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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Chaos Reborn is Released

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

Chaos Reborn is finally released from early access today, October 26th 2015. Thank you to all our kickstarter backers and early access adopters for helping us to make this fantastic game. This is by no means the end of development - we have some exciting updates planned over the next few months.

For those of you who have been playing you will find that your wizard, game records and inventory have been reset. Everybody starts from level 1 today. The new league season will also start from today and finish on November 30th. Those of you who have purchased Forgemaster rank or above can start anew with customisation of equipment.

If you missed out on some of our backer upgrades we have kept 3 of them purchasable from in game - Forgemaster, Wizard Lord and Wizard King.

Good luck with your games - and welcome to Limbo! 

New features for the version 1.0 release include: 

  • An extensive set of tutorials and special challenges. 
  • Realm Quests with an innovative Ally and Invasion mechanic. You can request allies to fight strong enemies, or volunteer as an ally to help other players. You can also volunteer to be an 'Invader' where you take control of an enemy wizard in another players realm. You get bonus realm score for defeating invaders. In order to request an ally you need to spend an 'ally credit'. You earn an ally credit each time you are victorious in battle as an ally or an invader. 
  • Fantastic new music tracks from George Strezov.
  • Wizard Kings can create and edit realms. They can include Wizard Lord players in their realms. Realms can be rated by players. 
  • Wizard Lords can volunteer for wizard lord duty in realms created by Wizard Kings. You earn lord points for battles. 
  • Updated Game Guide with 6 new sections for Realm Quests. Messaging system where you can receive messages relating to events and updates in the game.

New Audio Drama Series Announced for Chaos Reborn

Snapshot Games and The Radio Theatre Workshop to develop new multimedia tie-ins

View the Kickstarter page here.

The Radio Theatre Workshop has announced a partnership with Snapshot Games to create a range of new full-cast audio dramas, based on the fantasy combat game Chaos Reborn. The first releases are planned for early 2016. The new series of audio adventures will explore the diverse environments and characters and provide an experience which complements the game.

Former producer of Escape Velocity and director of the acclaimed Elite: Dangerous audiobooks Christopher Jarvis said, “We're massive fans of Julian Gollop's game and it's amazing to work alongside the developers, because we get access to all the art and sound effects, which enable us to create something really faithful. This will mean that fans of the Chaos Reborn game can keep enjoying the experience even when they're away from their PCs.”

SnapshotGames CEO Julian Gollop said, “The prospect of high quality audio drama based in the universe of Chaos Reborn is tremendously exciting. Exploring the universe of Chaos Reborn through drama will greatly enrich players' experience of the game.”

The next step for the series is to secure costs for actors and production and The Radio Theatre Workshop has a crowdfund project launching on the 26th October on Kickstarter to coincide with the official release of the videogame.

Christopher Jarvis said, “It isn't just for the gamers. They'll enjoy hearing the game world expanded with great actors and exciting stories, while audio drama fans will get a wholly untapped fantasy setting to explore. It has everything: giants, unicorns, magic trees, dragons, goblins, vampires and, of course, battling wizards. Bringing that all together is an amazing challenge and a privilege.”


It seems that some of you still have not got your T-shirts, for which I apologise profusely. We will be offering some suitable compensation for this, so please contact me via Kickstarter if you have not yet received your t-shirts, and please state how many you ordered.

Julian Gollop, Snapshot Games

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    1. krayzkrok on

      Julian posted this recently on the official forums in response to Pepak's question there:

      "I am very sorry for the lack of communication Pepak. The T-shirts have been a complete disaster - I am still waiting for somebody to ship them from the US, despite many attempts to get it done. Somebody screwed up the customs forms, it turns out. Anyway - there will be a GoG version of Chaos Reborn, but it will take a little while to get the offline realms done. I will send a kickstarter update about this specifically.


    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Jordan on

      I too did not receive my t-shirt. I've sent many polite messages - including one in response to this update. I've not had any real response back or indication what "suitable compensation" is. I'm frustrated too. :( It would be nice to be updated with the current situation.

      I'd really just like the t-shirt!!

      On a positive, I like the game and bought a second copy to play with my daughter. It's been great to share this with her and I think that she has now managed to play it more than me.

    3. Missing avatar

      pepak on

      No, I haven't received anything, including a reply regarding the T-shirts. This is very frustrating for me. About the only positive thing about this fiasco is the fact that I resisted the temptation to up my pledge to God level. Though even Demigod was rather expensive, considering that I only got the access to early beta out of it, but nothing else, including the finished product :-(

    4. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      What the hell??? I don't even get updates from this project, let alone ANY key. I've never felt this abandoned by a team on Kickstarter since the last one that turned out to be a scam. Seriously, for shame. I expected better from the creator of X-Com. I had to find out this was released from going to Open XCom!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Noman on

      Has anyone received the game code yet? I am not interested in Steam version, but so far I haven't received any mail about any version of the game.

    6. Hazel on

      Demi god here... Havent recieved anything :(

    7. Ian Hart

      Finally time to get this. Where was my code sent? Humble Bundle? Kickstarter Message? Email?

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      Great to hear about the release!

      I'll put my hand up to the "no t-shirt" thing, still yet to receive anything. It would be great to have the actual t-shirt rather than compensation, but whatever is easiest at this point!

      Many thanks.

    9. krayzkrok on

      Julian has said on the forums that they're working on an independent log in system for the game, which will free it from its Steam shackles, so that it can be offered completely DRM-free.

      Yes, Roman, there is a single player component. There are the Realms of Chaos where you battle to defeat the Wizard King and his Lords across an overworld map. There are also individual single player battles available in offline mode. There are even a bunch of tutorial challenges which are surprisingly fun, in some way I'd love to see more of these developed into a story-led campaign.

    10. darkstorm on

      Yeah, waiting for the DRM-free version here. How are we getting that? A GOG key?

    11. DB on

      Apart from the game being great, can I just say you ran the kickstarter brilliantly, with all the updates and great communication.
      Good stuff!
      btw if you could port it to the consoles I'll buy again!

    12. Roman Unger on

      Sorry for being late to the party- but is a Single Player campaign in the Game?

    13. Roman Unger on

      Sorry for being late to the party- but is a Single Player campaign in the Game?

    14. Missing avatar

      pepak on

      I asked about a non-Steam version in the same e-mail I used to report no-T-shirt. If I get any info about either, I will post it here.

    15. Cyboff

      Congratulations! But I'll appreciate DRM-free (GOG) version too...

    16. Krzysztof Flis on

      Im circious like @matty about kickstarters free DRM version for backers. Any info?

    17. Turk

      Message sent

    18. Missing avatar

      matty on

      Thank you for the update! Congratulations on the release! Any news to the DRM-free GOG version? I'm waiting for the DRM-free version because I don't use steam...