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The PowerPot 5 is a thermoelectric generator that turns heat from cooking directly into USB power for your mobile devices.
Created by

David Toledo

1,047 backers pledged $126,204 to help bring this project to life.

6 Days In

Hi Everyone!

First of all thank you so much for all the support!  We’ve reached over 50% in just 6 days, and already get to send out 33 PowerPots (including 2 PowerPot XV!) to communities in developing nations! 

There’s been some curiosity about the T-Shirt design, so here it is: 

When the Kickstarter funding goes through you’ll get a survey and get to pick your size.

We’ve also made a short video to show the lights and batteries.  Check it out, they work great on their own and even better together.  It’s by far the best portable reading light solution I’ve come by.

Due to popular demand we’ve also added two new pledges.  First is a PowerPot V + PowerPot X combo for $299. The second is the $2 reward which states that any funds pledged in excess of a reward OR without a reward will go into a general pool to send out more PowerPots abroad.  So far you all have pooled together over $200 into this fund!

We’re going freshen up the body our kickstarter page so check back soon, and please remember to share our kickstarter with your friends!


PS: To all you wonderful writers out there who have been helping spread the word, THANK YOU!  Just to list a few that have helped in this past week:

It’s people like you that make Kickstarter and crowdsourcing platforms possible!