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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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The Final Week

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Now we are entering the crucial final week of the campaign. We can do it, but it needs a big push. The prototype is now public, and we can use it to promote the campaign. You can help by distributing the web link wherever you think there might be an audience. Here it is again:

Many thanks to those of you who have been promoting it, and playing the game. I am very happy that many people seem to be enjoying it. We still have a few bug fixes and improvements to implement in the next few days, so please report any problems you find on the bug report forum.

For those of you who are now relatively experienced at playing the game, please help out new players with advice and encouragement. There will be more of them around from now on.

The next fixes we are working on are, in priority order:

  • Kicking out inactive players
  • Being able to quit the game after you have been killed
  • Some basic video options for optimising the browser version of the game
  • Fixing incorrect 'engaged to enemy' status after subverting enemy creatures


Enthusiastic backer Allen Stroud is inviting you to join in a Thunderclap. This clever idea makes use of your social media to release a simultaneous message for maximum impact. Our thunderclap is timed to go off 48 hours before our campaign ends.

In the media

Check out my Interview on Lave Radio with the aforementioned Allen Stroud and John Stabler. I have also done an interview for Forbes with Daniel Nye Griffiths.

Pick-ups and Interactive Elements

Chaos Reborn will feature many environment types, and the procedurally generated arenas will have a variety of interactive elements and pick-ups. One of the main types of pickup is the 'chest' - a sturdy container used to secure treasures and magical artefacts. There are two basic types of chest

  • Mundane chests: These can be opened by a wizard or any creature with hands (or other equivalent appendages). They can contain spell scrolls, which immediately add a spell to a wizards list. They can also contain special effect scrolls which will take immediate effect, and could be hazards, such as a lightning storm, or a blessing, such as summoning a magic castle around the chest. They can also contain gold and common magical equipment.
  • Magical chests: These can only be opened by wizards, and will tend to contain more powerful magical artefacts, such as spell books (which can be researched to gain new spells), magic orbs (which contain several charges of a specific spell) and more rare magical equipment.

There will also be more tactical elements you can interact with:

  • Runestones: These come in three basic types - Law, Neutral and Chaos. They will give any wizard who activates a runestone by touching it a casting bonus for spells of the corresponding alignment. More rare types of Runestone may be linked to spells of certain types, such as magical attacks, undead.
  • Doors and bridges: Doors and bridges may be opened/raised with controls, which can be activated by any creature with hands. These are generally found in citadels and towns.

Shout Outs

"Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today" is an old-school 2D point and click adventure game, featuring space-time distortions, concentration camps, a dystopian atmosphere... and a dark, bloodstained plot. The game pays homage to classic adventures ("The Secret of Monkey Island", "Day of the Tentacle") but revolves around a more mature theme, along the lines of games such as "I have no mouth and I must scream" or "Sanitarium". Demo available!!!

Kickstarter campaign:

Only 3 days left, so hurry!

What's this? Chaos Reborn's Goblins have invaded Pop-up Dungeon. Check out the Kickstarter page for this highly innovative, moddable, customisable dungeon crawler.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      I was just wondering, will there be a nod to the original Chaos with the dead bodies of slain (non-Illusion) creatures left on the battlefield... along with the ability to resurrect them as Undead?

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      @krayzkrok Thanks, the chat scroll wasn't completely obvious, but then again I never RTFM. ;p I'll have fun playing with the map scroll and just playing the game generally. I've played what must be hundreds of hours of the original Chaos on my Speccy.

    3. krayzkrok on

      @David Welcome to the game! You can actually scroll through the chat log, but you have to click the "Enter to chat" button (or hit Enter obv) first before the scroll bar appears. Also, you can rotate the game map 360 degrees with the Q and E keys.

    4. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hi Julian, I've just played my first game of the demo and REALLY enjoyed it. The UI is reasonably intuitive (I jumped in without doing the walkthrough game first; I know naughty me, but I'm a software tester professionally, so it's in my nature to jump in feet first).

      There's a few areas that could be refined, which I'm sure are already on your list: you can't scroll back through the chat log, which would be nice; it'd be great if you could rotate the game map through 360 degrees; using Escape as a keyboard shortcut to go back out of selected menu options would be handy.

      I love that you can crank down the graphics - I had to do that as my CPU/GPU were overheating and my laptop shut down three times during the game, but every time I logged back in I could rejoin the game easily which is a great touch! Can't wait to see it get more and more polished.

    5. Josh "Panda Cub" on

      Thank you for posting this update hopefully it will help draw more visitors and backers to your kickstarter campaign. I cant check because I am work but this should be posted in the news section of your greenlit page on steam if it has not already been done

    6. Jorge Timóteo on

      @Viper I have a lot of work today, so I haven't been able to play a single game. I hope I manage to play later on for a couple of minutes, at least to cast a dwarf.

    7. Missing avatar

      Prudent Viper on

      I distribute it as powder and in needles. Which do you want?

    8. Jorge Timóteo on

      Since the prototype came out I haven't played any other game. The world needs Chaos Reborn. I need Chaos Reborn!