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Designed with a revolutionary support structure, Perfection helps keep your head, neck, shoulders, and spine aligned while you sleep.
Designed with a revolutionary support structure, Perfection helps keep your head, neck, shoulders, and spine aligned while you sleep.
339 backers pledged €33,454 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. MIB 6 days ago

      +1 on @Flip’s request for a cotton cover.

    2. Flip
      6 days ago

      That’s great, thank you Noel!

    3. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator 7 days ago

      Hi Flip
      Yes I can facilitate this for you as well.
      Thanks for your support and look forward to your feedback
      Kind regards

    4. Flip
      7 days ago

      Hi Noel, I'd like to second @Gregor's comment on May 17th about getting a cotton pillow case instead of a travel bag. Have you decided whether this is possible or not?

    5. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 25, 2018

      Hi Mohammed
      We will ship to your UK address. You will have no vat to pay on your Perfection Pillow.
      Kind regards

    6. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Al-Adsani on May 25, 2018

      This is an example of the company I use to receive my online orders: (they accept all courier deliveries since they sign on thepackage upon delivery.)

    7. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Al-Adsani on May 25, 2018

      Hello Noel

      Thank you for your feedback. My address in the UK/Germany does sign on packages upon delivery on my behalf. You can ship to my address with DHL/FedEx/uPs/TNT/etc.

      My mailforward service company will ship by courier EXPRESS to Kuwait for approximately $15 (delivery within 4 days.) If you can ship by courier to Kuwait (express service, 4 days delivery) for $15, then I will keep my pledge and give you my Kuwait address when you send the survey.

      If you can NOT ship to Kuwait by express courier for $15 (I will pay all customs fees, VAT, etc.) then can you ship by courier to my address in UK/Germany? (VAT MUST be exempted as my company will not pay any VAT on my behalf.)

    8. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 25, 2018

      Hello Mohammed
      Our fulfilment house has confirmed that the best shipping method is by courier as the postal system is not very reliable. However, the couriers will not ship to mail boxes as a signature is required.
      We can deliver by courier to you in Kuwait. There is no vat applicable for you but there is a 5% duty charge.
      Hope this answers your query.
      Kind regards

    9. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 25, 2018

      Hello Mohammed, Thanks for this information, i will look into this and get back to you, our fulfilment company will have this information for sure, thanks for your patience, kind regards, noel

    10. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Al-Adsani on May 24, 2018


      I have a question and would appreciate an expert's advise on this. I live in Kuwait but had negative experiences with the postal service. I have a mailbox in the UK and Germany that will forward all my packages to me to Kuwait for a small fee (mailforward service.)

      My question is if I buy this pillow (which will ship from Ireland) and have it shipped to my mailbox in the UK/Germany, will I have to pay any VAT? Or will it be VAT exempted?

      Kindly respond only if you are sure, as I don't want to purchase the product since my mailforward service provide will not pay any VAT on my behalf :(

    11. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 24, 2018

      Thank you, Brian.
      We are excited about the Perfection pillow and looking forward to hearing back from you on how it helped you
      Kind regards

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian Arnold on May 24, 2018

      Congratulations on reaching €20k target. Onwards and upwards.


    13. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 23, 2018

      Thank you Adam
      It is great to reach our goal so early in the campaign. Looking forward to getting the pillow manufactured for you
      Kind regards

    14. Adam on May 23, 2018

      Congrats on reaching your goal! Looking forward to receiving the pillow!

    15. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 22, 2018

      Hi Flip
      I agree totally. What price do you put on getting a good night’s sleep?
      Most people see a pillow as something to lay their head on to sleep. Using a pillow like Perfection that is designed for the anatomy of the body will keep the head, neck, shoulders, and entire cervical spine aligned while sleeping has to considered.
      According to research conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, 91% of respondents rated high quality pillows as essential in getting a good night’s sleep.
      I think you and your partner will get many great night’s sleep when Perfection arrives
      Kind regards

    16. Flip
      on May 22, 2018

      Hi Noel,
      Thank you for the reassurance. I've pledged for two pillows. One for my partner also. I'm a strong believer in having a quality pillow for a quality sleep. My partner has never cared about what pillow she uses and often when I wake up she's not even using one. The problem with that is that she tends to snore or have abnormal breathing patterns while she sleeps. I'm hoping this pillow can help correct her posture while sleeping, which will then improve her breathing and most importantly give me a quiet and peaceful sleep! =)

    17. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 21, 2018

      Hello N.
      The difference between the original and perfection is such that the formulation has been modified to further reduce stress on the upper neck while sleeping. There is also enhancements to the pillow cover to further increase comfort while sleeping
      Kind regards

    18. N on May 21, 2018

      Hello, Could you please explain the difference between The Reflex Pillow and the Perfection Pillow?

    19. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 21, 2018

      Hi Flip
      Thank you for your confidence in Perfection pillow
      I was blown away by so many positive comments from people that pledged on my last campaign. That gave me so much encouragement to continue to further improve the pillow thus creating The Perfection pillow.
      We have no issues shipping anywhere in the world. Last campaign 95% of shipments were on time, and while there were slight delays with some it was mainly due to address issues and phone numbers.
      Yes, we had an issue with our first batch where the curing time took a little longer than expected resulted with some pillows within the batch had an odour. While the odour disappeared after a few days when exposed to heat it wasn’t acceptable and for those that pledged we either replaced the pillow or refunded. We immediately resolved this issue and there is no risk of this happening again.
      Kind regards

    20. Flip
      on May 21, 2018

      Hi Noel,
      I read the comments from your previous campaign as well as the comments below. You've received a lot of positive reviews from the original pillow, which is really great to hear! This gives me confidence that you will produce another quality pillow.

      The only concern I have is the comments about pillows having a strong odour, which I understand was confined to only one batch, and also late deliveries. What assurance can you give that these issues will not occur again? I'm hoping that after the first experience you have been able to learn a lot about the manufacturing and logistics of your product, and have been able to iron out these issues.

      I'm in Japan. Have you had any issues delivering to Japan in the past?
      Warm regards,

    21. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 20, 2018

      Thank you Brian &Theresa
      Live radio interviews unnerve me a little but great to get the opportunity to talk about the Perfection pillow. I will be on the radio with Ray Darcy during the week also.
      Kind regards

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Arnold on May 20, 2018

      Great piece on business program.

      Brian & Theresa

    23. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 18, 2018

      Hi Philip
      Thanks for supporting our Perfection pillow project.
      I believe you will be very pleased with it.
      It would be great to hear back from you when you have tried it out.
      Kind regards

    24. Missing avatar

      Philip on May 18, 2018

      All the best with this project and can't wait to try out the pillow.

    25. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 18, 2018

      Thank you, Emma,
      The feed back we are receiving from the original pillow is amazing with so many people now getting a full night’s sleep. We expect The Perfection pillow to be even better
      Kind regards

    26. Missing avatar

      Emma on May 17, 2018

      Wishing you guys all the success - seems like a great product!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brian larkin on May 17, 2018

      Bring on the pillow!!

    28. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 17, 2018

      Thanks Gregor for supporting the campaign. The Perfection pillow is scientifically designed to give you a good nights sleep. I look forward to your feedback when you receive it.
      Just to clarify the string cotton cover is not a pillow case it is a protective cotton cover. I will definitely look at providing you with cotton or Linen pillow cases instead of the travel bag. Lets keep in touch and I will do what I can to meet your needs

    29. Gregor Ottmann on May 17, 2018

      I really hope this campaign reaches its goal - the pillow looks really promising.

      Just a suggestion: I don't need the travel bag, but a second pillow case would be great. Being able to choose between those two would make me quite happy. I could also imagine a second pillow case as a stretch goal.

    30. Emma Fagan on May 16, 2018

      The original pillow was fantastic, I wish Noel the very best of luck with this new product! No doubt it will go far!

    31. Noel O' Connor 2-time creator on May 16, 2018

      Thanks Rob States, Sean Conway, Hannah, Faith Russell, and Maria for your support! :)

    32. Rob States on May 16, 2018

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean Conway on May 16, 2018

      Best of luck Noel with Perfection Pillow. It looks great. looking forward to trying it out.

    34. Missing avatar

      Hannah on May 16, 2018

      The original pillow improved my sleep quality so much - I'm excited to try Perfection!

    35. Missing avatar

      Faith Russell on May 16, 2018

      This is so exciting, I need this pillow in my life!

    36. Missing avatar

      Maria on May 15, 2018

      I love my original reflexpillow pillow. I can't wait to try The Perfection Pillow. :)