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In a whimsical world of lush forests, cool grasslands, mountain ranges and seas, tiny inhabitants live a spirited and silly existence.
In a whimsical world of lush forests, cool grasslands, mountain ranges and seas, tiny inhabitants live a spirited and silly existence.
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Current information and direction.

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Hi, I know it's been a while since the last update.

Please click the link below for the current happenings and news.

Animation Magazines Pitch Party 2013 Results

The 12th annual Pitch Party for 2013 was hosted again this year by Animation Magazine™, a giant print and online publication with a large readership that exclusively covers the business of Animation within the entertainment industry.

We entered and were chosen #1 in the peoples choice vote. We're quite happy and hope you will share in this accomplishment since there is no us without YOU.

Click the link for the info:

Wynx, Zayn & The entire Jazz Paws Team.


Latest Update & Phase 2!


We wanted to send this out to you all to give you an idea of our next phase and all it entails beginning RIGHT NOW!

This is a 24 minute update of our next phase and what we are planning and doing over the next few months to bring "The TInies of Raglan Shire" one step closer to to the goal of actual  television broadcast to the globe as well as other ideas for mass media consumption. 

 Some of the things we discuss is our entry into the 12th Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party (winners will be announced on June 25th - ) as well as our participation in The Television and Animation Conference (TAC) and International animation Festival in Ottawa, Canada in September ( ), as well as travelling to Cannes, France in October to attend MIPCOM, the largest media conference in the world. 

Other links for folks wishing to help include Liking us on Facebook at and following us on Twitter at as well as where you can get info, donate to the cause or buy some excellent swag/merchandise to wear and show off your support for everything Tiny™ 

Thanks to everyone and look for more info soon as STUFF happens :)

Wynx, Zayn and the Entire Jazz Paws Team.


One Sheet to rule them all!

Here is an update of us un-boxing our One-Sheets which we just received from the printers. A One-Sheet is exactly that, a single sheet either front faced or double sided that gives a nice overview of what the project is about. It is an easy way for entertainment folks to quickly look at and get the gist of our vision for "The Tinies of Raglan Shire".

This is one part of our presentation materials which in addition to our completed animated short, will also include a treatment of our Project Bible (A very detailed document that has descriptions of all the characters, secondary characters, the world and its points of interests etc). The Treatment or "Pitch Bible" is a more concise 15+ page version of the full bible that includes character and world descriptions, art and twelve brief episode descriptions.

We'll also have four fully formatted episode scripts that will be available upon request plus additional art and storyboard / animatics for the opening of the show with music and other storyboards of scenes from the scripts as well.

Once all these other materials are finished we will then be ready to properly present and pitch ALL OF THIS to interested parties and begin the quest for the GREEN LIGHT. 

We'll do another video and show everything printed out that we can throw onto a desktop one at a time to illustrate everything we have and are working on. It is a LOT of work. It's very creative but it's also extremely time consuming. 

We're still looking at ways to bring in additional Seed / Investment money as well since finances are a resource we truly are in need of . So there is a lot going on in addition to the creative aspects. As always we thank you for your interest and support and we will keep you up to date at each step.

Wynx, Zayn & the entire Jazz Paws team :)

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Hello from Atlanta! We have finished our first Proof of Concept Animated short. *cheer* 

We thought with the Holiday season now in full swing, this would be a good time to let you all take a look at our characters in animated form. This is a mock commercial for a mock product to show that these characters ARE entertaining no matter what situation you throw them in. Currently we're working on formatting our Project Bible which is a 15+ page overview of all aspects of our world and characters, secondary characters, springboard story ideas and art. We're also formatting our Business Plan which is a more intensive 35+ page overview containing financials and asset output description for investors. 

Once these are both finished and we have hard copies of each (as well as .PDF electronic copy) we can then begin the next phase of this project which is to begin presenting/pitching our ideas and materials. With an Animated Short, a Project Bible and a One-Sheet (exactly what it sounds like, a single sheet with a general overview, artwork and contact info), we have a solid package of materials to present to interested parties who can see, hear and read about what our idea is all about. 

At the same time we're looking to raise more money for the project. This is how we'll use the business plans in addition to our pitch materials as we reach out to investors and people looking to help us move forward with financing. As stated previously, this is a very expensive and time consuming endeavor and even with the success of our KickStarter campaign earlier this year, the money has quickly dwindled as we've put it to good use employing talented animators and rigging artists as well as continued legal fees for copyrights, equipment, software and our other needs.

We could not have done what we've done these last 7 months without all of you and the much needed infusion of seed money. That being said, our road is only just beginning. We have industry friends that have kindly offered to help put us in touch with entertainment entities that might be interested in partnering with us to develop "The Tinies of Raglan Shire" as an ongoing property across various media. 

We'll start there and we'll also look at attending industry conferences to actively meet representatives who themselves are looking for quality ideas to get behind and produce. Here's a few of the bigger gatherings of industry professionals. 

While we're beginning to engage with entertainment industry people, we're also trying to raise funds to further finance and flesh out "The Tinies of Raglan Shire" with further animations and entertaining fare i.e., Cartoon strips, books, merchandise and anything else we can produce to enable more interest from the general public. 

It's an ongoing process and it's going to get a lot more complex. Eek! 

Here is the YouTube link to the Animated Piece. It stars Taavi the Bunny, Omi the Otter and Kimber the Squirrel. We hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do :) 

For more information about "The Tinies of Raglan Shire" project beyond our site, please visit us at and like our page as well as follow us on Twitter at @JazzPawsLLC 

We'll post a video Update for you soon as well. Thanks again for your support! 

Wynx, Zayn & The Entire Jazz Paws Team GO TEAM TINY :)