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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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Chaos Reborn Version 0.21 with Asynchronous Game Play

Posted by Julian Gollop (Creator)

It's finally here, the latest version of Chaos Reborn which includes some major game play additions, such as asynchronous game play and mana sprites plus many more animated creatures and interface enhancements. Read all about the changes and additions below. For those of you who have not received your T-shirts, please read the note at the end. Firstly, here are some wizard concepts from our new concept artist, Svetoslav Petrov. They depict male and female versions of the heroic class, who are courageous, agile and flamboyant fighter-wizards.

 Version 0.21

The different versions are available from these links

The changes and additions are as follows:

Asynchronous games: This is the major new feature for this release. You can now play a game with other players without requiring them to be online at the same time. There is no turn timer, but instead a chess clock style timer in which each player gets a number of days to complete all moves in a game. You can play up to 20 asynchronous games consecutively. If players do happen to be online simultaneously the game will play the same as a ‘live’ game, so you could use the asynchronous games feature as a way to split game play sessions when needed.

Mana Sprites: A major change to the game play is the introduction of mana sprites. These are spawned on the map at fixed positions and they can be picked up by wizards to gain mana points. Creatures cannot enter a hex containing a mana sprite.

Match maker: The lobby system has been changed for random games. Now there is a ‘match maker’ system where you set preferences for the game configuration you want and the server will find a match or create a new game.

Spells: The creature spells have now been limited to the 12 that we have animations for. I realise this may seem like a bit of a step backwards in game play, but we need to keep the presentation consistent for our public launch on Steam. Rest assured, fully animated creatures will be added as fast as we can. The ‘Law shift’ and the ‘Chaos shift’ spells have been added.

Creatures: The Hydra has been beefed up and the blob spreading reduced.

Decks: The allocation system for spells now allows up to 3 of the same type of spell to be in a deck, but with a diminishing chance for each spell added.

Creature graphics: Newly added animations and models include the gooey blob, tangle vine, spider, elf, eagle, manticore, shadow wood and sapphire dragon.

Selection and ownership markers: There is a major change here which might initially seem a bit confusing. Your wizard is always blue, enemies are always red and your team mate is always green. The ownership markers are using roman numerals to indicate the player number. The selection marker is now a separate interface element and is much more bold and clear. The sizes of the markers are now proportional to the size of the creature.

Selection cycling: You can press the TAB key, or the new button on the right of the screen, to select the next creature/wizard which still has something to do.

Spell sorting: The spell cards can now be sorted by either casting chance or by alignment. Selecting riders: There is now a button appearing over the mount to select the rider.

Creature info box: There is an informational box for selected creatures, wizards and growths displayed on the top right of the screen. The detailed information display can be accessed with the ‘i’ button.

Interface improvements: The battle interface has a number of changes, including the turn timer, law/chaos display and the turn order and VPs display.

Mana points: You now get mana points for failing to cast a spell, and not for successfully casting a spell. Victory points are still gained for casting a spell. Mana points for killing wizards have been reduced from 50 to 33. The mana point costs of mega-spells have been increased slightly. The hat of time is no longer operational.

Environment graphics: The terrain and surrounding environment graphics have been changed and tweaked.

Subversion: Subverting an enemy creature stuck in your blob will cause the blob to die.

Retreating: This has been removed entirely, for now.

Known issues - Mac OS X version

Performance and stability seem to be improved if you run the game in 32 bit mode. The animated creatures are not rendered correctly and appear blackened or very dark. We are working on a fix for this.


Firstly, I would like to apologise profusely to all of you who have not received your T-shirts. The manufacturing company has admitted making a mistake with some shipments. It should be corrected by now and you should have received your t-shirts. If you haven't, please contact Matt Pindell of CustomInk Crowdship directly via to confirm your shipment. Please quote your name, the email you used for Kickstarter or Backerkit, your shipping address and the details of your t-shirt order. Again, I am very sorry for the long wait.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lee Watson on

      Has anyone got a response from emailing Matt Pindel at about their missing T-shirt?

    2. Monkube on

      Yes. Me too. Well, it'll get fixed soon I guess. The game is in development, so stuff like this is to be expected.

    3. Chris Foulds on

      I am now getting servers version 29 is different from your clients 24

    4. Mark Harris on

      I keep getting "servers version 24 is different from your clients 27" - what should I do?

    5. Brian Smith on

      Is the server currently down? With both Windows builds, I'm getting "An exception has occurred while connecting" when I try to login. According to the log, it looks like a "connection refused" error.

      Let me know if you need the full log file.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rachel Madison on

      So when can we expect to see a Steam version? Not until it's 100% done?

    7. Missing avatar

      C D on

      Thank you for not making the woman's version ridiculous. This is great!

    8. Tapani Joelsson on

      Actually, Kickstarter tells me that "The survey for this reward hasn't been sent by Julian Gollop yet. ".

      So.. should I also send my info for the t-shirt..?

    9. Chris Foulds on

      @Julian - tried 32-bit mode on Mac and it seems to work ok - thanks for suggestion.
      Let me know if you need any logs sending.

    10. Julian Gollop Creator on

      Chris - try running the game in 32 bit mode to see if there is any improvement.

    11. euansmith

      @Lagoon - +1 Internet Point.

    12. Chris Foulds on

      Getting ALOT of crashes on Mac after hitting "Login" - anywhere to send logs ?
      Only gets in 1 in 30 attempts

    13. Lagoon on

      I never received my email nor any shipping notification. I just sent Matt en email. No need to apologize, it happens. I'm a patient happy backer :)