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Help Nocturnals' creator, Dan Brereton, bring the next chapter of the Nocturnals' saga -- The Sinister Path -- to life!
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NIGHT OWLS - A New Project

Posted by Steven Morger (Creator)

When I’m not penciling pages of the next installment of NOCTURNALS, I’m making time for commission work and fulfilling art rewards for projects like the Art Portfolio Kickstarter I ran in March. A successful project, the completed portfolio rewards resulted in 130 new pieces of Nocturnals art in the form of drawings and watercolor paintings.

Now those pieces and more will appear in NIGHT OWLS, the next project as a new Deluxe Edition hardcover art book with NOCTURNALS ANNEXA, an optional PDF sketchbook batting cleanup on the drawing we can’t fit into the 124 page hardback.

The campaign is over 200% successfully funded, but we have room for more backers and plenty of great art rewards to claim! Whether you’re a Nocturnals fan, love sexy monster gals or are an aficionado of painted comic book pin-up art, we have you covered - come see and learn more about the project here :

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