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$23,439 pledged of $55,000 goal
$23,439 pledged of $55,000 goal

A Great Weekend

New Reward Levels

Due to some interest, we've added some new levels (Level 8 and 9) to the rewards.  Level 8 is for those who are currently planning to create a Kickstarter game themselves and would like us to tell others about it, or they have a past project they're trying to promote.  We'll add a flyer of your design in with our packages sent to every Backer of Level 2 and up!  Level 9 is for the enthusiastic backer who wants to become one of the characters in the game.  Currently there are twelve characters.  You can see them on the Kickstarter page.  We've opened up 4 slots for the most devoted of Backers to become immortalized as a new Evil Genius!

Our Progress

So far things are looking great!  At the moment we're just about to pass 11%, but we need to step it up.  Please post on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) about the project and link directly to the Kickstarter page.  This is a social effort, we need you to help make this happen!

Our Thanks

Erin and I are so excited and appreciative of everyone's involvement and backing of this project.  We've been working for over a year to get the mechanics and artwork up to the level that we really wanted.  It's been a long road and there's still much more, but all of you are the light ahead.  Thank you so much!


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