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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Forgemaster Proving Ground

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

I will be doing a reddit AMA on Sunday, 23rd March at 3pm EST / 7pm GMT in /r/Games. Please drop by to ask questions about Chaos Reborn, or ask me anything else.

UnstableVoltage has posted a Youtube video of a 3 player game of Chaos Reborn. The next video should be a 2 vs 2 team match.

As some of you have pointed out, designing equipment with Forgemaster tier could be a bit hit and miss without the ability to test a design before you commit to it. This is entirely understandable, so I am proposing to create a Forgemaster Proving Ground which will allow you to test your equipment designs. This is simply a local game creation mode where you can set up your wizard with his designed equipment to compete against AI or human controlled wizards which can be equipped with any other item of equipment you may own. You will have the ability to set your equipment to any level for testing purposes.

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    1. Jorge Timóteo on

      The FPG sounds great and I loved the 3-player video. That Faludius guy seems pretty hard core. :)

    2. J. David Koch on

      Love the idea of a Forgemaster Proving Group.
      I'd like to take my build for a test drive before I lock it in stone.
      Seems the easiest way to do that.

      As for options in the game?
      I'm for anything that adds to long term variation and re-playability to Chaos Reborn.
      Best of luck to you and your team.
      We are here for you.

    3. Tess Lowe on

      @Valqorez It doesn't need to be a huge variation in the number of turns - maybe simply +0 to +3 turns. Or maybe the chance of the current turn being the last one increases by 20% each turn from turn twenty onwards. Just so you don't absolutely know for sure whether the current turn is the last one.

      In the original Chaos of course you had absolutely no idea when the game was going to end with a draw and usually it went on far too long after all the spells had run out and you were trapped in the corner by gooey blobs :-). (I don't actually know whether there was a fixed turn limit or whether it decided to announce a draw after x turns without combat/spells.)

    4. UnstableVoltage on

      @Dave Sherohman I think you have some good ideas there. Of course, running out of spells is currently part of the game - hence why magic attacks against another Wizard remove two spells from their hand rather than kill them. I think it's designed to push you into combat.

      Wizards can already attack, if they have a magical weapon - but I do agree that if you're unfortunate enough to be left in a position where you have no weapon, no creatures and no spells - you're boned.

      I think a system that stuffs new spells into your hand is defeating the object really - but I do like the idea of always having a "divination" spell, that essentially allows you to scry for a spell.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      @Valqorez: If spell counts are an issue (which, as you said, they may not be), it seems like it would be a relatively easy thing to design around. Just off the top of my head:
      - If you have fewer than 3 (or however many) spells at the end of your turn, get enough random spells added to bring you up to the minimum.
      - Give wizards a basic attack capability which is always available and isn't a "spell".
      - Add another action choice, maybe called "meditate", which allows a wizard to add a random spell to his "hand" in lieu of taking any other action that turn.

      Personally, I like having to cope with situations where I have incomplete information, so I definitely hope that Tessa Lowe's "uncertain end time" suggestion makes it in as an option.

    6. John Parkinson

      With that Forgemaster info I'm moving my backing up to there...thinking about other levels too. Thanks Julian.

    7. UnstableVoltage on

      @Tessa Not sure how well that would work. There are a limited number of spells - so that would have to be adjusted to match the turn limit, otherwise you could run out halfway through the game. But if the number of spells scaled, you'd be easily able to work out the game length.

      Given the final product will most likely have a selection of game modes - a nice idea might be a "classic" mode, with the 20 turn limit - and a "custom" mode where the turn limit can be adjusted (or disabled) and the number of spells accordingly (just my 2 cents).

    8. Tess Lowe on

      Very nice three player game! Could I suggest that it might be slightly more interesting if the total number of turns is slightly randomised? Then we won't know for sure when the last move is coming, and therefore there'll be more of an incentive to fight on rather than give up and accept defeat.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve Carter on

      Is there a "designer" that we can play with?