gargoyle (Or a grotesque if you are a historically accurate DM ;) )
Something to make adventurers think twice about searching the treasure chest you place below him!

 AND SMALL! The Rats are prototyped. We have two sizes of rat, at the moment, im tempted to go with producing the smaller version. Although we may have to move to the larger scale if the small ones dont cast well. All the tails are separate :)

 Or a giant rat perhaps?

 The guillotine is all done. Split down into not too many parts. So quite easy to assemble. Here is the main section.

 And the Bellows, which will fit nicely up against the forge, it can be placed over one of the forge supports :D

 New Website and Zealot Rebrand this Week

The new website will be launching in a couple of days, after I sort the last few tweaks with the designer. A HTML5 page better suited for tablets and mobiles, this will be a perfect place to have all the scenery pieces available to everyone in the future :D Here is a look at the new sleeker logo from the homepage. Will update here when it is live

 Tweaked Clear Resin

We have to get things just right! So the old clear resin has been fine-tuned for a perfect translucent tint. And the fire actually has a yellow>orange gradient in it like the one on the right of the image. Now clear resin castings can start proper!

Note the unholy portal will be red not blue :)

 New HQ

Along with doing all this and more (the pictures above, are just the bits i could lay my paws on today) we are moving to a new, huge workshop. 1,000 sq feet of miniature-making greatness!

Here is what the Workshop section looked like on Thursday. Quite raw, needing a little light renovation. Will post pictures of the final setup when its all in at the end of this week :D

This move means that in the long run, casting will go quicker and we will have much higher capacity :D It is taking time to get everything moved and set up again, a lot of disruption, which is messing with the initial delivery predictions. 

Fulfillment Dates

With all the previous printer issues, moving the business and the usual problems of a project this size hitting over 2,000% of the expected funding (!); Things have been pushing the fulfillment dates back. Thank you for everyone's patience understanding and massive support so far. We hope that waiting for this KS to enter the fulfillment stage, and for your scenery to arrive, isn't too bad :/

In order to meet the new estimates below, ill be doing everything possible to hit these targets (and bribing Bill with bacon sandwiches to do the same!)

The plan from here onwards is to have all the prototypes done 14 May. All the initial production moulds will be made by the 27 May. During this time, we can revise any prototypes that may need changes.
Casting continues, (mainly building up stock of casts from the newly-made production moulds). The first batch of pledges for Early Backers will be all cast by 4 June, casting continues for regular backers, dispatching in waves after this.
By the 7 June we will have sorted out the packing and checking process so that Early Pledges can be dispatched on this date.
Every week, we will have a new wave of Pledges ready to ship out starting with lowest backer IDs first :)

Until next week, good luck down there, Adventurers!

Balls. Balls? Balls! . Progress Update April 21

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

It's about time for another look at the progress behind Twisting Catacombs! :D 

Lots of pretty pictures today as well as three types of balls.

More Painted Castings

What can you expect when you receive your TC pledge? Well, Adam Skinner has been doing a great job bringing more of the casting to life with his inspiring brushwork! :D
Here are some of the latest photos:

 If only i had half as good painting or photography skills as Adam! ;)

In the Works Pictures!

Here are few more pieces which are lying around the workshop today :D
A few of these are a different resin to usual, very hard material, so may work nicely for large bulky pieces. 

Traditional Fireplace is cast. You asked for it, you got it ;)

 Do you have hungry dungeon monsters? Then you'll be needing a banquet table! This is the un-cloth-ed version

 Welcome to Ye Olde "Agin's" Inn. The post is extendable, this is the full version for floor mounting. You can wall mount it without the lower post if you like.

 Dart walls have changed, some of the much-loved runes replace the old detailing. And they have been split into 1inch wide sections. You get both types in a set, with their floor pieces.

 Just one part of the altar. There is a base section and the chalice which come with it :D

Slim Double portcullis is open and being cast :D

 Scary bunny! The second version is prototyped :D Still kind of cute and cartoony though ;)

 A good way to kill dragons is to bury an axe in their skull. Here is the artifact axe, the slice in the skull holds the axe in place :)


Some of the clear orbs for the Palantir. We have two sizes to choose from. Im leaning towards supplying them with the bigger size, but feedback is always appreciated :D


Bigger balls now, the boulder trap is done. This one is assembled, from the two halves. Big enough to be a deadly trap, and it fits rolling down a 2 inch wide corridor! :D


What's that, Printer? Check vacuum is switched on? Well its not switched on, because its practically on fire

 Another little technical issue with the printer means the library bookcase is a couple of layers from being completely prototyped. New vacuum unit arrives tomorrow and prototypes will continue! These Gremlins wont stop the TC minis being finished ;) 

150 backers still need to fill a pledge manager, ill post a backers ID list shortly, of those managers we still need.

Good luck down there, adventurer!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Progress 8 April

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

A belated Happy Easter! :D I hope everyone found time to relax, eat lots of treats and crawl around the dungeon!
Now it's time for another progress update as we approach ever-closer to the end of the prototyping, and first dispatches!

This update is broken down into 3 parts, so lets start with the good!

The Good.

New sculpts are done for the graves and we decided to give you 5 unique designs in a pack, rather than the promised 4 in a pack :D
Render Shot!


Also some clear resin! These are tinted casts, will see if we can get a little less colour saturation on them, but getting the tone consistent between batches is a bit hit and miss. But they look pretty cool :D (or hot, depending which one you are looking at xD) 

 Lets continue with some more prototypes! Prototypes are always good :D

Death Seal

 Mine tracks and the cart are done also. A nice insert for the rocks there :D The cart fits perfectly on the tracks, even on the corner section

 And the tracks fit perfectly on 1 inch tiles or squares. :D
If you use tiles, Id recommend gluing the tracks onto the tiles, so you have specific track tiles you can make up a course quickly, and they wont get nudged out of place during a game :)

 And the crates! 

'Wait a second...' i hear you say 'that's only one crate. Where is the other one?' Well that neatly leads us onto the next stage of this progress update, which is The Bad.

The Bad.

During the crates print the Solidscape broke down again and the big crate didnt finish prototyping! Is it too much to ask for a machine to run flawlessly 24 hours a day for a period of 3 months?! ..It is? Oh ok...

The motor has died and due to the national holidays here in the UK we have just had the technician come and replace it now (started the crate print again today, seems ok now) but there has been 7 days of printer down-time unfortunately.

Basically what this means is, in classic kickstarter style, the initial dispatch date for early backers is going to slip a bit from the estimate at the end of this month. We are still 25 prototypes away from finishing, then moulding and casting the last pieces for early backers.
I will keep everyone updated with how it's looking in the next 10 days, i dont like having the dispatch time slip :( so i apologize for that.

The Ugly.

Well, i guess we better complete the set, with The Ugly. This guy is complete and later on, we will do some arm variations for him, with weapons.
This is the alive version and the stone version is being sculpted at the moment :D

 Until next time. Good luck down there, adventurer!