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If this film has support, the world can watch as 99 banners get unfurled; showing 99 reasons to Get Money Out of Politics.


99 Reasons will document the dropping of 99 Banners as they unfurl in the sunrise for tens of thousands to see.

As the corporate media’s attention drifts away from the Occupy movement in the wake of the evictions, the public perception is that the Occupy movement has all but folded and lacks a coherent message. This film will give you a front row seat as the  Money Out of Politics aka, “MOP” Working Groups realize  their collective potency and engage in their 1st ever multi-state action to unfurl 99 conspicuously placed banners that display 99 reasons to get big money out of politics.

Each Banner will list 1 of 99 Reasons to get money out of politics, here is an early draft of one of the banners:

A draft of Banner #24, now imagine it 12 feet by 4 feet, now imagine them everywhere...
A draft of Banner #24, now imagine it 12 feet by 4 feet, now imagine them everywhere...


This large-scale action incorporates a message about the M.O.P. Voting Bloc through having the project's website displayed on each banner dropped, and made highly visible in the film. The Voting Bloc is an organized force of voters that say to candidates: "If you want our votes, you need to support getting Money Out of Politics." Through Clean Elections, our elected officials are accountable solely to the People by making the People the donors to political campaigns instead of corporations, unions and special interests.


Even though Occupiers will donate many hours and much creative effort to the project, there are still lots of cost to producing this film:

The 99 Banners (these puppies add up quick)

Travel for 25 camera crews from DC to NY.

Equipment rentals

Editing 100+ hours of footage, sound design and mixing, music, color correction, titles and graphics and other post-production needs.

Distribution of the video itself, which makes this all worthwhile.

For all the hours Occupiers have spent canvassing neighborhoods, going door-to-door, and protesting to have their voices heard, nothing will have the wide reaching impact of an inspiring and moving film about the dedication and commitment of the nation’s largest group of underdogs, the 99%.


For making this film possible, the filmmakers and Occupiers will graciously join together in the spirit of unity to help provide a range of rewards to our supporters.

All supporters of $10 or more will receive a Kickstarter Backer’s exclusive digital download of an extended version of the film.

We understand that not everyone who wishes they could support the film and project are in a financial position to do so. We greatly appreciate anyone helping spread the word. Occupiers will attest to the power of the human microphone!


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    As an official supporter you’ll receive a digital download of the Kickstarter Backers’ exclusive extended-version of the film, 99 Reasons. More politics! More drama! More action!

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    All rewards above + 3 postcards featuring pictures of the 99 banners + a digital 99 Reasons eBook featuring each of the 99 banners, each of the 99 reasons from the 99%.

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    All rewards above + a DVD of the Kickstarter Backers’ exclusive extended-version of 99 Reasons + a personal skype chat with 99 Reasons producer and Occupy Democracy Project founder Matthew Edge to help inform you on ways to get your community active in the campaign against big money in politics.

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    All rewards above + Sponsor a banner! Your name and hometown is prominently displayed on one of the 99 banners featured in the film. The 99 reasons are from the National Gathering's Vision Project; backer chooses which reason they want to sponsor in the order of their contribution, so act fast! + You will also receive an 8x10 color still frame pic of the banner you sponsored. You’re welcome to make more than one $99 donation and sponsor more than one banner, too! + 1 lb. of Democracy Coffee, a fair-trade and organic coffee roasted by the film's Producer, now being offered in select shops across New York State! Choice of Reg. or Decaf.

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    All rewards above (except the $99 Sponsor reward) + a box set of the official money out of politics coffee: Democracy Coffee! Each coffee is themed to a specific problem with money in politics (roasted by Producer, Matt Edge).

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    All rewards above (except $99 Sponsor reward) + Associate Producer credit in the film and on page + a framed 99 Reasons movie poster signed by the director that you can put on your wall and be reminded of your huge contribution to making this film possible!

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    All rewards above (except $99 Sponsor reward) + Executive Producer credit in film and on page (in place of the Associate Producer credit) + Executive Producer’s hard-bound Production Book, featuring over 40 color pages of stills from the film, pictures of the banners, and quotes from the directors, producers, and activists involved in the project.

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