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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
887 backers pledged £122,956 to help bring this project to life.

Get involved and Win a FREE Exclusive "Double Treasure Chest" Miniature!

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

'I don't like free Treasure', said no adventurer ever! Free "Double Treasure Chest" Miniatures, which are exclusively available as a prize for competition winners, is what you can win if you get involved with our first Competition! The Painting Competition! You can check the info here, and feel free to share this image with anyone else who may like free stuff and painting miniatures :D

Perhaps painting is not your thing? Well, never fear! Because we will have a short fiction contest running shortly also!

Why are you running contests, Zealot? Because we have united together nearly 350 people in the first 7 days, all people who love great dungeon crawler games and miniatures! And it would be a crime to not get this community engaged and enthused with each other about our awesome common hobby! 

More Previews!

We have now passed week 1 of the Kickstarter, and we can hardly believe there are 3 weeks more of Stretch Goal miniatures and freebies to reveal!

The ongoing battle to replace the concept art with finished sculpts continues! We have updated the Magic Portal with the finished sculpt. The portal vortex will be a removable piece!

 We have also unlocked the Living Door and had a little practice with some riddles in the comments section :P 

The mine cart for the, soon-to-be-unlocked modular mine tracks, is also unlocked! With removable rocks for empty or full versions!

 Expect another update later today with more previews of Stretch Goals and Concept art updates!

Good luck down there!

Riddle me this, Adventurers!

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

"What creature walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs during the day and 3 legs at twilight?"

Now your dungeon crawlers require 11% more brain power to pass them, since the ability to solve the riddle, is the only way to pass a Living Door!

 This Tier 4 FREE stretch goal is soon to be hit :D The open version later, will have the door's mouth open wide, to form a doorway to the ground.

We also unlocked the Ice Wall and the Smashed Barrels from the last update! You can see them on the KS page now.

But before that, an Anvil and Prison Door

And previews are up for the first piece in our range of dungeon forge equipment - the Anvil.

Plus a double Stretch Goal with the Prison Door too! The prison door will include a free prison corner piece with has slots from all directions. This allows complex shapes and rows of cells to be created!

 And if that doesn't SNARE your interest...

There are a few previews for the bear traps too!

"Guznak "Bone-head" Larson, was the toughest barbarian warrior the old world had ever seen. He had faced thousands of foes in battle and triumphed against them all. Looted scores of dungeons and even beat a troll in an arm wrestle once! This barbarian had it all, fame, glory, adventure and he lived like a king!
That is why, it is such a tragic shame that Guznak's carreer was cut to a dramatic end. Guznak forgot to attend his annual eye-test one day.
The very next week, when he failed to see a huge iron trap on the floor in front of him, he stepped right on it and it snipped his leg clean off!
Dont let this happen to you, be sure to get your eyes tested every year, at Davric's Opticians, for a special price of only 12 Silver for new customers!

Thanks everyone! Good luck down there!

Made of Metal + New Previews!

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

More previews? Well, we unlocked the Cauldrons set, and next is a double stretch goal for smashed barrels and a wall of ice, in clear resin.

Includes dungeon bases. There will be two unique designs supplied
Includes dungeon bases. There will be two unique designs supplied

All the wood fragments are cast on a sprue and can be assembled on the supplied dungeon bases to create a variety of setups :D

Something a Bit Different? Bronze Dungeon Keeper.

A few supporters have been asking "What does Cold Cast Bronze look like?"
So we did a quick casting to show the effect. Cold cast bronze is created using both resin and real bronze together to produce something which is a mix of both materials. Its around twice as heavy as regular resin, is cool to the touch and has a metallic sheen to it.

 Bronze pieces may need a little polish to bring out the shine and can be washed with paint to shade the recesses. We find a black wash then Vallejo verdigris glaze looks great to mimic antique bronze.

We can also cast composite resin - Nickle, Brass, Copper, Marble, Porcelain and Flexible resin. We may roll a few more special effects for the next KS ;)

Multi-part Customizable Terrain

Some of the pieces are cast in multiple parts so you can assemble them in a variety of different ways to get a selection of unique pieces. These multipart models have been marked on the product listings with this symbol.

 Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to showing more soon!
Good luck down there, adventurer!

What's Cooking in Twisting Catacombs?

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

A lot of green smokey gunk apparently! Because the next stretch goal, that we are fast approaching, is a set of Cauldrons! Good for Witches or culinarily gifted goblins. The smoke is an optional separate part, depending on how magical you want your brew to be!

 And these Cauldrons are added free to the Dungeon Keeper and Completionist tiers!

And we also unlocked the modular jail cell! A Jail cell door is on the cards too :)

Its Good for Chopping Dragons!

Another sculpt update! Part of our ongoing mission to replace the concept art with the finished sculpts - we have the Artifact Axe. FREE to every core pledge, and just 1 Gold! Axe is separate from the skull, so you could even use the skull as decoration and convert a dwarf to wield the axe.

 A Word on Door Scales

With our current system, the single doors are 28mm wide at the base and the double doors are 53mm wide at the base. This looks great with 28mm models and fits a wide range of game boards.

But some people have 3d boards that require a smaller sized door. So since we are nice, we are continuing work to produced a second size of doors. Which will be slimmer, and still look great!

Backers will be able to choose which of the two sizes of doors they want, with their pledge. Same GOLD value, same pledges, no hassle. How's that for choice?

Good luck down there, adventurer!

Rats the Size of Hunting Hounds! + Freebies get Organized

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

Giant rats are now unlocked! Gods know what these Rats have been eating, in order to grow so big. But it was certainly high in protein!

 Free Stretch Goals Organized

We are starting to unlock loads of new stretch goals and it was starting to get difficult to keep track of what freebies come with your pledge. But this is fixed now, with this handy chart which will be updated on the main page each time something free is unlocked :)

A word on the free stretch goals since we aim to be open and transparent with everyone who supports us.
Real Resin manufacture (not Restic) is the most labor-intensive model production method, and unlike plastic - the time and cost to produce a model, does not fall, with the more that you produce. Its the same time per unit, and cost per unit, for us to make 30 castings or 30,000 castings.

Because of this, with every free stretch goal we add, our actual earnings on each pledge falls, and eventually we will be casting models at a loss.
As we approach the best prices we can actually offer for a growing Core Pledge: Gradually, there will be an increasing number of traditional add-on stretch goals being added at Tier 5. There will great new models and scenery, which can be added to all pledges for GOLD. Extras will still be added FREE for larger milestone stretch goals!

A Size Test

Wow! Look at the quality yellow 3d master printout for that door! ... NO, NO! Wait, don't run away! I'm joking, this is not a master model, but a door printout from our cheap land-fill machine 3d printer, which we use just to test the sizes of models before running them on the high resolution DLP printer :)

The size of the single doors is 28mm wide at the base, pictured on the right, which slightly overlaps the standard 1 inch square. Some backers were asking if we can shrink another version of the doors down, to under 25mm wide. And as Elkor 'Fire Bolt' is demonstrating, the answer is no.

If you would like us to test any more scenery piece sizes on the land-fill machine printer, just comment and ask :) 

Sleepy Monsters? Then Lets Give them a Bed.

Next on the SG list is Monster's Bedding! Certainly comfortable enough for an orc!

 Good luck down there, adventurer!