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Freedomland: The Exhibition's video poster

Support the exhibition of Freedomland, a new vision for American living in the great tradition of Thos. Jefferson (and the Bros. Toll). Read more

Los Angeles, CA Design
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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2012.

Support the exhibition of Freedomland, a new vision for American living in the great tradition of Thos. Jefferson (and the Bros. Toll).

Los Angeles, CA Design
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About this project

Freedomland is Funded!

I'd like to thank all of those who've invested in the project. I greatly appreciate your generous contributions and am very excited about the show.  

But Freedomland Still Needs You!

With two days left on the clock there is still time to invest in Freedomland. Every contribution helps and with more backers I'll be able to exhibit more drawings. So if you've yet to stake your claim to a piece of Freedomland, act now!

Freedomland, an architectural fiction, will be exhibited at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery in Los Angeles from February 4th to 19th, 2012. I am launching this fast-burning Kickstarter campaign to help cover the costs of the show, which will include a series of drawings and texts that describe the wonder that is Freedomland from the scale of the region down to the scale of the house. Thank you for visiting this page and for considering an investment in Freedomland.

The Story of Freedomland

Freedomland is the latest in a long line of visionary plans for American living. It is an experiment in reconciling the seemingly incompatible needs and desires that define our current economic, environmental, and, most importantly, political climate. Its logic is one of both/and: both Jefferson and Hamilton (founding fathers of our collective split personality); both open and closed; both centralized and decentralized; both individualistic and collectivist; both farm and market; both local and global; both village and villa, and, ultimately, both city and country.

In an attempt to solve every problem and please every citizen, Freedomland, in one bold, absurdist move, colonizes the super grid that blankets America. Like the work of a benevolent (or perhaps delusional) dictator, it seeks to accommodate every wish, every desire, no matter how contradictory and to combine them in a master plan that sets out a beautiful, if seemingly naïve, vision for a better, more harmonious world. In Freedomland then, the American Dream—battered by, even if ultimately responsible for, recent economic events—confronts the reality of increasingly scarce resources; Tea Party populism meets landscape urbanism; communism infiltrates capitalism; consumerist single-family houses construct communalist phalansteries; local produce feeds global markets; and Hamilton’s central authority reconciles with Jefferson’s citizen farmer.

Freedomland is a fiction, of course, a work of architectural satire with no pretense toward implementation. In as much as it is the bastard lovechild of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier—think Broadacre City meets the Ville Contemporaine with a dash of Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City thrown in for good measure—there is a key difference. Freedomland is problem seeking not problem-solving, diagnostic not prescriptive. It builds its grand vision from the basic, eminently American unit of the single-family house, working up and out by uploading conflicting desires and visions to clarify the issues—socially, environmentally, and, ultimately architecturally—that confront us at this particular moment in time.

Freedomland is a of utopia of houses in which collective needs square up with individual desires. It is both perfectly rational and patently absurd. But in the absurdity lies a realm of opportunity. As in the best satire, stones are thrown not with malice but with great affection and hope.

Invest in Freedomland 

Freedomland needs your support. Freedomland will be exhibited at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery in Los Angeles from February 4 - February 19, 2012. The show, the first exhibition of the project, will include many large scale prints that describe Freedomland at a variety of scales. But in order to mount the exhibition I need some financial assistance. The folks at Woodbury University have graciously provided some funds for the exhibition but more are needed to cover various costs (including printing, hanging the work, gallery supervision, etc.). 

The exhibition is just two weeks away so I've put a short clock on this campaign. 

Support tomorrow today; invest in Freedomland.

Return on Investment

$10: You receive an official Freedomland certificate of support in the form of a print-ready PDF File.

$25: Naming Rights! That’s right, you get to name an estate. So if you, let’s call you Jane Doe, give $25 then the estate formerly named Terreno Vineyards will become Doe Vineyards. And I’ll send you a print-ready PDF file of your eponymous estate. (You might also choose to name an estate after someone else, perhaps Jane Doe’s Friend’s Gardens.) You'll also receive the official Freedomland certificate of support.

$100: Along with the certificate of support and naming rights you'll receive a signed 22"x30" print of your eponymous estate.

To learn more about Freedomland go to:

Thank you for visiting Freedomland. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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    An official Freedomland certificate of support. Think of it as non-transferable stock certificate documenting your contribution to the first public exhibition of Freedomland. This will be delivered as a print-ready PDF file.

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    An official Freedomland certificate of support plus NAMING RIGHTS! That's right, for just 25 dollars one of Freedomland's 128 neighborhood estates will bear your name (or the name of someone you love) at its inaugural exhibition at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery in February, 2012. This is a real bargain when you think of the millions people will spend to get their name on a building. You will also receive a print-ready PDF file of your estate.

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    Certificate of support plus Naming rights PLUS a signed 22" x 30" print of your estate.

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