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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
5,051 backers pledged $210,854 to help bring this project to life.

Chaos Reborn v0.22 - Coming to Steam Early Access on December 9th

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The next update of Chaos Reborn will be the biggest and best ever. Expect the following:

  • Wizard animations
  • New Spell effects
  • Music - main theme and battle tracks which change according to law/chaos balance
  • New sound effects
  • New interface animations - including drawing cards
  • Environmental effects for law and chaos shifts
  • Profile screen showing your wizard and stats
  • Game record in profile screen
  • Level progression system (up to level 7)
  • in-game ability to upgrade account to wizard lord or wizard king backer levels
  • Noble and Royal creature skins for players who have backed at wizard lord level or higher
  • Wizard auras for players who have backed at wizard lord level or higher
  • Steam integration with your Chaos Reborn account

Check out the new game trailer:


How to get the new version

Backers will be sent Steam keys by email on 9th December with instructions on how to activate the game and the reward levels. The public version of the game will not be available after the 9th December.

New players will be able to buy the game on Steam, priced $19.99 USD, £14.99, or 19.99€, with 15% discount in the launch week.

Game play videos

You can watch myself and UnstableVoltage talk about the new version and play through a game here.

Check out Ohwrecker's amusing four player match - part 1 here and part 2 here.


Apologies again to those of you who are still waiting for T-shirts. The manufacturer has given up trying to ship them internationally, and they are now residing in our LA office. I will figure out a way to ship them out shortly after our Steam launch. I am very sorry for the delay.

Chaos Reborn Version 0.21 with Asynchronous Game Play

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

It's finally here, the latest version of Chaos Reborn which includes some major game play additions, such as asynchronous game play and mana sprites plus many more animated creatures and interface enhancements. Read all about the changes and additions below. For those of you who have not received your T-shirts, please read the note at the end. Firstly, here are some wizard concepts from our new concept artist, Svetoslav Petrov. They depict male and female versions of the heroic class, who are courageous, agile and flamboyant fighter-wizards.

 Version 0.21

The different versions are available from these links

The changes and additions are as follows:

Asynchronous games: This is the major new feature for this release. You can now play a game with other players without requiring them to be online at the same time. There is no turn timer, but instead a chess clock style timer in which each player gets a number of days to complete all moves in a game. You can play up to 20 asynchronous games consecutively. If players do happen to be online simultaneously the game will play the same as a ‘live’ game, so you could use the asynchronous games feature as a way to split game play sessions when needed.

Mana Sprites: A major change to the game play is the introduction of mana sprites. These are spawned on the map at fixed positions and they can be picked up by wizards to gain mana points. Creatures cannot enter a hex containing a mana sprite.

Match maker: The lobby system has been changed for random games. Now there is a ‘match maker’ system where you set preferences for the game configuration you want and the server will find a match or create a new game.

Spells: The creature spells have now been limited to the 12 that we have animations for. I realise this may seem like a bit of a step backwards in game play, but we need to keep the presentation consistent for our public launch on Steam. Rest assured, fully animated creatures will be added as fast as we can. The ‘Law shift’ and the ‘Chaos shift’ spells have been added.

Creatures: The Hydra has been beefed up and the blob spreading reduced.

Decks: The allocation system for spells now allows up to 3 of the same type of spell to be in a deck, but with a diminishing chance for each spell added.

Creature graphics: Newly added animations and models include the gooey blob, tangle vine, spider, elf, eagle, manticore, shadow wood and sapphire dragon.

Selection and ownership markers: There is a major change here which might initially seem a bit confusing. Your wizard is always blue, enemies are always red and your team mate is always green. The ownership markers are using roman numerals to indicate the player number. The selection marker is now a separate interface element and is much more bold and clear. The sizes of the markers are now proportional to the size of the creature.

Selection cycling: You can press the TAB key, or the new button on the right of the screen, to select the next creature/wizard which still has something to do.

Spell sorting: The spell cards can now be sorted by either casting chance or by alignment. Selecting riders: There is now a button appearing over the mount to select the rider.

Creature info box: There is an informational box for selected creatures, wizards and growths displayed on the top right of the screen. The detailed information display can be accessed with the ‘i’ button.

Interface improvements: The battle interface has a number of changes, including the turn timer, law/chaos display and the turn order and VPs display.

Mana points: You now get mana points for failing to cast a spell, and not for successfully casting a spell. Victory points are still gained for casting a spell. Mana points for killing wizards have been reduced from 50 to 33. The mana point costs of mega-spells have been increased slightly. The hat of time is no longer operational.

Environment graphics: The terrain and surrounding environment graphics have been changed and tweaked.

Subversion: Subverting an enemy creature stuck in your blob will cause the blob to die.

Retreating: This has been removed entirely, for now.

Known issues - Mac OS X version

Performance and stability seem to be improved if you run the game in 32 bit mode. The animated creatures are not rendered correctly and appear blackened or very dark. We are working on a fix for this.


Firstly, I would like to apologise profusely to all of you who have not received your T-shirts. The manufacturing company has admitted making a mistake with some shipments. It should be corrected by now and you should have received your t-shirts. If you haven't, please contact Matt Pindell of CustomInk Crowdship directly via to confirm your shipment. Please quote your name, the email you used for Kickstarter or Backerkit, your shipping address and the details of your t-shirt order. Again, I am very sorry for the long wait.

Chaos Reborn Version 0.20 with spell cards and more

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Hello and welcome to the new release of Chaos Reborn. There are quite a few changes in this release, and some of them are quite experimental, so we are expecting some frank and honest feedback. The art team are now doing wonders with the creatures and animations, so progress has been good. Here is a  render of the Goblin in Unity. Check out his excellent animations in the new prototype.

And here is a concept for the Sapphire Dragon, for which modelling is under way.

Version 0.20

Download locations are here:

New spell casting interface: Spells are now displayed as cards which you can drag onto the battlefield to cast. It is still very much work in progress, so expect a few bugs and glitches. Graphics for these new elements are still placeholder.

Staff display: The staff display shows how much the staff is charged and will glow when you are able to activate the staff’s mega-spell.

Spell burning: You must now drag a spell card onto the staff display in order to burn it and draw a new card. There will be an animation for drawing new cards, but it is not implemented yet.

Spell information display: You can access this by clicking on the 'i' icon which appears on a spell card when you hover the mouse over it.

Spell decks: The staff will now influence the spells in the deck, and will guarantee at least 2 spells matching the staff type. Also, there can only be a maximum of 2 spells of the same type in a deck.

Hats and bodygear: The hats will be removed in their current form, but for now every wizard has a hat of time which generates mana according to the turn number. The bodygear now determines the spell deck size, with the arcane type giving a larger deck than the other 2 types. The hats may make a reappearance in another guise. The next release will feature an exciting new way to earn mana.

Mana surge: A wizard that slays an enemy at range 1 will gain double mana points for the kill. This encourages more heroic wizards.

Magic Power: Magic Resistance has been renamed ‘Magic Power’ and it will now affect some spells. The power of magic bolt now depends in part on the magic power of the casting wizard. The success chance of subversion and the magic attack spells is now modified by both the attackers magic power and the magic power of the wizard controlling the target.

Retreat mechanic: This version sees the introduction of an experimental new combat mechanic. Creatures now have a possibility to retreat if they receive a killing blow to avoid death. A creature can only retreat to valid movement space (by walking, not flying) which is not adjacent to an engaging enemy creature. The success of retreat depends on the defender’s agility for ranged attacks, and on both the defender’s and attacker’s agility for close combat attacks. The agility stats of creatures and wizards have been tweaked.

New giant ability: The giant has gained a powerful one-shot ranged attack with an attack value of 8. Once his rock is thrown, the giants close combat attack value is reduced by 4. Overall the giant has been made more powerful.  

New animations and graphics: The goblin, skeleton, elephant and giant are now fully animated (although the giant is still using the old model. The selection markers have been changed. There is a new tangle vine model. The map graphics have been modified.  

Options screen: There is a new options screen which allows you to adjust the sound volume.

 Maps: Existing maps have been tweaked and new maps added.


According to the shipping company, all t-shirts have been dispatched. If you have not received your t-shirt by now there is likely some kind of problem, so please let me know if you haven't received your t-shirt(s). You can message me via kickstarter, or send an email to

Version 0.19 - Forest environment, headgear, bodygear, and some rats

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Version 0.19 of Chaos Reborn is released with numerous tweaks and exciting editions. The Hydra is now animated in the game, and here you can see a magnificent render of this terrifying beast:

Version 0.19

Here are the links:

Additions and changes:

  • Version 1 of the forest environment type is implemented (but not optimised yet).
  • Nine different types of headgear are implemented, which grant Mana Points according to various conditions (see below for full explanation). Headgear is randomly allocated at the start of battle.
  • Three types of bodygear are implemented, randomly allocated.
  • Hydra is fully animated.
  • New Skeleton model added.
  • New neutral spell, Summon Rat Pack, is added. Summons three hungry rats in one go.
  • You can burn and draw spells when it is not your turn.
  • The name of the spell drawn after burning is displayed on the top left of the spell selection screen.
  • If your wizard is blobbed you can now use a magical attack on the blob to kill it and free your wizard.
  • The spell selection screen shows the total law and chaos values for spells in your deck.
  • Fixed a bug where the illusion state of creatures was sometimes not being properly updated.
  • If you disbelieve a creature summoned as a group, then the other creatures in the group will be disbelieved simultaneously.
  • Dwarf's hammer now returns after hitting an enemy, and it rotates correctly.


Headgear determines two things:

  • The size of your spell deck. Currently this is set to 16 for all headgear.
  • A Mana Point bonus which gives Mana Points based on the type of headgear.

Ultimately, the level of the headgear will affect the values for deck size and mana bonus.

Here are the different types of headgear mana bonuses:

  • Life: For each non-undead creature (illusion or not) and wizard in the arena, the MP bonus is gained at the start of the turn (the MP bonus could be a fractional value here).  
  • Death: For each creature (not illusions) and wizard killed by anyone or any means, the MP bonus is gained.  
  • Truth: For each illusion of any wizard disbelieved or killed.
  • Time: At the start of each turn, the turn number multiplied by the bonus value (up to a fixed maximum).  
  • Despair: For each failed spell by any wizard, gain the MP bonus.
  • Heroism: For each attack on your wizard, and each close combat attack made by your wizard, gain the MP bonus .
  • Hope: For each attack by either creature or magic that fails, where the attack strength is greater or equal to the defence strength, gets the MP bonus.  
  • Harmony: The extent of neutrality of the cosmic balance. A constant value minus the extent of law or chaos is multiplied by the MP bonus.  
  • Corruption: The magnitude of the law/chaos balance, with a fixed upper limit, multiplied by the MP bonus.


A wizard's bodygear determines four basic stats - Attack, Defence, Agility and Magic Resistance. These are the three types of bodygear:

  • Vigilant: very strong defence and good magic resistance. For the cautious wizard who doesn't like to get messed with.
  • Heroic: Strong in attack and agility. For wizards who want to get mixed up in the action.
  • Arcane: weak attack, moderate defence and very strong magic resistance. For the most magical of wizards.

The Second Gollop Wallop

I will be taking on all contenders in a second Gollop Wallop tournament on August 31st. The first tournament was great fun, and I managed to pull back from 4-1 down to win the tournament 5-4. Join in the action or watch the games with the spectator mode in the game.

Shadow Trees

Finally, we are working on concepts for the growths. Here is a sketch for the Shadow Tree:

Version 0.18 - Hydra, Hellhound and More

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

A new version of the game is now available with some great additions - Hydra, Hellhound, animations, playback mode and more. But let's start with a couple of pics.

Forest environment concept

The arenas in Chaos Reborn are based on environment types. We will shortly start work on the forest environment, where the arena will be suspended above a lush canopy of forest.


The elephant is modelled and in the game, with a simple idle animation. Here is a render from the Unity game engine:

Version 0.18

There are some interesting changes and additions for this version, so here is a reasonably comprehensive list:

  • Hydra: A mighty beast has been added to the game! The Hydra's special ability is that it can attack every single adjacent enemy with one attack action. It also has a high agility, making disengagement from its writhing snake-like heads very difficult.
  • Hellhound: An undead, three headed beast with a paralysing stare. Awesome creature!
  • Animations: The animation system is in, and the unicorn and Manticore have a reasonably full set of animations. If you see them next to each other you will notice them taunting and evading.
  • Dwarf: This pitifully neglected creature has been given some new abilities. An attack on a wizard will shatter an item of equipment if the wizard isn't killed. What's more, he has a limited ranged attack where he can throw his hammer.
  • Elephant: The elephant now has the 'bulldoze' ability, which gives it a strength 12 attack against tangle vines, shadow trees and gooey blobs.
  • Creature info screen: We have started
  • Gooey Blob: When cast it will automatically spread to adjacent creatures. It no longer attacks on the turn it is cast.
  • Magic Bow: Reduced range and attack by 1, reduced casting chance to 60% and it does not increase range with subsequent casting.
  • Playback mode: You can now review the game using video style controls.

Here are the links for all versions:


The Chaos Reborn T-shirts have been dispatched. Some of you have already received them, but international deliveries may take a while longer.