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Help Nocturnals' creator, Dan Brereton, bring the next chapter of the Nocturnals' saga -- The Sinister Path -- to life!
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Stretch Goals; New Images; and New Old Book

Posted by Steven Morger (Creator)

Your support has been incredible and got Dan thinking.  A dangerous thing.  Seems when he starts thinking, he thinks of new scenes to add to the Sinister Path.  Something that we'd all like to see.  So in order to allow Dan the flexibility to do that and to reward everyone for their support, we have decided to add three Stretch Goals to the project.  These goals are:

At $40,000 (almost there!), Dan will add an extra four pages of story to The Sinister Path.

At $45,000, an additional four pages will be added.  And finally, ...

At $50,000 an additional eight pages will be added which additional eight page scene will be a Kickstarter edition exclusive (in both hard cover and soft cover). 

As an added bonus, for meeting the funding goal, we will be producing a PDF sketchbook which will be provided to all funders, regardless of level.  Our way of saying thank you!

I will have some other things to post in the coming days (including new art rewards) but also wanted to let each of your know that I added photos of the Blank Sketch Cover Edition as well as an example containing a representative sketch on the blank cover.

And, finally (at least for tonight) a bit of news:  many of you have asked about the original Nocturnals story line, Black Planet.  Black Planet has not been available as a trade paperback for some time.  That is soon to be remedied.  We will be doing a new edition of Black Planet to allow new readers to jump on the Nocturnals train and to allow old readers a new edition to peruse.  More information to follow but that elusive first story line will soon be available to all!

Best, Steve and Dan.

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    1. Pablo Tisker

      That is fantastic news!!!