Chaos Reborn - From the Creator of the Original X-COM

by Julian Gollop

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    1. John Parkinson

      My only concern is the one-shot nature of creating the item. What if I screw up, or my play-style changes as I grow with the game. Could we perhaps destroy our created items and recreate a new set, with everything back at 0? But I see that would be problematic with the items being discoverable by other people. (Although that is a very cool thing!)

    2. Jorge Timóteo on

      Man, I really want to play this game.

    3. Deth Nightslayer on

      Go all pledge levels get the same forge points? Or do higher levels get more forge points?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Clarification would be good regarding how often the forgemaster tools can be used. Is it a strictly one-time thing (create a single set of gear, then you may as well delete the tools because you're never going to be able to use them again)? One-time set creation, but you can then upgrade the items later using additional forge points gained as you level up? Create as many characters/profiles as you want and forge new gear with each of them? Spam the world with unlimited piles of items whenever you feel like it?

    5. Julian Gollop Creator on

      @Dave Sherohman - It is a one time thing. Once you have created your equipment you can level it up in the same way as any other equipment (no Forge Points are involved). You can only create one wizard profile per player account, and thus forge one set of equipment only. Spamming is not possible (or would be very expensive!).

      @ Deth Nightslayer - yes, all pledge levels get the same Forge Points. The amount of Forge Points is actually based in the rarity of the item. The procedural equipment generator also uses the forging system for generating equipment.

      @ John Parkinson - I think the best way to deal with this is to have a Forgemaster Proving Ground where you can test your equipment in battle. I will add details with the next update.