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Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
Characterful Dungeon Terrain and Detailed Fantasy Scenery for Miniature Wargaming and RPGs.
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Full of Changes! . Progress update 5 April

Posted by Zealot Miniatures (Creator)

A lot has been happening these last few weeks!
It's all change at Zealot, everything is bigger, better and newer than before. 

In 10 days, we can confirm that it is physically possible to decorate a 1,000 sq foot workshop, move an entire miniature production business to a new premises, launch a new-look website and online re-brand, prepare prototypes to occupy a printer for 24 hours a day, organize new sculpts, boss about caster goblins, sort production mouldmaking, shoehorn in the odd client's miniatures, and juggle the general running of a 2,000% funded Kickstarter. 

So lets see some pictures of it all then! :D

All Creatures Great and Small

Firstly, i always apologize for the photo quality. But this week, all the lighting and the good camera is at the new premises (which doesnt have internet yet!!!) so with writing this on a home PC with a borrowed camera - photo quality has reached a whole new sub level im afraid :P

GREAT! The Dragon is done, and what a beast he is! 6 inches long (because his tail is curved around) with a 1 foot wingspan. I think the head has some similarities to a T-Rex? The first thing he did when he arrived, was to bite of Elkor's hand! ;) 

Once the dragon is cast, ill organize a complete picture of an assembled dragon :D

 Yep Elkor will be getting his hand grafted back on, after he visits a skilled biomancer ;)

Another great monster, is all finished and ready to print :D The stone-form gargoyle (Or a grotesque if you are a historically accurate DM ;) )
Something to make adventurers think twice about searching the treasure chest you place below him!

 AND SMALL! The Rats are prototyped. We have two sizes of rat, at the moment, im tempted to go with producing the smaller version. Although we may have to move to the larger scale if the small ones dont cast well. All the tails are separate :)

 Or a giant rat perhaps?

 The guillotine is all done. Split down into not too many parts. So quite easy to assemble. Here is the main section.

 And the Bellows, which will fit nicely up against the forge, it can be placed over one of the forge supports :D

 New Website and Zealot Rebrand this Week

The new website will be launching in a couple of days, after I sort the last few tweaks with the designer. A HTML5 page better suited for tablets and mobiles, this will be a perfect place to have all the scenery pieces available to everyone in the future :D Here is a look at the new sleeker logo from the homepage. Will update here when it is live

 Tweaked Clear Resin

We have to get things just right! So the old clear resin has been fine-tuned for a perfect translucent tint. And the fire actually has a yellow>orange gradient in it like the one on the right of the image. Now clear resin castings can start proper!

Note the unholy portal will be red not blue :)

 New HQ

Along with doing all this and more (the pictures above, are just the bits i could lay my paws on today) we are moving to a new, huge workshop. 1,000 sq feet of miniature-making greatness!

Here is what the Workshop section looked like on Thursday. Quite raw, needing a little light renovation. Will post pictures of the final setup when its all in at the end of this week :D

This move means that in the long run, casting will go quicker and we will have much higher capacity :D It is taking time to get everything moved and set up again, a lot of disruption, which is messing with the initial delivery predictions. 

Fulfillment Dates

With all the previous printer issues, moving the business and the usual problems of a project this size hitting over 2,000% of the expected funding (!); Things have been pushing the fulfillment dates back. Thank you for everyone's patience understanding and massive support so far. We hope that waiting for this KS to enter the fulfillment stage, and for your scenery to arrive, isn't too bad :/

In order to meet the new estimates below, ill be doing everything possible to hit these targets (and bribing Bill with bacon sandwiches to do the same!)

The plan from here onwards is to have all the prototypes done 14 May. All the initial production moulds will be made by the 27 May. During this time, we can revise any prototypes that may need changes.
Casting continues, (mainly building up stock of casts from the newly-made production moulds). The first batch of pledges for Early Backers will be all cast by 4 June, casting continues for regular backers, dispatching in waves after this.
By the 7 June we will have sorted out the packing and checking process so that Early Pledges can be dispatched on this date.
Every week, we will have a new wave of Pledges ready to ship out starting with lowest backer IDs first :)

Until next week, good luck down there, Adventurers!


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    1. Zealot Miniatures 3-time creator on

      @Blodhemn: Yea spot on :) There will be some painted pictures of a portal next week :D
      @Becky: Heh well, id recommend these clear paints,… a light coat over any clear element should recolour clear parts :D Will be a little more opaque than the original though.

    2. Becky "Dungeon Girl" Rose on

      The "Stargate" portal definitely wants to stay blue, regards the Unholy Portal... I can't help but think it's dying to be green...

    3. Blodhemn on

      @Zealot: Sorry, my bad! I looked it up but I got the names mixed up. Unholy Portal in red is fine! But "Magic Portals" they are still in blue?

    4. Zealot Miniatures 3-time creator on

      @Tyler: Glad you like the clear stuff :D Some pieces may be water clear like the fountain, others tinted like this.
      @Zach, Brian, Bloodhemn: Ok if you want a blue UHportal like this, we can see if we can provide that. When we contact you to say "Your pledge is reach to ship" mention it then and we can try to sort it for you :)
      @Mike: *throws fiberglass giant rodent*
      @Disgustinator: Yea its a pretty cool effect, they will be available in the webstore later this year :D
      @Captain: Yea seems to be doing well for the last few months.…
      @TheDMStrikes: Im also glad you were right ;)
      @IanR: Dont worry, :) the pieces will be available in store later in the year, and we are very likely going to give all KS backers a discount from the store prices :)
      @Andrew: ahh yea notice that now.. that's shocking lol. Ill be forgetting my own name next!! :P

    5. Blodhemn on

      Oh all looks great but please keep those portals blue. I wasn't planning on naming them "unholy", rather just portals and blue is better for that.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Williams on

      I just noticed the update heading was for the 5th of April :)

    7. Skimple on

      Wishing I had not submitted my pledge, I'm with all of you guys, those clear resin models look amazing!

    8. Missing avatar


      See, I told you those colored clear resin pieces would turn out great! The fire one even exceeds my expectations

    9. Missing avatar

      The Captain on

      I haven't finalized my additional pledges, waiting on seeing most of the final prints. And my total keeps creeping higher as more stuff is unveiled. I hope the dollar stays strong against the pound, that encourages me to spend more.

    10. Disgustinator on

      Really wishing I'd sprung for some fire walls now the graduated colouring looks fantastic

    11. Brian Summers

      Yep--I'd be in for a blue portal, too. :)

      Looking great, as usual. Can't wait to get my hands on these!

    12. Mike the Knight on

      Rodents of unusual size? I don't believe they exist.

    13. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      Aaaaaaah! Make the blue portal an option now! I need it too!!!!

    14. Tyler Witter on

      That clear resin is looking incredible, and the estimated timeline is reasonable and very much appreciated. Thanks for the update. :D