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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Unicorns are Lethal

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Wooo! we passed the half way mark. Thank you everybody for getting us this far, and a special thanks to our first Supreme Benefactor. We are planning some updates with more game design details and reward level details, but this update will be fairly brief.

Fire Water Gasoline has posted a few Chaos Reborn game play videos for you to look at. If you missed my reddit AMA you can check it out here. There were a lot of comments and questions about X-COM, Chaos Reborn and some of my other games.

Here is a new concept for our Unicorn. As you can see, it is not quite the cliche you might expect. The angular forms and cool colours are characteristic of a Law creature. It has a 'charge' ability which gives it a bonus to Attack after moving. It is also a mount, which means that it can be ridden by a wizard.

Shout Out for Duelyst

Finally, a very special Kickstarter campaign is also underway for a really exciting and very stylish looking turn-based tactical game that I am sure you will be interested in. I backed it as soon as I saw it, because it really pushes all my buttons. Duelyst is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from Diablo III, Rogue Legacy and the Ratchet & Clank series. 

Please check out their project page here.



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    1. Rich Woods on

      My initial reaction to the unicorn was a bit too cold. I'm still not sure about it but I think it could grow on me.

    2. Rich Woods on

      I really dislike the unicorn concept. It looks like the type of unicorn that games Workshop would have designed in the nineties in the height of their "chaos spiky bits" craze. Nice that you're trying for something that looks a bit different though.

    3. Sebastian Whalen on

      Keep in mind that the split isn't necessarily "good" and "evil" so much as it is about order and chaos. Chaotic creatures skew more toward traditionally "evil" ones, but I don't think there's really any concepts of good or evil at play there.

    4. krayzkrok on

      I think the unicorn is fantastic. I don't think it looks evil. It looks proud and aloof, like any good unicorn should look, and the bladed horn reminds me of the kind of ridiculous sword that a paladin would bring to any good fight with evil. Just because it's lawful doesn't mean it can't look like it'd kick your ass. Enough with the unicorns farting rainbows.

    5. Jorge Timóteo on

      I don't know about the unicorn... it may be a law creature, but it looks kind of evil. That huge menacing blade in such a noble creature as a horse/unicorn seems a little creepy to me. I wouldn't want to pet it, that's for sure. Still, it will probably grow on me in a day or two.

      By the way, I'm loving the videos. Although the game is far from finished, it looks like great fun to play!