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With the help of a punk-rock girl from a rival gang, metal-head John Moses travels deep into oi!-oi!-oi! territory to save his brother.

We have an extensive six-day shooting schedule ahead of us to get this short film in the can, so we're asking for your support to help get us there!


Hard-boiled rocker John Moses makes his way into the punk underground of Seattle to find his little brother, Joshua. The punks know that if they ever step out of line, Moses, a feared visitor of the dismal downtown streets, will bring them down hard. When his brother goes missing, it's no question who's to blame. Teaming up with the mysterious punk-princess, Rehab, Moses perpetuates a secret war between the punks and metal-heads.


GOONS will be shot around the streets of Seattle in film neo-noir fashion in the vein of David Fincher's Se7en, The Who's Quadrophenia and the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple. Although we're shooting this on a shoe-string budget, crewed almost entirely by Seattle Art Institute students, we're going big with talent and equipment, bringing in the talented Seattle actress, Andi Norris, to play the role of REHAB, the tenacious and sharp witted punk chick, and dare I say, possible deplorable love interest? - as well as employing the game-changing RED ONE MX camera operated by cinematographer Chris Joseph Taylor, a fellow Art Institute student and part-owner of Adventus Films.

In addition, a story like this wouldn't be an epic, hard rockin' adventure without the music and participation of Seattle's finest musicians, so we've enlisted the help of punk band The Insurgence to help score and star in the film. These guys are f'n awesome and are going to help paint the textured picture of this dark tale of rocker rivalry.

new record "Elimi-Nation" by The Insurgence on Innerstrength Records
new record "Elimi-Nation" by The Insurgence on Innerstrength Records


Talent                                           $1250

Meals                                           $600

Equipment Rental                        $1650

Kickstarter/Amazon Fees             $280

Ancillary Expenses                       $450

What the hell does this mean to you? We need YOU to help sew these pieces together! As Lemmy Kilmister as my witness, getting this film off the ground depends on your support, and with it, there are several very valuable rewards that will come your way!


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    Spokane Street Pledge - Running through the SODO district of Seattle and Harbor Island, which houses Terminal 18, this pledge will reward you: • "Special Thanks" in the credits • Invite +1 to the premier • "Goons the Movie" stickers - one with John Moses and one with Rehab • "Goons the Movie" buttons - one with John Moses and one with Rehab

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    Marginal Way Pledge - Passing by Pier 32 on our way up north, this pledge will reward you: • packaged DVD of the finished movie (please allow until 2013 after screenings) • Official "Goons" Soundtrack, featuring music by The Insurgence • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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    Yesler Way Pledge - Pushing straight through the heart of Seattle's Pioneer Square and landing on Pier 50 and downtown ferry terminal, this will reward you: • 23 x 11.5 official "Goons" movie poster signed by the main cast of "Goons", director Skylar Holcomb, producer Tyler Mitchell and the featured band The Insurgence (please pledge an additional $10 for shipping or pick up near Seattle) • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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    Clay Street Pledge - One of the last stops on your way through Belltown in Seattle and hitting Pier 69, this pledge will reward you: • official "Goons" t-shirt • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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    Garfield Street Pledge - Our last stop on this "Streets of Seattle" tour takes us to Pier 91, located right in the middle of Magnolia and Queen Anne. This pledge rewards: • The Insurgence swag-bag including a band t-shirt, stickers, and their most recent album "Elimi-Nation" on CD • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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    Represent the 206 Pledge - You represent this film and Seattle filmmaking like a true rock star. This pledge will reward you: • Associate Producer credit (on all posters and media with a credit list) • The Insurgence new album "Elimi-Nation" on vinyl, signed by the band! • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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    Represent the 425 Pledge - Ok, so this technically applies to the East Side, but you get the gist. Now you really know how to party like a rock star, and for your generous contribution, you will receive: • Executive Producer credit • VIP treatment and a featured role on set during the shooting of the "Goons" FINAL underground-punk scene well, which will also include the shooting of The Insurgence music video for their recent album on the same day • "Goons" on Blu-ray disc before it screens anywhere else! (besides the premier) • ALL PREVIOUS PERKS

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