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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
5,051 backers pledged $210,854 to help bring this project to life.

Chaos Reborn 1.6 - New Spells, New Tactics

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The new update for Chaos Reborn includes 3 awesome new spells :

Air Elemental: A flying, neutral creature which has a unique push attack. When you attack with the Air Elemental it can push any surrounding enemy away. If it falls off the edge of the terrain it will plummet to its doom.

Meteor Shower: Rains down a series of meteors at any location. The meteors do not arrive on the turn cast, but in your following turn. Other players know you have cast the spell, but not where it will land. This spell adds an exciting element of bluff and prediction.

Crystal Wall: A lawful growth spell that can be used offensively and defensively in various ways. A crystal growth is summoned extending four hexes directly away from the casting wizard. Creatures and wizards can be trapped in the wall, but they also get a defensive benefit from it.

We have also replaced the Dispel spell with a button on the creature information display which allows you to dispel any of your summoned entities for a cost of 5 mana points.

Steam discount week - until 21st March

To celebrate the new release, Chaos Reborn will be on sale until 21st March with 50% off from Steam. Tell your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and random strangers so they don't miss out on this great deal. Here's the store page:

Next Updates

The next update will feature improved co-op systems, chat rooms and friend lists. This will lay the foundation for the guild system which will incorporate the social rank abilities of demigods and gods.

Chaos Reborn 1.5 - New Spells, Social Rank Progression

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
Welcome to the new update for Chaos Reborn. We have some exciting new spells to spice up your battles and refine your strategies, and the introduction of social rank progression.

Social Ranks

Here is a brief summary of the social rank system:

  • Aprentice: All new players start at this level. In order to qualify as a wizard lord you need to reach a certain wizard level and have a significant success either in multiplayer league rankings or an online realm ranking.
  • Wizard Lord: As a wizard lord you may submit your wizard to act as an NPC enemy in realms created by wizard kings. If your wizard fights lots of battles and does well in them, then you could get promoted to wizard king. 
  • Wizard King: You may create realms for other players to adventure in. If you do well at this, you may be promoted to demigod. 
  • Demigod: The demigod role will be implemented with our next social rank progression update. Demigods will be able to organised guilds and take part in guild competition. 

Promotions occur at the end of each calendar month. It is also possible to be demoted from your social rank if you neglect your duties, although you cannot be demoted in the month following a promotion - so you have at least two months to prove your worth. Also, if you backed the game at a social rank level you can never be demoted below that level.

Version 1.5

Here is a list of changes and updates included in v1.5:

  • The first stage of the social rank progression system is in place. You can now ascend the ranks to become a demigod. There is a ‘social ranks’ button on your wizard screen which explains your role and how to qualify for the next rank.
  • New Spell - Icarus Tower: A slow moving structure spell that attacks flying creatures only.
  • New Spell - Zombie: Summon a pair of undead mutants. If they kill a living creature it will be turned into undead.
  • New Spell - Bolt Tower: A static structure that fires a weaker version of the wizards magic bolt. 
  • New Spell - Paralyse: Paralyse up to 3 targets with this spell. [*]Paralyse effect now makes undead vulnerable to attack. 
  • Initial card burn mana reduced from 9 to 8. [*]Spell fail mana bonus increased by +2. 
  • Starting mana reduced for 2nd, 3rd and 4th players - max starting mana is now 6 
  • A cursor graphic is added at the terrain/entity under the mouse pointer to make it clear what may be selected. Also useful for counting hex distances. It can be turned off in the options display. 
  • A height display for the contents of a hex can be turned on in the options display. 
  • Improvements to the wizard icon display in battle (top left of screen). It now shows social rank, bodygear type and team label for team matches. 
  • Megaspell lists tweaks - more megaspells allowable for a number of staffs, including the addition of new megaspells. 
  • Staff base stat tweaks. 
  • Talisman stat tweaks

Please report bugs and comments on game play and balance in our forums. We look forward to hearing your opinions, as always. Good luck with your games!

Non-Steam version of the game

For backers who would prefer not to use Steam, we can make the version of the game available to you. If you would like to use this version, please send an email to with your request, and please include your wizard name (if you have already registered your game on steam).

T-Shirt Compensation

We have started compensating backers who did not receive their T-shirts. If you did not get your T-shirt, we can either offer an account upgrade or a full refund for your T-shirt of $35 USD, or equivalent in your currency at current exchange rates.

You may opt to upgrade your account from Apprentice to Wizard Lord, or from Forgemaster to Wizard King, or from Wizard Lord to Wizard King. Send an email to with your request for an upgrade, and please include your wizard name.

If you would like a refund, please send an email to with the following details

  • Your full name on your bank account 
  • The IBAN and BIC of your bank account 
  • The name of your bank, and the country it is located in 
  • The number of T-shirts you requested 

Offline Single Player Realm Campaign Released, GOG Release, Demo

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The latest version of Chaos Reborn sees the release of our single player realm quest campaign, which can be played offline. You can play through a series of 5 realms of increasing difficulty, using a host of new realm design systems. The game will also be shortly released on (we will be sending additional instructions shortly after Christmas for backers who would like to have the GOG version instead of the steam version). And check out the new Christmas theme:

It's winter in the realms of chaos
It's winter in the realms of chaos


There is a Chaos Reborn Steam demo which includes all the multiplayer battle features for free, and one offline realm quest. Please let your friends, family and acquaintances know about it, and you can play multiplayer battles with them. Here is the link:

V1.3 Update Notes

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Play through a series of five realms and try to achieve gold rank with each one
  • When you are waiting for a multiplayer match you no longer have to stare at a boring screen. Instead, a little queue widget is displayed and you can happily equip your wizard or play online realms while waiting for opponents. If you are playing a battle against AI you can be pulled out of it to play a multiplayer game, and then resume your realm battle after the multiplayer battle is finished. (note: if you enter a battle with an ally or as an invader your multiplayer request is cancelled). 
  • You can access a 'quick match' request from the options screen. This means that you could be playing a realm and request a multiplayer match without having to exit the realm. 
  • There are numerous changes to the realm creation system. Encounters are more sophisticated and check various conditions to trigger outcome choices. There are some new encounter effects, such as connecting or disconnecting towns and releasing marauders. Creature allies hired through encounters can be named. Taboos can now be directly edited. All of these features are used in the new offline realm campaign. 
  • When you select a creature in battle that has one or more buffs affecting it, there is a visual display showing circling coloured balls corresponding to the buff type. Red = attack buff, blue = defence buff, green = agility buff, purple = magic power buff. 
  • A wizard with activated talismans has a circling talisman object to show that a talisman is activated. 
  • In realm quests, when starting a battle involving only settlers there is a warning message displayed to remind you that your wizard is not present. 
  • Realm quests - you no longer need to be at a captured citadel to cast the palace breach spell. You can cast it from anywhere. 
  • Realm difficulty - the maximum creature allies the enemy wizards can have is now affected by the realm level. Level 1 realms are limited to 3 allies, level 2 realms, 4 allies, and so on, up to a maximum of 8. [*]Realm and battle graphics have a christmas theme. 
  • AI now makes proper use of Transmutation talismans (e.g., the Romero "undead" talisman, the "Clementine" neutralizing talisman), they are no longer pre-activated at the start of the battle. 
  • AI improvements - AI Wizard makes better use of mounts and is more likely to attack when mounted. AI responds more pro-actively to undead threats. AI now uses mana bind talismans. 
  • Lowered transformation rate of Aconite talisman (vine to spiders) and fixed a bug with async games where the transformation limit was not respected. 
  • Realm shops now show the new 3D display for equipment with spell affinity information for staffs. 
  • For those of you that backed the game at wizard lord level or above, you will be able to enter a name to appear in the game credits with the next update. 
  • Staff type has a slightly greater impact on deck composition - spells with staff affinity are more likely to be included. 
  • Exemplum Funus talisman now only gives spell cards for real creatures killed, as per talisman description. Also clarified "Volaticus Duplus" talisman description.
Activated talisman indicators
Activated talisman indicators


For those of you that have still not received t-shirts, I must apologise profusely. We simply cannot locate the last batch, and we don't have accurate records of who has actually received them. For those of you who are affected, we will be contacting you to arrange compensation first thing in the new year.
Winter battle
Winter battle

Chaos Reborn is Released

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Chaos Reborn is finally released from early access today, October 26th 2015. Thank you to all our kickstarter backers and early access adopters for helping us to make this fantastic game. This is by no means the end of development - we have some exciting updates planned over the next few months.

For those of you who have been playing you will find that your wizard, game records and inventory have been reset. Everybody starts from level 1 today. The new league season will also start from today and finish on November 30th. Those of you who have purchased Forgemaster rank or above can start anew with customisation of equipment.

If you missed out on some of our backer upgrades we have kept 3 of them purchasable from in game - Forgemaster, Wizard Lord and Wizard King.

Good luck with your games - and welcome to Limbo! 

New features for the version 1.0 release include: 

  • An extensive set of tutorials and special challenges. 
  • Realm Quests with an innovative Ally and Invasion mechanic. You can request allies to fight strong enemies, or volunteer as an ally to help other players. You can also volunteer to be an 'Invader' where you take control of an enemy wizard in another players realm. You get bonus realm score for defeating invaders. In order to request an ally you need to spend an 'ally credit'. You earn an ally credit each time you are victorious in battle as an ally or an invader. 
  • Fantastic new music tracks from George Strezov.
  • Wizard Kings can create and edit realms. They can include Wizard Lord players in their realms. Realms can be rated by players. 
  • Wizard Lords can volunteer for wizard lord duty in realms created by Wizard Kings. You earn lord points for battles. 
  • Updated Game Guide with 6 new sections for Realm Quests. Messaging system where you can receive messages relating to events and updates in the game.

New Audio Drama Series Announced for Chaos Reborn

Snapshot Games and The Radio Theatre Workshop to develop new multimedia tie-ins

View the Kickstarter page here.

The Radio Theatre Workshop has announced a partnership with Snapshot Games to create a range of new full-cast audio dramas, based on the fantasy combat game Chaos Reborn. The first releases are planned for early 2016. The new series of audio adventures will explore the diverse environments and characters and provide an experience which complements the game.

Former producer of Escape Velocity and director of the acclaimed Elite: Dangerous audiobooks Christopher Jarvis said, “We're massive fans of Julian Gollop's game and it's amazing to work alongside the developers, because we get access to all the art and sound effects, which enable us to create something really faithful. This will mean that fans of the Chaos Reborn game can keep enjoying the experience even when they're away from their PCs.”

SnapshotGames CEO Julian Gollop said, “The prospect of high quality audio drama based in the universe of Chaos Reborn is tremendously exciting. Exploring the universe of Chaos Reborn through drama will greatly enrich players' experience of the game.”

The next step for the series is to secure costs for actors and production and The Radio Theatre Workshop has a crowdfund project launching on the 26th October on Kickstarter to coincide with the official release of the videogame.

Christopher Jarvis said, “It isn't just for the gamers. They'll enjoy hearing the game world expanded with great actors and exciting stories, while audio drama fans will get a wholly untapped fantasy setting to explore. It has everything: giants, unicorns, magic trees, dragons, goblins, vampires and, of course, battling wizards. Bringing that all together is an amazing challenge and a privilege.”


It seems that some of you still have not got your T-shirts, for which I apologise profusely. We will be offering some suitable compensation for this, so please contact me via Kickstarter if you have not yet received your t-shirts, and please state how many you ordered.

Julian Gollop, Snapshot Games

Chaos Reborn Launch Day - October 26th 2015

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

I am pleased to announce that we will officially be launching version 1.0 of Chaos Reborn on 26th October. It has been an intensive year and a half of development, but we have a great game ready to ship. There are a few features promised in the Kickstarter which are not yet present. Most significantly the demigod and god roles. We will be adding these features in the first 2 months after release and we will continue to support the game with regular updates, including new content such as additional spells and game modes. Our version 1.0 release will be focussed on new players, so there will be an extensive tutorial and an upgraded interface. The Wizard Lord and Wizard King roles will be working at launch, and you will find new realms to explore as the kings create them.

For existing players, the game accounts will be reset and you will be able to build your wizard from scratch along with many new players.

How to help us with the launch

There are several ways you can help us

  • Sign up for our Thunderclap campaign now:
  • If you follow any games youtube or twitch channels, request that they cover the game.
  • If you participate in any game related forums, let them know about the game.
  • Participate in online battles during the launch week and help new players learn the game.

Thank you for your support.

Julian Gollop, Snapshot Games