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pledged of £445,000pledged of £445,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 3 2018 12:00 AM UTC +00:00


Hi, I am Penelope Rollinson a social Housing Officer in Wales. I want to explain how my exciting project the Sea View Arts & Craft Barn, will take off with Crowd Funding.


The Sea View Arts & Craft Barn will be run as a B&B with art and craft courses, along with creative writing, paper making, bread making, baking and any other courses that Crowd Funders suggest. Crowd Funders will belong to an exclusive club that will provide them with bespoke holidays to the value funded and one free course per weekly holiday (the B&B costs £430.50 per person for seven nights, for every £400 funded Crowd Funders will have seven nights holiday per person). The barn may become filled with Crowd Funders and not have many paying guests, but that is not a financial issue going forward because I have four lodgers in my house in Cardiff and this income will ensure that the barn runs successfully.


Crowd Funding is important to this project because the asking price for the barn is £625,000. I can only get a mortgage for under a third of this cost, which means I am totally reliant on Crowd Funders to make this project a success. This is a brilliant opportunity for everyone to embark on this artistic project. I am open to suggestions and I intend to work closely with all Crowd Funders.


The barn has outstanding sea views and is situated on grazing farm land in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. There is a private path to the beach and a pond that will be filled with ducks. Peacocks and deer will roam freely in the paddock. The farmland around the barn belongs to a local farmer who grazes sheep.


Crowd Funders can either stay for a holiday and not attend courses or combine the two, which would be far more interesting, particularly as the courses for crowd funders will be free. The cost of the courses for non-Crowd Funders will depend on the tuition fees. Pets will be welcome, at no extra cost. The barn will be open all year around and Christmas will either be a big celebration or low key, depending who is staying and what they want. There will be a ground floor bedroom with a wet room for disabled patrons.


As things progress I intend to contact children’s charities to provide disabled and disadvantaged children with holidays of a life time. All Crowd Funders will have an input, so this can be planned with any Crowd Funders who want to get involved, there will be no extra cost to Crowd Funders for these holdays if they wish to attend to help.  

Risks and challenges

I have an income from the four lodgers in my house in Cardiff, South Wales, which will enable the B&B to run successfully.

I work in the social housing sector, so I am well qualified to work with different types of people and deal with the financial side of the business. I also have a good accountant. I have to have an enhaunced CRB certificate checked yearly by the police authority to work in the social housing sector, this enables me to work with vulnerable people and children.

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    The Arts & Craft Barn is a B&B and will cost £430.50 per person for seven nights holiday. Crowd Funders will have seven nights holiday in the barn for every £400 funded. There will be a free course for every weeks holiday funded and items made on the course can be kept by the Crowd Funder. Crowd Funders can specify the course they would like to attend on their holiday.

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