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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

Have you SEEN the Boss Door??

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

No? Oh. Well... here it is!

 John Warner has really excelled himself with this amazing sculpt for our milestone £20k stretch goal! So much awesome detail, it's going to really tear up the moulds! But, we don't care at all - Why? Because its just so stunning! 

Feeling Royal?

Under request, we have a new add-on level of "Treasury" which contains a whopping 100 GOLD to spend on what you want, sire.

Stretch Goals Organized 

The Unlocked Stretch Goals that you can add to your pledge, have been arranged in handy product images, with the core items. So no more scrolling up and down while you choose :)

Jail Bars / Chamber Divider

On the horizon is a modular set of prison bars that can be assembled in any shape you want. These are great for blocking areas, trapping heroes in cages or making a jail cell! 

In order to maintain a good value on the Keeper pledge levels, when compared to the Completionist, the solution is MORE FREE STUFF! There will be a few SG's in this jail theme added EXCLUSIVELY FREE to Keeper level, for everyone else - you can add them with GOLD :)

New Heraldry? 

If you would like to help support Twisting Catacombs with a badge on your Kickstarter Profile, one has been created for you here.

Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to creating some more scenery! :D

Good luck down there, adventurer!

Searching the remains of your Slain Foe, you find a Potion of Stretch Goal Smashing.

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

£20k passed, what a fantastic milestone. And the Boss Door (with key) which is now unlocked, will be a fantastic sculpt for your biggest foes to lurk behind!
Will have finished images of that tomorrow :)

Next on the cards, added FREE to ALL of the core pledges, is a set of Potions!

In the SG image is a sample casting on 40mm round base. So who can paint glass effects?

 Help with GOLD calculations? 

Spending your GOLD can be a tough decision for any adventurer! So some kind Twisting Catacombs Backers have created a few variations of a "Twisting Catacombs GOLD Manager"

By Galious

By Christopher Hawkins

By Sean K King

A special thanks fellas, for helping the rest of the community out :)

Back with more updates very soon.

Good luck down there, adventurer!

24 Hours from Launch = 357% Funding Goal! More stretch goals! + The Future of Tiles

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Exactly 24 hours on from launch and we can honestly say - our first day was a huge success! :D

Introducing more stretch goals unlocked overnight, by our nocturnal supporters! (the finished sculpt images will be added shortly!)

Also, an open portcullis is coming soon.
Also, an open portcullis is coming soon.

 And just about to be hit, is the Boss-Door! With a key tile. A key which you may just require in order to open the door!

The Future of Tiles

On the cards, we have sculpted some 3d floor tiles, to be produced with plastic injection moulding. They would certainly be a nice compliment to the scenery that we already have. But they would be an expensive "compliment piece". For good quality, the steel mould would cost approaching £10,000.

Based on insightful feedback from you guys - the dungeon crawling community - we have acted upon what you want and these tiles will not be making an appearance in plastic - instead, we will be able to produce more resin scenery and dungeon dressing! Which is ultimately what this kickstarter is all about. So expect more of the stretch goals, from now on, to be 'doubling up' to reflect how funds will not be swallowed by a steel tile mould!

We have a lot of respect for the other companies who focus on the dungeon walls and flooring. So not wanting to 'tread on their toes' - we set out to compliment other games and terrain systems, with this range of detailed scenery! And that's what we will do, a gaming table packed with our detailed resin scenery, is a gaming table which is even more awesome! :D

So lets have some more furniture, clutter and dungeon decor over the next stretch goals!

Thanks for making this possible everyone.

Good luck down there, adventurers!

Welcome to Day 1 with Twisting Catacombs - Funded in 52 minutes!

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Well, that was an amazing 12 hours of pledging and Stretch Goal smashing! Thank you to everyone for supporting this Kickstarter. The project was actually funded in under 1 hour! A pretty incredible feat!

A massive thank-you to everyone who has supported Twisting Catacombs so far, and helped to make this grand release of all this awesome scenery possible!

Free beer for everyone! :D

Tier 1 Stretch goal, free beer!
Tier 1 Stretch goal, free beer!

No, seriously. Free beer! Because we have torn though the stretch goals at an amazing rate, and the vast majority of them are FREE for the corresponding 4 Tiers of Core Pledges.

Here are a barrage of images, for all the stretch goals unlocked in these opening 12 hours :)

 Really looking forward to showing some sculpt work on the gargoyle!

And next in line is a sturdy Double Portcullis, for those times when a single portcullis just isn't enough fortification! and Wall of Fire, cast in clear resin.

Since this kickstarter is not just about funding new characterful dungeon scenery, but it is a great opportunity to get the dungeon crawler community even more engaged and enthused about fantasy gaming - We will also be running a few competitions, for things like miniature painting and a short dungeon crawler fiction contest, over on YeOldInn forums. There will be exclusive scenery miniatures as prizes for the top participants :D Keep an eye out for news!

What are we doing now? Sculpts! We would like to keep these big yellow question marks to a minimum if possible (im looking at you, "Wall of Fire"!). So now, the priority is keeping up with Stretch Goal sculpting and replacing these ? with finished sculpts :)
Also a more pieces have gone into a mould tonight, so we will have some more resin casts to show off shortly.

Injection Moulded Dungeon Tiles?

As a stretch goal, there were plans for injection moulded floor tiles. However the steel moulds for these are approaching £10,000, So it makes sense to look at alternatives and to get people's opinions on the material first, before jumping on plastic.

One alternative option, is to focus more on scenery instead of diverting a large amount of money into tiles. The tiles could still be offered to backers as a durable mould, along with some strong plaster, where backers could simply mix plaster with water and cast as many tiles as they want themselves.
A cheaper option for sure.
It would be great to get feedback on Tiles in the comments section or on YeOldeInn :)

If you have any questions about Twisting Catacombs, please check the FAQs or post in the comments.
If you get the chance to spread the news of Twisting Catacombs going live, to other gamers, that would be fantastic.

With this kind of growing support, we are certain to release even more awesome new Dungeon Scenery in the coming few days!

Good luck down there, adventurer!