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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Chaos Reborn 1.12 - Epic Gear, More Ways to Play

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

This version sees a major interface revamp, epic gear, new social rank systems, email notifications and a new way to invade or ally.

Furthermore, to celebrate this release we have a week long sale on Steam with 66% off - so let your friends know.


New features and major changes  

  • Epic staff upgrades: You can upgrade a law, chaos or neutral staff for now (other staff upgrades will be added later). The upgrade is purely visual and you can customise the appearance. 
  • Upgrades staffs have additional special effects when wielded.  
  • Epic gear upgrades: There is an epic gear upgrade for any of your body gear. This is a purely visual upgrade. You can customise the appearance.
  • Chaos Mode battles added as an option for duels.
  • Ruins special objectives - When you fight a wizard lord in ruins you must collect the gold from chests before you slay the enemy. The amount of gold you can get from ruins is boosted.  
  • You can set up email notification for asynchronous games.  
  • New currency - Realm Karma. You earn Realm Karma for being an ally or invader, or for defeating invaders, and for players completing realms you have designed. Spend Realm Karma on social rank progression or Forge Crystals  
  • Forge Crystals can now be purchased with Gold or Realm Karma.  
  • You get a reward of 100 Gold and 1 Forge Crystal with each level increase [*]Social rank progression is now based on wizard level - 25 for Lord, 50 for King, 100 for Demigod and 200 for God. Alternatively Realm Karma can be used to directly purchase the next social rank.  
  • There is a new system for joining realm battles as an ally or invader. Opportunities for invasion or allying now appear as buttons on the right of the screen when you are outside a realm. The game mode (law/chaos) and the rewards are identified.  
  • The interface is reorganised with a tab system for the major game modes. [*]In Classic Chaos mode wizards are now shown with selected gear and equipment, although the stats are for generic staff and bodygear.  
  • There is a special effect for when an invader joins a realm battle.

Other Changes and bug fixes.  

  • There is a visual warning when the turn timer is about to expire.  
  • League progression stars for each league level reduced by one, making it quicker to reach arch mage level.  
  • Mana for burning first spell reduced from 9 to 8.  
  • Bolt tower and air elemental defence increased by 10.  
  • Talsiman buffs - "Mana Corruptus" (.8 mana per balance shift point, regardless of number of players) and "Mana Mortificum" (4 mana per death in a duel, rather than 3)
  • You can now dispel your own (or allied) blob around an enemy creature.  
  • AI creatures and wizards now obey engagement rules correctly.  
  • You can now see if your ally's creatures are real or illusion via the tooltip, just like you can with your own creatures.  
  • There is now a confirmation dialog when dismounting a wizard.  
  • Baculum Obligo talisman now ensures all spells matching staff start in hand (subject to hand-size constraint, and after Cantio Obligo), rather than just 3 spells.  
  • Cantio Compositus talisman now adds one new random spell to deck before shuffle and redraw; activation cost increased.  
  • Bellivent talisman (retreat to void ranged attack) now works while mounted, and is always successful. [*]Bestiae Secutus talisman no longer gives a range-bonus to Crystal Wall (Range is still boosted by Cantio Secutus).  
  • Draws in duel mode no longer reset your duel level.  
  • Fixed multiple empty or dot messages when activating talismans.

Chaos Reborn Audio Drama - Coming Soon

In other news, the full-cast audio drama of Chaos Reborn is now available to order! An official piece of fiction in the world of the game, Chaos Reborn features Andy Secombe (Star Wars Episode I) and Samantha Béart (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). A questing wizard is continually defeated by the same Lord. Broke and left without weapon or armour, Dagan find himself trying to gather gold in the Unicorn-racing town of Mana Falls, where he encounters suspicion, treachery, fear and murder. Can he clear his name and face his foe? Find out for yourself! "A Unicorn Murder" is a detective/fantasy mashup, bringing the realms of Chaos Reborn to life. Funded through Kickstarter by audio drama and Chaos Reborn fans, the public release is on the 30th September and can be pre-ordered now at

Chaos Reborn Fiction Released

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
Over the game design and development process, Academic Researcher, Allen Stroud, has been working closely with the game team to develop the history and background of Chaos Reborn from the original material included in both of Julian's previous games, Chaos and Lords of Chaos.
This work has meant the release of The Loremaster's Guide, a 108 page book that describes the world of Chaos Reborn. You can download it for free from the downloads page on the website - 

Alternatively, if you prefer the full colour print version, it’s now available on Amazon here (UK) or here (US), or search for ‘Loremaster’s Guide’.

In addition to this, the first Chaos Reborn novel - Dreams of Chaos is now available as an ebook or paperback. This is a historical fantasy story and tells how an apocalypse turned 14th century Earth into the Fractured Worlds of Chaos Reborn. You can get the ebook here (UK) or here (US). You can find the paperback here (UK) or here (US). Or search for ‘Allen Stroud’. Both books come with amazing artwork from Svetoslav Petrov and the rest of the Snapshot Games team.

Chaos Reborn 1.8 - New Mode, New Experience

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

66% off Chaos Reborn on Steam

The summer steam sale is on and Chaos Reborn is 66% off until July 4th. Let your friends, family, acquaintances and colleague know.

Get it here

New Mode - New Experience

Chaos Reborn has a new game mode which removes RNG from spellcasting and combat. The new ‘Law Mode’ uses mana to cast spells and hit points for creatures and wizards. Mana is gained each turn, and combat is resolved by implementing damage according to the ratio of attack to defence. Spell decks are still generated randomly, with the influence of staff types and talismans in equipped mode. Give it a try - you will discover a whole new game experience.

Write a review

If you haven’t already done so, please write a little review of the game on steam here. If you have already written one, you can update it by deleting your old one and adding a new one. This will help us maintain interest in the game.

Phoenix Point

Our new game is Phoenix Point, an XCOM style game where the aliens mutate to counter your tactics. You can sign up to get updates at the Phoenix Point website. Here is an excellent article on Rock, Paper Shotgun that describes the game in detail.

Chaos Reborn reduced RNG mode for testing

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

There is a steam beta testing version of the next Chaos Reborn release available. You need to right click on Chaos Reborn in your steam library, select 'properties' then click on the Betas tab. Then select the 'testing' version from the dropdown. You may need to enter the secret code word which is GoblinGoblinOfSteel.

If you had asynch games in progress, please check that they are working. Just open them and play a turn and report any problems. Note: the testing version uses a duplicate of the database, so asynch turns played on the beta testing branch will be lost with official release. 

This version incorporates the new reduced RNG mode (known as law mode, with the previous rules known as chaos mode).

With law mode games, casting of spells is done by spending mana and creatures have hitpoints which are reduced according the the ration of attack to defence values. Spell decks are still built randomly. Some other random elements remain - paralyse spell/attack, wind walker attack, spider web attack, subversion spell, magic attack spell loss and some talisman effects.

The tutorials and game guide have not been updated yet, although the tutorial is operating in law mode.

Chaos Reborn 1.7

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Chaos Reborn 1.7 - Friends System and Co-op

The new version of Chaos Reborn is out and on a week long sale over at Steam ending 30 May!

There are some fantastic new additions to Chaos Reborn in 1.7 - focused on multiplayer and co-op. Here is the full list of new features:

  • Friends list - you can add friends to your friends list by wizard name.
  • Your friends list will automatically be populated by your Steam friends if they have Chaos Reborn. 
  • Realm co-op - invite a friend to help you with a battle while playing realms (ally credits are removed). 
  • New custom game set-up with lobby system.
Custom Game Setup
Custom Game Setup
  • Create public or private games. 
  • View a list of public games that you can join. 
  • Game lobby works with asynchronous games as well as live games. 
  • Up to six players in a custom game. 
  • Configuration of players and teams - including AI players. 
  • You can now play co-op vs AI, or have 3 teams of 2 players, or any combination you want. 
  • Pre-designed maps can now be selected by name. 
  • Finally, thanks to our dedicated Chaos Reborn player and programmer, Rafi Romero, we now have controller support. Turn this on in the options screen, together with 'snap camera' and 'show hex position cursor' for the best experience.
Suggested controller settings
Suggested controller settings
Battle controller map
Battle controller map
Realms controller map
Realms controller map