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The PowerPot 5 is a thermoelectric generator that turns heat from cooking directly into USB power for your mobile devices.
Created by

David Toledo

1,047 backers pledged $126,204 to help bring this project to life.

The PowerPot: Moving itself along (literally!)

With the help of over 400 people we reached our $50,000 goal in just 9 days!  Thanks everyone for your support!

We’re so excited (and relieved) to have met our funding goal that we decided to take some time off from the daily grind to play in our shop. We get a lot of questions asking if it is possible to apply thermoelectric technology to other industries such as automobiles.

Power Practical is proud to introduce the world’s first fully thermoelectric powered car!  Can't believe it? Check out the video below:

Also we’re stoked that we’ll already be sending out 60 PowerPots to deserving individuals in developing nations.  We’ve teamed up with some non-profit groups such as the Interethnic Health Alliance to help us distribute these pots in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and more.  These non-profit organization will help with distribution of the pots, as well as checking in on them to get feedback such as how often the PowerPots are used, when and how, and what improvements can be made.

At the current rate it is likely that we will need more non-profit partners to help us find the individuals/communities most in need.  If you are with an NGO and feel like you’d be a fit, please contact us via Kickstarter or our website and we’ll chat.