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Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
Fast Paced, Fun, Tactics RPG with Monsters, Magic and Mayhem - Online Multiplayer, Rankings, Co-op, and a Huge Single Player Campaign
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    1. UnstableVoltage on

      @Anthony DuLac you make some very valid points. I myself am more excited about the single player, and have been waiting for some time. While I can sympathise with your frustration, I can also see things from the viewpoint of the developer.

      The combat is the core mechanic of this game, both in the single player and multiplayer. It's the most mechanically rich part of the experience. As the single player game is built around the combat, it would see odd to me if they had tried to make the single player element without getting the combat locked down first.

      The multiplayer alpha has been a great way for the developers to tweak the combat, spells and item systems, getting it all fine-tuned before working on the single player. It wouldn't be an effective use of time having to code AI routines for the single player game, and having to rework that code every time you made a change to the core combat.

      The good news is though, the wait is almost over.......

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony DuLac on

      Really only excited about the single-player - kind of frustrated that it's taking this long to get it up and running. Studies have clearly shown that the vast majority of most gamers only ever play Single-player, so working on it last seems short-sighted (to me, anyway). Oh well, better late than never I guess. Sigh.

    3. Lagoon on

      I sent an email for the t-shirt, again. Let's see if they answer...

    4. Geraldine McDaid on

      I've been rather busy of late and only now just installed Chaos on Steam after backing it on the KS. WOW Julian just does not know how to make a bad game. This is compelling to play as his older games ever were. Well done Julian! :)

    5. krayzkrok on

      Snapshot's email is if you're tracking down t-shirts and keys.

      @Aaron - this update is mostly to test the equipment system which will be an integral part of the single player campaign, and of course one of the three multiplayer modes (the RPG mode). Snapshot probably want everyone to play this mode right now to test it out, but the original mode will be back soon (hopefully next update). The perils of being a tester, I guess. I'm having a blast though, especially now it's starting to level up and I can better select the kind of wizard I want to play.

    6. Aaron Rout on

      There is a contact us link on here somewhere. I used it once to ask about the t-shirt...

    7. Aaron Rout on

      Project Update #38 - More pointless additions making it less and less like the game you used to love. T-shirts you say? Erm. Ahem. That's all for now...

    8. HTF on

      i just remembered my self that i changed my email while back and the Key mostlikely was at that account mail but that mail is locked now and cant get to it, do they have a email address i can ask can they send the key for my new email?

    9. Aaron Rout on

      Its been available for a while now. Contact them and ask them to resend the key. May of got lost somewhere. I hope you are not waiting for a T-shirt too...

    10. HTF on

      i backed for 20d long time ago, it says i can play early access, well early access is on steam now and they haven't send me a key, it says delivery in march? but if early access is already available..?

    11. Lagoon on

      I don't care if they have been lost/stolen/eaten by the dog. It's not a painting by Caravaggio you can't produce again.
      I'm starting to get upset and that's very rare. And dangerous.

    12. Aaron Rout on

      @Lagoon I was starting to think I was the only one who hadn't got one. Having said that I don't hold out much hope of ever getting it now. I respect Julian as a programmer but his choice of business associates is somewhat questionable. I'm thinking they have been lost/stolen whatever and they don't want to admit it. I hope I'm wrong but the communication on this has been terrible.

    13. Lagoon on

      Any news about the T-shirts? I paid for it 1 YEAR ago...

    14. Troy Lonergan on

      Hey guys! It seems that 25 years ago there was a Lords Of Chaos demo/level featured on a YS covertape! April 1990.


    15. UnstableVoltage on

      @Aaron I spoke to Julian about this only yesterday. The T-shirts are currently with Julian's business partner (so I assume in the US where they were manufactured), they are ready to go, and the plan is for them to be dispatched next week.

      Yes, it's a little annoying that they have been delayed for so long (though mostly the fault of the manufacturer) - but with Snapshot Games being such a small team (many of whom work remotely), what takes priority; working in the game, or posting some T-Shirts?

      While I must admit, the whole thing could have probably been communicated with backers more clearly, keeping people apprised of the situation and not "left hanging", I've always had faith that we would get them eventually.

    16. Aaron Rout on

      Still no mention of the missing t-shirts. How difficult can it be to post a T-shirt!?

    17. Missing avatar

      worto03 on

      @Josue Esli Santiago - I hope you have this sorted by now but mine came from that's the same email address for customer support so email them if you still haven't got it

      @Paul Burkinshaw JG posted this today on the official forums
      There will be 3 basic multiplayer modes in the final game:
      1. Classic Chaos - purely random set-up, with everybody having an equal chance to get anything
      2. Symmetrical Challenge - each player gets the same set of (randomly) chosen spells and equipment - and must discard some before battle
      3. RPG mode - players can use the equipment they have accumulated in the realms.

      From what I've read the classic mode will still be CR in structure the change is the randomness instead of built decks of spells or the same spells as your oppo so not exactly what your hoping for by the sounds of it.

      @James Newcombe I wouldn't worry so much about individual spell balancing yet, there are many more spells to come, 8 more (hopefully) before the end of Jan! The balance shifts with each release with different spells becoming OP but it's often just because we're playing with an incomplete spell deck. (i.e. the skelly is the only undead creature at the moment and easy to cast but he'll feel much weaker once the other undead creatures are added)

      There isn't much chatter on here these days you might be better off joining the official forums which it won't let me link to for some reason but it's not hard to find.


    18. Missing avatar

      Ceri Thomas on

      Hello all. I played the original on Spectrum, and now I still play all these years later on emulator with my two boys. We were all so excited by this new version, and following the blog at the start of this project I was loving the art direction, it was genuinely unique and full of character.

      So now I download the current version from Steam, and all the graphics are Generic RPG Texure Pack 3™. What happened to the single colour characters, like this fellow: ?

      I can't seem to find any mention of when this change happened or why. I love the new mechanics; the card deck and the staff powers. We're all playing loads. I just can't help be disappointed by the terribly bland visuals which, let's face it, look like every other fantasy game on the market.

      Sorry if this is overly negative. I'm sure some people prefer them, which is probably why the change was made, but to me they really lack any character or charm.

    19. Missing avatar

      pepak on

      @Robert Burke: Giving money to strangers is not a security issue as far as I am concerned. Installing Steam is. Please don't try to force your view of security on me.

      Btw., Julian never mentioned that Steam would be compulsory for Chaos Reborn, quite the opposite in fact. That's why I asked. Hopefully, the final version will live to the original specifications.

      @krayzkrok: Thanks for the heads up. But despite my regard for Julian, my happiness with the original Chaos and the great gameplay so far with Chaos Reborn, I will rather sacrifice the participation in beta than install Steam. I will just have to learn the demigod ways after the final version is released.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Burkinshaw on

      Hey @Julian I've loved Chaos since I was a kid when me and my brothers would crouch round my little rubber keyed Spectrum to battle it out amongst cries of 'no way is that dragon real!' And 'you can't hide in that castle forever!'. This game has remained a fond favourite of mine and I often went back to play it not just on the Spectrum but via various emulators and mobile versions. Anyway I Just wanted to thank you for making a reality what I'd hoped would happen for years, bringing out an updates online multiplayer version, even better is the fact you have kept in the core gameplay elements (undead cannot be attacked, illusions etc) that made this such a fun game to play in the first place. Absolutely loving it so far well done. Just a quick question, I heard mention in one review that there would be a 'classic' mode that would allow players to play by the original rules such as cast spell in one turn, move / attack in the next turn, is there any truth in this rumour?

    21. Missing avatar

      James Newcombe on

      Been playing the early access on Steam. It's fantastic! The only criticism I would have, is that I think the Subversion spell should be an extremely rare 'draw'. It is incredibly frustrating to pull off an unlikely creature cast and then lose it like that.

    22. Josue Esli Santiago on

      Hi under what email was the steam key sent to us, im having an issue trying to find it?

    23. Missing avatar

      Haree78 on

      Messed up in the original campaign leaving it too late to up my 1$ pledge, in at Lord tier now and wow loving this version, can't wait to see how it develops. The mana crystals thing is a great add on from the old spectrum version days. The sound, the aesthetics, the mechanics improved upon from the original, the potential talked about being added.... Another corking game Julian, bravo. It would be my dream to work with someone as talented as you.

    24. krayzkrok on

      As others have pointed out, the public prototype has been available for 7 months now but has grown so large it needs to switch to a better delivery mechanism than the web version. Steam Early Access is ideal for this, and I'm sure it would be on GOG too if they had something similar, but right now if you want to be part of the development process you need to do it through Steam.

      Julian has stated clearly that the DRM-free GOG version will be available later. Getting access to the Steam EA version is not going to affect that, although if you need confirmation of that please visit the Chaos Reborn forums and ask away. Right now nobody is putting a gun to your head and demanding that you play the Steam EA version, but if you'd like to then the opportunity is there, no strings attached. It would be a shame if you didn't because the game is brilliant so far.

      Also, this is version 0.22 - there's a long way still to go before 1.0, and the single player and Realms of Chaos modes are coming. In fact single player hotseat vs. AI wizards will be with us inside of two weeks according to Julian.

    25. Geraldine McDaid on

      I too was hoping I wouldn't need Steam to play the game. I can understand using it during the Alpha phase as its much easier to update the game as development progresses. But If I use this Steam key will that automatically block my future ability to download a DRM free version (as my pledge tier promised) of the completed game once its finished?

    26. Troy Lonergan on

      The full release date is May next year. I'm confident it will have the SP campaign as promised.

    27. Piña Bergonzo on

      I just got the email, went to see what it was about and was taken aback by the multiplayer only tags on the steam store page. Only some mention about offline modes Vs AI on the early access description. This worries me.

      Please don't forget the "Huge Single Player Campaign" on the title of this kickstarter. I don't follow the updates, nor read the comments for the most part. Maybe there's a huge demand for the multiplayer side of it, what do I know. But I for one backed this project exclusively for that "Huge Single Player Campaign", and if I'm not delivered that when the game is out I'll be very disappointed.

      Not that I'll do anything about it, mind you. But I really will be disappointed. And will you be able to live with that on your cosncience?

    28. Troy Lonergan on

      On backerkit my shipping address is locked and I've moved house! I ordered a Tshirt. Can anyone help?

    29. J.R. Riedel on

      @Yankton - There is a countdown timer on the store page. I believe its 1PM Eastern tomorrow.

      When did you get your key? (I'm still waiting)

    30. Missing avatar

      Yankton Robins

      Added game to steam but steam says the game is locked until it is released. Do we know when this will happen?

    31. Robert Burke on

      Have an account on Kickstarter and give money to people you don't know, but can't be bothered to sign up for Steam citing "security concerns".

    32. NoWorries on

      The game when complete will have many more elements of play than the prototype that has been playable to date. E.g., so far it has been possible to play the prototype within a web browser, but the game will soon be too much for that.

    33. Missing avatar

      pepak on

      OK then. I would certainly prefer the separately downloadable .zip archives, as was the standard until now, but I guess I can survive without newer version of Chaos until the full release.

    34. NoWorries on

      @pepak: The Steam exclusivity is for the alpha and beta versions. Steam's Early Release program makes those easy for developers to administer. When the game is officially released sometime next Summer, backers should be able to obtain DRM free copies.

    35. Missing avatar

      pepak on

      What about us rejects who don't have Steam? For security reasons, I won't use Steam.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      We might get keys when the game is first available for purchase, which is December 9th. So, that's the earliest I'm expecting steam keys.

    37. J.R. Riedel on

      @klops and 1angrygamer - If its anything like other projects we'll get an email a couple days before with the keys (and half of those emails will end up in spam folders)

      I'm sure (hope) we'll see an update here soon with news...

    38. Missing avatar

      Klops on

      Yeah, the Steam keys would be nice, please.

      Then we could outsource the updating to Steam. It is not a big trouble to come here but since I use Steam a lot and should get the key (I suppose?) I'd like it more sooner than later if possible.

    39. Jason Fulton on

      How do we get out Steam keys if we backed early?

      I havent received anything as of yet

    40. Hazel on

      Hello, I haven't recieved anything yet? Am i still meanto to be waiting? Thanks

    41. Missing avatar

      Teresia on

      For the record; I'll just note that my contact (or lack thereof) with the t-shirt guy closely mirrors what Aaron and Lagoon previously reported.

      @Aaron I'll also message Julian about it ...

    42. Aaron Rout on

      I have sent a message to Julian. Hopefully he will be able to sort out this very frustrating situation. I would suggest anyone who still hasnt received their T-shirt to do the same so he knows the extent of the problem.

    43. Lagoon on

      @Aaron Same here, I sent an email as soon as Julian told us to do it and no replay so far. I'm a patient guy, but this is becoming annoying

    44. Aaron Rout on

      Emailed the guy about my missing t-shirt and no answer after 2 weeks. Starting to get annoyed.

    45. UnstableVoltage on

      @Anthony DuLac The problem is, programming AI is a very complex issue. While I have every confidence in Julian and his team, the game is still in pre-alpha. They are still experimenting with game mechanics; adding, removing and changing stuff to see what works. A single player AI is very unlikely to be implemented until the project is further along, and the game mechanics have been locked down.

    46. Brian Scharlau on

      am I the only one who cant log in?

    47. Lagoon on

      I suppose they first want to have a rock solid multiplayer system and then build the single player experience on top of it. That's probably why they didn't share much infos about it, they probably still have to go deeper into its design.

    48. Missing avatar

      Anthony DuLac on

      Still wondering about news or updates concerning the single-player aspect of this game. ANYONE? BUELLER? BUELLER?

    49. Lazarus on

      Love this prototype, but as it is taking longer to login via the browser and it is more practical to download the game, is their any chance of an exit button on the login screen ?,when you are full screen you cannot exit ! (unless you press alt enter to be windowed)

    50. Missing avatar

      Anthony DuLac on

      I could not care less about T-shirts, I'm more concerned with when we'll get the Single-player version of the game. I don't have many plans to play it head-to-head with anyone. I prefer mostly SP gaming these days.

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