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£500 = limited print run of debut novel. More pledges = more signed copies to give pledgers.
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From The Top is...

...a subtle fusion of realistic and reflexive storytelling, the debut novel from multi-genre short story writer and musician steven harris tells a tale of regret, reunion, rock and roll, and a flame-haired man in a coma. When Dharma J, lead singer of late 80s chart-toppers Ghost Wasps, ends up in a vegetative state after a car crash, former Ghost Wasps guitarist and founding member Alan ‘Skip’ Skipton is drawn back into the company of people he hasn’t spoken to for a quarter of a century: the comatose singer, and his first love Suzy Bartlett – aka Anna Phylactic, the band’s bass player. Alternating between the present day and the band’s formative years, From the Top opens up long-unacknowledged moments in the lives of Skip and Suzy, while the shadowy unconscious presence of the red-headed singer looms from his hospital bed.

If everyone has a novel in them then this is mine. I hope I may have more than one but it depends on whether this one proves successful I suppose. Help me be a real boy...I mean be part of something novel, a novel.

Risks and challenges

The challenge is to raise the money. The novel is complete, the manuscript awaiting the time I can press the 'print' button.

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