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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Chaos Reborn version 0.24 - with Vampires, Paladins, Magic Wood and more

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)
This release features 9 awesome new spells, 5 new staff types and several other changes. The new spells and staffs will unlock as you progress to level 12.

Here are the new spells:

  • PALADIN: The Paladin is a mighty warrior dedicated to protect allies and fight corruption. He will automatically attack any adjacent enemy when it attacks (whatever it attacks). He is also equipped with a magically powered flail that can slay the undead. 
  • VAMPIRE: The Vampire is a terrifying and powerful creature. It is the most formidable undead creature, immune to the attacks of mortal enemies, and yet still highly resistant to magic. Its agility and ability to fly make it a deadly assassin, swooping in to dispatch foes with ease. Each successful attack against a living creature will increase the Vampire’s combat ability.
  • BLOODLUST TOTEM: This chaos spell will summon a static structure that will grant a 30% attack and 30% agility bonus to all of your creatures. This effect is cumulative with additional totems.
  • GUARDIAN TOTEM: This law spell will summon a static structure that will grant a 30% defence and 30% magic power bonus to all of your creatures. This effect is cumulative with additional totems.
  • FOUNTAIN OF LIFE: This powerful law spell will summon a static structure that will resurrect friendly, living creatures and wizards when they die. The deceased is revived in an adjacent space to the fountain. The structure will only be effective 3 times before it crumbles. 
  • TELEPORT: The casting wizard can instantly teleport to any space that is a valid place for a wizard to be, even onto a mount or a mana sprite. Attacking or moving is not possible immediately after a teleport. It can be used to get out of blobs, webs or engagement to enemy creatures. 
  • MAGIC WOOD: Magic trees can only be entered by wizards, where they are protected from attack. There is a 1 in 3 chance at the start of the turn that a wizard in a magic tree will be granted a blessing in the form of an additional spell and double the mana value of the tree. In so doing the tree will wither and die. Creatures next to a friendly tree will be granted a +30 Magic Power bonus.
  • RAISE DEAD: Wherever a grave stone marks the death of a creature, it may be resurrected with this spell. The resurrected creature will be undead, a half-living being animated by magic.
  • DISPEL: This is a special spell that is given to every wizard at the start of a battle. It allows you to remove up to 3 or your summoned entities from the game in return for mana.
The staff system has been revised so that staffs are randomly generated. They can have various values for spell boosts, hand size and mega-spell cost, and a variety of mega-spells. They are all level 20 staffs (out of a possible 33 levels) so they are quite powerful. Another major revision is that spells matching the staff type get the usual 1% boost for each mana-point spent instead of 2%, but the mana point limit for boosting is twice that compared to other spells. This was done to mitigate the excessive benefits that staffs matching many spells get (such as the law/chaos staffs). 

There are five new staff types added: 

  • STAFF OF CREATURES: Matches creature type spells. 
  • STAFF OF UNDEAD: Matches undead creatures and the raise dead spell.
  • STAFF OF MARKSMEN: Matches creatures with ranged attacks. 
  • STAFF OF AIR: Matches flying creatures. 
  • STAFF OF MOUNTS: Matches creatures that can be ridden.
Here are the other changes in this release:

  • REMATCH: When a game has finished, you have the option to request a rematch. If all players agree, then a new game is started with all the players included. The turn order is rotated so that the 2nd player in the previous match now goes first, and so on.
  • ABUSE MANAGEMENT: You can now report other players for abusive chat messages or player names, and mute them in the in-game chat. In order to do this you must right click on the player’s wizard icon on the top left of the screen to show the options. 
  • CREATURE STATS: The values for attack, defence, agility and magic power have been multiplied by 10. This is done to show the buff values given by the totems more accurately. There are some revisions to the mana values of creatures and alignment values. The creature stats info screen now shows stats affected by gooey blob and web. The creature info box on the top right now shows the full stats for each ability (e.g. ranged attack strength and range). 
  • SPELL STATS: There are some revisions to the mana values for spells (the mana points you get when the spell fails). 
  • BUG FIXES: Quite a few bugs have been fixed. The card burning sticking problem is fixed. A few issues with the line of sight system have been resolved which should make things a bit more predictable.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Marek Meres on

      Played a couple more games and like the update a lot! However, the random generator is suspiciously favourable for rats :) They kill everything - dwarves, giants, wizards with shields... Not sure if everything that was promised will be delivered by May but the game is good as it is, despite being 0.24.

    2. krayzkrok on

      Antonio, you should play the update. *ahem*

    3. Missing avatar

      Marek Meres on

      I played one game yesterday and had some staff of growth with "mighty" tangle vine as the mega spell while my opponent had giant horde... I think staves need rebalancing again.

    4. Missing avatar

      António C on

      I miss the "turmoil" spell (this one really causes CHAOS), is it still coming in a future update?

    5. Monkube on

      Man, I really need Monkube's game (BlastBall MAX, in case you're wondering) to be finished and out the door. As I really, REALLY want to double down on Chaos Reborn.

    6. J.R. Riedel on

      Sounds like good progress.