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Support the exhibition of Freedomland, a new vision for American living in the great tradition of Thos. Jefferson (and the Bros. Toll).
49 backers pledged $2,691 to help bring this project to life.

Latest Estate Names

We've reached the funding minimum for the project! Again, I'd like to thank everyone who invested in Freedomland. Without your support there would be no show. 

There is still time left on the clock, however, any additional funds that come in over the $2,500 target will allow me bump the quality of the paper and / or to exhibit more drawings. So buy your piece of Freedomland today!

Here is the latest list of estate names. If you don't see your estate listed here then you need to confirm the name with me as soon as you can. Printing begins on Wednesday.

Bayt el Kadi

Pellitshker Plotz

Kubo Verde

Ville d’Anelle


CityLAB Center for Practical Utopias

Satter Fields

Palazzo del Popolo di Otto Totti


The Villas at Pek Park

Bellew Green

Bastide de Buck

Davies Lawn and Tennis Club

Lyon’s Gate at Freedomland

Rancho Riata

Pleiades Prospect

La Grande Place des Petit

Levy’s Landing


Huge Acres

La Quinta de Zeiger

Wilson Estates at Outterbridge Park

Les Jardins d’Jeunes

Gage’s Glorious Gay Gardens

Scharmen’s Overlook

Atria Romano Accipitris

Maison Très McDermott

Finio Farms

Domaine DeFlumeri


Estate del Suzanne

Acri Anonime

Wazeone Woods