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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Wizards Staffs and Much More in v0.17

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

The new public prototype version of Chaos Reborn is out. The different versions are linked here:

If you find any bugs, please report them on the prototype bugs forum

Basic Game System Changes

  • Spell casting is now separate to attacking, so wizards can move, attack and cast in the same turn (in any order).
  • Creatures can now attack and then move as well as move and then attack.
  • Disbelieve spell is no longer removed as a consequence of a magic attack

Wizards Staffs

This release is an experimental release for the wizard staff system, so you can expect some significant game play effects. It is by no means guaranteed that the staff system will remain as it is implemented here, so feel free to give your honest and detailed feedback.

Spell Hands and Decks

The game now implements a system similar to card games in that each player has a ‘deck’ of cards from which is drawn a ‘hand’ of cards, and only from this hand can you choose to play a card (cast a spell). Currently the hand size is set to 8 and the deck size to 20, but these values will ultimately vary according to equipment choices and levels. At the start of your turn a card is drawn from the deck and added to your hand, as long as the hand size of 8 is not exceeded. You cannot see the cards in the deck, but you know how many are left (this is displayed on the left of the spell selection screen). This keeps the intrigue high and the analysis paralysis low (but you can always ‘burn and draw’ to get new cards from your deck). In the final game the constructed mode will allow you to configure your spell deck before battle.

Mana Points

Wizards now have Mana Points which are used by wizard staffs. Mana Points are earned for each victory point gained i.e. from casting spells and killing enemy creatures and wizards. Mana Points can also be earned by discarding spells from your hand.

Wizard Staffs

At the start of the battle your wizard will be allocated a random wizard staff. Staffs have the ability to boost the casting chance of spells, and also cast a special, powerful spell. Both these abilities use Mana Points.

Boosting Spells

The spell selection screen now shows the maximum percentage points that the casting chance can be boosted for each spell. The amount that can be boosted is limited by the staffs power rating, the staff type and the amount of Mana Points available. In general, each Mana Point spent can boost the casting chance by 1%, but if the spell type matches the staff type then 1 Mana Points will boost the casting chance by 2%. For example a ‘Staff of Law’ will be able to boost law spells twice as much as other spells. When you select a spell from the spell screen you can use Mana Points to boost the casting chance of the spell. There is a slider control which you can drag to spend Mana Points boosting the casting chance. Make sure you do this before casting the spell.

Burn and Draw

When you select a spell from the spell screen you have the option to discard it and draw a new spell by clicking on the button on the top left of the screen. You will earn 10 Mana Points for the first discard, 9 for the second, 8 for the third and so on. You can discard and draw as many times as you like during your turn.

Mega Spells

Each staff has a ‘mega spell’ that costs a certain number of Mana Points to activate. If you have enough Mana Points a button will be displayed on the left side of the spell selection screen saying ‘activate mega spell’. If you press the button the mega spell will be added to your spell hand, where it will work the same way as other spells. You can cast it immediately or save it for later.

Staff Types

These are the different types of staff implemented at the moment describing the spells that get double boost from Mana Points: 

  • Law: All law spells
  • Chaos: All chaos spells 
  • Neutral: All neutral spells 
  • Undead: Undead creatures 
  • Air: Flying creatures 
  • Marksman: Creatures with some ranged combat ability 
  • Mount: Creatures that can be ridden 
  • Attack: Direct attack spells - magical attacks 
  • Growth: Organic growth type spells - shadow wood, magic wood, gooey blob, tangle vine 
  • Dragon: The three dragon summoning spells 
  • Speed: Creature spells with 3+ movement (will include all flying creatures) 
  • Creature: Any creature summoning spell 
  • Armory: All equipment spells

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Line of sight problems - some creatures were causing some strange LOS bugs which are now fixed. 
  • Some creature model changes - but they are still all placeholder. 
  • Fixed scrolling bug when dragging with the mouse pointer. 
  • A bug was fixed where a creature lost its ability to move during its turn after directly selecting an enemy creature for attack.


The Unicorn model is finished, rigged and ready for animation. Here is a render from the game engine:


And here is the new concept for the elephant. Modelling is now in progress.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryon Kippschull on

      The unicorn's dynamic pose in this render also really sets off the crystalline feel of the body. Hopefully the dynamic pose can somehow be carried over to the way this model will look in the game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bryon Kippschull on

      I really love the unicorn's legs and its lower chest. The modeler managed to make these look rigid and crystalline but still lifelike. Really beautiful. Please give her/him my compliments.

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Do I replace everything from this download over version 0.15?

    4. DB on

      That's a big update!Cheers!
      Need to find time to test it now...

    5. J.R. Riedel on

      I look forward to testing out these new changes.
      I probably should have read the update before randomly trying though since it explains things I didn't notice!

    6. Jorge Timóteo on

      Getting better and better each time. Love the unicorn (knew it would grow on me) and the elephant!