Chaos Reborn - From the Creator of the Original X-COM

by Julian Gollop

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    1. J.R. Riedel on

      Woohoo! I've been looking forward to this!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sue Gollop on

      Well done Joolz-have a great Christmas! Hope your sister/brother/nieces will get to play Chaos Reborn over Christmas. Nothing like Christmas for playing games as you well know. Lots of love from us all

    3. Missing avatar

      Neal Vincent on

      Lovely - thanks very much! :) The A.I. opponents are what I've been waiting for, because I really wanted to learn the ropes on this new version of Chaos while playing against A.I. opponents before daring to face off against my fellow humans... All the best to Julian and the team - wishing you all Happy Holidays and a well-earned rest! :)

    4. Charles Tsang on

      Well Done!
      Just in time for Xmas!
      A wonderful gift. Thank you.
      Hope that you have a Great Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

    5. Zyon Naroian on

      Will the backers who received a copy of the game be able to access it on steam if we haven't gotten the game yet?

    6. Zyon Naroian on

      Sorry I realize I need to contact customer support.

    7. Saodhar

      Great news! I do prefer my games single player. :)

    8. Pauli Vinni on

      I like this news also! I played original Chaos with C64, many many hours (single player of course... no options there...) So it is nice to see this happen to this project.
      Probably the AI will develop a lot in time, but it is nice to start learning the game!