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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Chaos Reborn Fiction

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
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Chaos Reborn V0.29 - Forgemaster Tools, Strategic Realm Play, Invasions and More

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The main focus of this update is the new forgemaster system and major developments in the Realm Quest game play.  

The Forgemaster system will be included for those who have backed or upgraded at Forgemaster level and above. You will be able to customise the stats and appearance of bodygear and staff. The system allows you to create a set of equipment at any time, and then one more set of equipment when you reach wizard level 70. Equipment will be reset on official release of the game.

 Highlights of this update:

  • 10 different realm settlements which can be recruited or attacked. Law kudos points and chaos kudos points are used to recruit villages, and they are earned by defeating wizards and settlements (and in the future, from encounters).  
  • The fighters from a recruited settlement can be directed to move to a location to attack or defend. They can fight with or without your wizard being present. If fighting without your wizard they are equipped with a 'spell totem' that has 3 spells plus disbelieve. It can be upgraded with 3 additional spells.
  • Realm spells - Palace breach, lift fog, upgrade settlement population, upgrade village spells.
  • Take control of mana fluxes to use the realm mana for realm spells.   
  • Marauder wizards which are spawned from the palace or citadels and will roam the map trying to destroy recruited villages, or recapture citadels and mana fluxes.
  • You no longer have to eliminate every wizard lord to attack the king - you need to cast a 'palace breach' spell from a citadel, which becomes cheaper the more wizard lords are eliminated.  
  • Wizard lords can be deployed on towns and wizard towers.
  • A quick battle resolution system for realms - you don't have to fight every encounter.
  • You can volunteer as an ally while you are questing in a realm (but not in battle).
  • There is a new 'invade' option - you can take control of an enemy wizard in someone else’s realm in a single battle (there will be a way to prevent invasions).
  • The wizard king has a wizard ally - it will be a tougher fight. In theory is possible to have 4 wizards in a palace battle which are all human controlled.
  • A new set of realms to explore
  • A new spell - magic wings - effectively a transformation of the 'mercurius' talisman into a spell.
  •  The mercurius talisman is changed to 'aconite' - transforms tangle vine into spiders (max 5 per activation).  
  • AI wizards will have a more intelligent selection of talismans that complement their bodygear and staff
  • Talisman activation will no longer consume spell casting.
  • Significant tweaking of the talisman data - activation costs, buff bonuses, etc.
  • Some tweaks to the procedural map generation, especially for the palace
  • New Talisman/mega-spell activation interface. The talismans and meg-spell are displayed next to the staff icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • New Shadow Wood, with two separate models for the trees.

 Copyright © 2015 Snapshot Games, All rights reserved.

Your God Persona

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
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Enter the Realms of Chaos!

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Finally, it's here. You can now play the single player realm quest mode in Chaos Reborn. This comes with four new stunning looking battle environments - Mana Flux, Palace, Mountains and Plains. We have also made a number of improvements and changes to the basic games systems.

Discount Week

To celebrate the launch of the realm quest mode there will be a 25% discount for Chaos Reborn on Steam for the week beginning 6th July. Tell your friends, family and acquaintances and get them involved in the game. Here is the link to our Steam store page:

Check out the new Chaos Reborn trailer:

Here is a screen shot of the Mana Flux environment, where the wizard kings and queens collect mana for their banishing spell

Exploring the Realms of Chaos

The realm quest system currently features:

  • Exploration and battle against wizard lords and kings in 7 different battle environments
  • Play co-op battles with other players against lords and kings
  • Multiple realms to explore with a range of difficulty levels
  • Procedurally generated battle maps
  • Creature allies in battle
  • Buy bodygear, staffs and talismans from town shops. They are permanently added to your collection and can be used in multi-player games
  • Encounters with the denizens of the realms
  • Realm ranking tables - compare your realm scores with other players

There is much more content to come in the realm quest mode. These are the planned features:

  • Significantly improved battle AI
  • Procedurally generated realms
  • Player generated realms created by players who reach wizard king rank
  • More map features to interact with - goblin camps, elven villages, manticore nests, mana fluctuations, etc.
  • Strategic control of objectives and more involved strategic level game play

Equipment changes

We have revised the equipment system so that you no longer need to level up staffs and bodygear. When you acquire them they start at full capability. Unfortunately this means that we have had to reset all players equipment inventories, but lost equipment will be compensated for with gold. Talismans are unaffected by the equipment changes.

Multi-player league tables

You can now view league ranking tables for equipped and classic mode, for both the current and the previous season.


We very much value your feedback on the game so we can improve it as we approach the official launch day. Join our forums and contribute to the discussions:

Thank you for your support, and good luck with your games.

The Snapshot Games Team.

Classic Chaos is here - and 2 New Gorgeous Environments

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The new version of Chaos Reborn sees the introduction of Classic Chaos multiplayer mode. In this game mode each player has a wizard with the same standard staff and bodygear with a random selection of spells. There is a separate league competition just for Classic Chaos, so for those of you who prefer this mode you will be able to win fame and glory.

We have also added two new battle environments - Ruins and Citadel - along with a new batch of multiplayer maps. They look really fantastic! Here are some more details and screenshots:


In the Realms of Chaos the Ruins are the shattered remnants of civilisations from the old world, scattered throughout the fractured worlds. They are places where great magical knowledge may be preserved, and they are always guarded by powerful Wizard Lords.


In the fractured worlds the Wizard Kings have created fortresses equipped with powerful magical technology, maintained by alchemists and apprentices. Each citadel is governed by a Wizard Lord whose role is to help defend the realm by summoning creatures and binding them permanently to serve as reinforcements in strategic locations.

Balancing and bug fixes

Over the last couple of months we have been using sophisticated analytics tools to gather data from played games. This has enabled us to pinpoint many balance issues. So with this update we have made a significant number of tweaks. In particular, Law spells are no longer so powerful compared to Chaos or Neutral. There are also plenty of bug fixes.

You can read more details about all the changes on our Steam page.

The Realms of Chaos

We have also been hard at work implementing the single player realm exploration mode. An initial version of this will be released in June, and will also feature a co-op mode allowing you to recruit an ally for any battle.

Here is a sneak preview of work in progress on the main realm exploration screen: