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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Wizards Staffs and Much More in v0.17

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The new public prototype version of Chaos Reborn is out. The different versions are linked here:

If you find any bugs, please report them on the prototype bugs forum

Basic Game System Changes

  • Spell casting is now separate to attacking, so wizards can move, attack and cast in the same turn (in any order).
  • Creatures can now attack and then move as well as move and then attack.
  • Disbelieve spell is no longer removed as a consequence of a magic attack

Wizards Staffs

This release is an experimental release for the wizard staff system, so you can expect some significant game play effects. It is by no means guaranteed that the staff system will remain as it is implemented here, so feel free to give your honest and detailed feedback.

Spell Hands and Decks

The game now implements a system similar to card games in that each player has a ‘deck’ of cards from which is drawn a ‘hand’ of cards, and only from this hand can you choose to play a card (cast a spell). Currently the hand size is set to 8 and the deck size to 20, but these values will ultimately vary according to equipment choices and levels. At the start of your turn a card is drawn from the deck and added to your hand, as long as the hand size of 8 is not exceeded. You cannot see the cards in the deck, but you know how many are left (this is displayed on the left of the spell selection screen). This keeps the intrigue high and the analysis paralysis low (but you can always ‘burn and draw’ to get new cards from your deck). In the final game the constructed mode will allow you to configure your spell deck before battle.

Mana Points

Wizards now have Mana Points which are used by wizard staffs. Mana Points are earned for each victory point gained i.e. from casting spells and killing enemy creatures and wizards. Mana Points can also be earned by discarding spells from your hand.

Wizard Staffs

At the start of the battle your wizard will be allocated a random wizard staff. Staffs have the ability to boost the casting chance of spells, and also cast a special, powerful spell. Both these abilities use Mana Points.

Boosting Spells

The spell selection screen now shows the maximum percentage points that the casting chance can be boosted for each spell. The amount that can be boosted is limited by the staffs power rating, the staff type and the amount of Mana Points available. In general, each Mana Point spent can boost the casting chance by 1%, but if the spell type matches the staff type then 1 Mana Points will boost the casting chance by 2%. For example a ‘Staff of Law’ will be able to boost law spells twice as much as other spells. When you select a spell from the spell screen you can use Mana Points to boost the casting chance of the spell. There is a slider control which you can drag to spend Mana Points boosting the casting chance. Make sure you do this before casting the spell.

Burn and Draw

When you select a spell from the spell screen you have the option to discard it and draw a new spell by clicking on the button on the top left of the screen. You will earn 10 Mana Points for the first discard, 9 for the second, 8 for the third and so on. You can discard and draw as many times as you like during your turn.

Mega Spells

Each staff has a ‘mega spell’ that costs a certain number of Mana Points to activate. If you have enough Mana Points a button will be displayed on the left side of the spell selection screen saying ‘activate mega spell’. If you press the button the mega spell will be added to your spell hand, where it will work the same way as other spells. You can cast it immediately or save it for later.

Staff Types

These are the different types of staff implemented at the moment describing the spells that get double boost from Mana Points: 

  • Law: All law spells
  • Chaos: All chaos spells 
  • Neutral: All neutral spells 
  • Undead: Undead creatures 
  • Air: Flying creatures 
  • Marksman: Creatures with some ranged combat ability 
  • Mount: Creatures that can be ridden 
  • Attack: Direct attack spells - magical attacks 
  • Growth: Organic growth type spells - shadow wood, magic wood, gooey blob, tangle vine 
  • Dragon: The three dragon summoning spells 
  • Speed: Creature spells with 3+ movement (will include all flying creatures) 
  • Creature: Any creature summoning spell 
  • Armory: All equipment spells

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Line of sight problems - some creatures were causing some strange LOS bugs which are now fixed. 
  • Some creature model changes - but they are still all placeholder. 
  • Fixed scrolling bug when dragging with the mouse pointer. 
  • A bug was fixed where a creature lost its ability to move during its turn after directly selecting an enemy creature for attack.


The Unicorn model is finished, rigged and ready for animation. Here is a render from the game engine:


And here is the new concept for the elephant. Modelling is now in progress.

Version 0.15 public release

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The new version of the Chaos Reborn prototype is now public.

If you find bugs, please report them on the Chaos Reborn Prototype Bugs forum. I will, of course, welcome any other comments on this version.

You will not notice many changes in this version, since most of the work for the last month has been re-working of the network multiplayer code. So here are the changes:

  • Selecting a movement destination shows a movement arrow with attack lines to potential enemy targets. Clicking again on the destination confirms the move, or you can select another destination. There is no ‘undo’ move any more.
  • There is a range guide displayed for creatures with ranged combat and wizards with magic bolts. 
  • A mount will now not be able to move in the turn a wizard mounts it.
  • Combat bonuses/penalties for elevation in close combat increased.
  • Unicorn charge bonus only obtained if distance between start position and enemy position is two or greater.
  • You can spectate a game which is in progress.
  • There is a link to Ped209s tournament site from the login screen.
  • The client/server networking infrastructure has been completely rewritten. The unresponsive lobby buttons should now be fixed. There may, however, be other problems with this new networking system since it has not been rigorously tested yet.

Known issues:

  • Problems reconnecting on Mac OSX. The client/web browser will need to be restarted to fix this, unfortunately.
  • Some graphical problems with Goblin and Giant textures.
  • Rarely the game seems to start without the arena in view

Best of luck with your games, 


Chaos Reborn Version 0.15

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

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Snapshot Games Sofia is Born

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The last couple of months have been very busy. It has mainly been a process setting up our studio - Snapshot Games Sofia - and planning the project. Here is a quick summary of what has been happening: 

  • I have been working with Snapshot Games first two full time employees - Sergey and Stoiko - both wizard programmers. 
  • From the beginning of July I will be joined by our lead artist, Bobby, and character modeller, Martin (you can see some of his work here ).
  • Sergey has been reworking our entire server/client multiplayer infrastructure.
  • Stoiko is currently working with me on upgrades to the game interface - and he is also an ace linux programmer, so we will get the linux client working shortly
  • We are still recruiting for full time positions, but we also have a number of freelance contributors ready for action too - including our previous stalwarts Daemon and Jason. I expect the team will be up to full speed in July.
  • Some time in the beginning of the July we will update the current prototype. It will have the new client/server code (which you won't notice) and some interface upgrades - and a working Linux version is planned. It will remain a publicly available prototype for now.
  • I have been working with Allen Stroud to develop the backstory of the game, and we will soon be producing some nice concept art to show you the world of Limbo and the fractured worlds and the Vortex that holds them all together.
  • Backer forums for Gods and Demigods are established, with some amazing stories being developed by our god/goddess backers.
  • T-shirts will be going out soon - I have had to wait for some credit card issues to be solved, but I am submitting the orders to the manufacturer this week.
  • In July you will start to see a lot more on the art side as we model and animate the creatures and wizards

Interface Upgrades WIP

A lot of our initial programming work has focussed on building a solid infrastructure for multiplayer games with lots of networky malarky involved. Sadly, it's not a very visible thing to show you, but we have also been working on upgrading the interface. Here are a couple of screenshots to show work in progress. The main change is that you now set a movement destination, with movement arrow displayed, and then you confirm the move. Why this change? It allows you to see very quickly which targets can be attacked following a move, because the targets and the attack percentages are updated instantly you click with the mouse anywhere in the movement zone (in the current prototype you have to move then undo the move just to check the possibilities). Also, out with the ugly circles and in with the neat hexes.

Flying creatures get a special flying arrow. Notice that attack percentages are only shown for targets that can be attacked from the movement destination. This display will be updated with 'attack lines' drawn from the movement destination to the possible targets (which is most helpful with ranged combat creatures).

There are sure to be some enhancements and developments over the next couple of weeks and you should be able to play with the results at the beginning of July.

The Pantheon Awaits You

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
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