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In a whimsical world of lush forests, cool grasslands, mountain ranges and seas, tiny inhabitants live a spirited and silly existence.
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Zayn Till

126 backers pledged $11,112 to help bring this project to life.

Target Goal Met!


We'll post a video Update in the next few days but we did want to send this out now.

A little while ago we met our target goal of $8500 and we wanted to say thanks to you all!  Thanks to everyone who has generously pledged their own monies to our project and thanks to everyone who has spread the word by letting friends and family know what Jazz Paws is through emails, instant messaging, social networking and good old fashioned word of mouth!

It's hard to accurately explain to people what throwing caution to the wind to chase your dream really entails and means...

But this is exactly what we are and have been doing the last few years. We're good people, we have good hearts and we have painstakingly taken the time to identify the obstacles and map out the path that we need to take to make something of this projects scope successful. The reality of the situation however is that no matter what steps we take, no matter what we do on a creative and business level to maximize our chances of success the fact remains is that we are flying completely without a net... and it's frightening.

And yet, to see all of the enthusiasm and support that you ALL have shown us, well it's just overwhelming and uplifting and it gives us more resolve and vindication that our dream really does have validity and merit.

There's still 15 days left until the campaign here on Kickstarter is over and while we have hit out target figure we can't stress that any amount over the goal can and will be absolutely used to increase our timeline and realize the our planned goals for The Tinies of Raglan Shire. If we can ask you to continue to spread the word and let your friends and families and anyone know about us, know that it will be as it always has been, GREATLY appreciated.

We'll post a video update in the next day or so.

Thank  you all!

Wynx, Zayn & the Entire Jazz Paws team