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Wind waker meets Dark Souls
An open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice, for PC, Mac and Linux.
Wind waker meets Dark Souls An open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice, for PC, Mac and Linux.
1,410 backers pledged $31,448 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This game had no updates... You guys should make some enhanced edition - fix all bugs and make some fresh content. The game itself is fun! But bugs and lack of content killed it.

    2. Aaron Willis on

      Any news on physical rewards being sent out? It has been almost 9 months since they were last mentioned in an update...

    3. Sam Humleker on

      I am in a similar place to Pontus, although even later. I never got any updates after the first beta back in 2014 (not sure why), and only just realized that the game was out (CONGRATS!) I didn't receive my key/ it ended up in a spam folder and deleted long ago. I am wondering if there is some way to get ahold of that key. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      3 months - still no response on sound bug! This project is dead?

    6. Pontus Knast on

      Hey, so this is kind of embarassing - I forgot that I had pledged this game and I guess the key must've ended up in my spam folder because I checked my mail and I can't see that I've gotten anything from you guys. Any chance that I can have it resent? I also haven't gotten any messages from you on here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please fix the bug with sound on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS - there is NO SOUND!

      I just downloaded version 3.1.7 from GOG and still have no sound in game.

    8. Philip Coutts on

      Oops, just as I typed that guess what showed up! My keys for the game, typical!

    9. Philip Coutts on

      Anyone received their Key yet? Got the e-mail saying the keys had been sent but no key yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Your website is hacked and it's been a month since you announced your new game and that Cornerstone was close to finished. Where is the game? The beta was really fun, but that better not be all we see of it.

    11. Socrates Frangis on

      Whats going on? Any news on the final version?

    12. Missing avatar

      Mason Merker on

      Is there a place, like a forum or form to report bugs? I think I found one.

    13. marco colon on

      @Daniel Santos Ferreira Alves - but dont forget, "with great power comes great responsibility"

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Santos Ferreira Alves on

      I was just asking myself today what had happened to this game. I should use my powers more often.

    15. TouchGameplay

      Thanks for sending out the Closed Beta Keys. Got my own one like an hour ago and looking forward to see how the Game does look like nowadays :D

    16. Junaid Hussain

      @ascension games you said on March 13th that Beta would be announced soon, nearly July now, I'm worried I won't getting beta access

    17. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      @Alex The Gamer
      I don't think that game will take away from the hype for Cornerstone, given that they're only now running their KS, while CTSoT will be released this year.

    18. Alex the Gamer on

      Have you guys heard of Little Devil Inside? I hope it doesn't take away from the hype this game could get because it also says it is "Wind Waker meets Dark Souls" and has a similar art style...take a look:…

    19. Junaid Hussain

      Hey so, 2 copies of beta, 2 copies of final release, any idea when this will be happening, as I'm anxious with little updates

    20. Ascension Games Creator on

      Hey, Hang in there.
      The closed beta will be announced soon!

    21. Kristoffer H Bolton on

      Any update on the closed beta?

      Been waiting a little while now.

    22. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Well, finally got that survey request, heh.

    23. Junaid Hussain

      hi any word on the closed beta? Is it still happening? I pledged at the 25 dollar level for 2 final copies and 2 closed beta invites. Thanks for any update

    24. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Hey guys, did you see this already? You've been listed (sorted alphabetically) at number 20. :-)

    25. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Are these KS surveys, or sent via e-mail? I'm not seeing one in either location.

    26. Philip Coutts on

      Ohhh! Surveys, that means we are close.

      @Gordon - DRM is as you say, it gives companies the rights to upload patches etc without you having to approve them (at least that's my understanding).

      Steam and Deruva are conduits for supplying games, basically a shop. They would also have access to the game to update it etc so DRM as above.

      Greenlight is just a way of getting games onto Steam, it's going to disappear soon anyway so don't worry about it. Basically steam users vote for the game they would most like to see on steam, if you get enough votes steam support your game.

      DRM Free would mean you get the game but would have to manually update it or at least agree to download any updates or patches.

      I'm no computer expert but the above is my understanding.

    27. Ascension Games Creator on

      #Jason Hennequin# its for the ones who bought extra addons, everyone with the same pledge has the same survey.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason Hennequin on

      Hmmm... Why do you need my shipping details ? There's nothing to send by ship : soundtrack, digital copy, beta.

    29. Missing avatar

      gordon dankberg on

      Not being an avid computer gamer and certainly not a charter member of AGRM, still i've played some computer games in my time. But I have to admit i'm a little lost here...

      What the heck is a DRM? Are we talking Digital Rights Management??? And what is Steam and Deruva -- I'm thinking they are gaming environments?? And what does it mean to be Greenlit?

      I feel pretty stoopid right now... I'm trying to complete my survey but have no idea what they're asking me or what I'm signing up for. I just wanted to play a game on my PC...

    30. William C Crawford on

      Thanks for clarifying!

    31. Ascension Games Creator on

      # william C Crawford # We posted a new update explaining this ;)
      sorry for the trouble!

    32. William C Crawford on

      My reward tier says "You'll receive a DRM free, Windows, Mac or linux digital copy of the game when it is released, including Steam code if available!", but the survey makes me choose DRM-free *or* Steam.

    33. Junaid Hussain

      any update on the alpha? Says June according to your last update

    34. Max Kelley on

      Any update on the beta?

    35. Philip Coutts on

      Nice to see an update video, especially as it looks really cool. Keep up the good work.

    36. Timothy Kolek on

      I really want this on Wii U. Or any consoles really. :D

    37. Pogopuschel on

      Hey there,

      little sign of life would be nice.

    38. Brent Rose

      Any news? Not worried about progress, I just want to know the dev's are still there and working on the project.

    39. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      Has word been made as to when the private forums will open up?

    40. John Clarkson on

      I cannot wait for this game. Enough said!

    41. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Yeah just hitting about a month since the last update (which I think is about the best frequency for updates, unless you've got something special you really want to let us know about!)
      Looking forward to hearing more. ;-)

    42. Paul Grimard on

      A quick update would be nice. It has been a very long time with not a peep.

    43. Larry Chupacabra on

      Well I and my crew are super stoked for this game yet. Especially as huge Dark Souls fans.

      I know we missed the boat a bit, but we made a little playthrough of the demo just for kicks while we wait for the Alpha/Beta. Check it out!…

    44. Christian Metzger on

      Hello? Is anybody out there? Waiting for the Big News. Cant find any News out on FB, Tumblr or here.

    45. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @Talon Thanks man. I just backed Lords of Xulima because of this mention. Also good to see Dropsy funded. Some of the wonderful AGRM folks already had an article about it up on ;-)
      @Orson hehe yeah.
      @Anyone If you're still lurking I'm still suggesting you check out some cool other projects still running right now eg. Bolt Riley, The Mandate, Obduction, etc. :D Would love to see some of these mentioned in an Cornerstone update. ;-) In any case, I'm so glad we all got Cornerstone over the line.

    46. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      Don't worry Orson, I won't ask you to check out Dropsy again hah!

    47. Gearsoul Dragon

      Huh, I never realised backing could be such a hassle! I've only ever had a couple of issues right after I first started on kickstarter.

    48. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      I completely spaced Dropsy, a point n' click adventure game. It might be right up AGRM's alley.

    49. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      @RSF: after looking through your backer history I feel you may like to know about Lords of Xulima. It's a small campaign asking for only 10k to finish up their game that is 70% done already.

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