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Wind waker meets Dark Souls An open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice, for PC, Mac and Linux.
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Update # 25 - Looking for testers


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Whats Happening ?


Where have we been ?

Where have we been!?! We took a vacation for 4 months, that's why we haven't been very active here on kickstarter.

I kid, I kid, we have been putting our heart and soul into the game, and we're just awful at posting updates.

We have been working our asses off, second and guessing our decisions and making the best of our crazily ambitious goals.

We are in Beta right now, at least when it comes to gameplay. our audio has been delayed though.

we're hoping on releasing the game in early february, Still not written in stone. which also means that all the survey stuff will be postponed as well. 


We got invited to join a swedish contest, we have a great chance of getting some publicity. If you help us build hype we could have a chance to show our game at DreamHack Winter.

Please Click the link and then press the hype button in the right corner. And please share the link everywhere.


Since we updated you guys quite a while ago, Here is a video showing off some of the stuff we have been working on.

Feel free to ask any questions.

The Beta !


 We are finally releasing our "Beta", We have been calling it a rogue-like , but it's more like a "battle arena with randomized stuff" - like (so no one has any weird expectations). I don't have to remind you guys but there's a lot more work to be done, so don't expect a finished product. (Things might be a bit glitchy and placeholder looking ).

 Feel free to post videos and Screenshots.

PS, If you have any questions or thoughts please voice them in the "Forum"

Desura or steam!


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Update # 22 - Surveys and whatnot


Hey again beautiful wonderful backers, and other people.

We're sorry for the radio silence and as you might have noticed, the roguelike has been postponed due to delayed audio and some other gameplay stuff we wanted to get into the game before people started having fun with it. 

So when do you get to play? 

We're aiming for the end of the month, As developers its always hard to say a certain date. Hope this delay is not that bad though ;) (everything to make the game better)

Surveys and forum.

We're going to start sending out surveys due to the forums and this "Roguelike Beta" but its also going to include questions for all info that we will need when we're sending out the Final game. 

To the backers with Design Tires. 

As a "heads up" for the ones that pledged to design a character, item, prop or building. we're going to need those ideas and designs as soon as possible. (since this requires some time create and implement)

Any questions just ask! 

Cheers! // The Team