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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, December 22 2018 9:37 PM UTC +00:00


 Check out the rule book:  download the PDF rule book here! 


The game starts with all of the resource tokens  placed dark side up on the board. Each player will roll one six sided  dice to see who rolls highest and goes first. Each player will take  turns landing one of their PIT ships on the outer yellow triangled landing surface of the planet and revealing the two resource tokens next  to their ship. 

 Once every PIT ship is placed players will use the Move Order list to  plan out their moves. A Move Order list is located at the bottom right  of the game board to guide players in the order of actions they must  accomplish and which actions can be done in any order.  

 Locked moves: Each turn players will start by gaining a shield  power. Shield power can be saved, up to a limit of 3, or spent later  during your turn. Next players will roll dice in order to see what  resources were found that turn. These two actions must be done before  any other action can occur.

Any order moves: Next players have the option to do in any order as they choose and as long as they have resources use:

  • Build a tunnel(Once per turn unless a relic is found and used.)
  • Shield tunnel(s)
  • Save resources
  • Spend resources
  • Use relics found
  • *Attack

*Attacking is enabled for all players only once the first mining outpost is built.

Gaining Resources

Players  gain resources when either a PIT ship or a tunnel connected mining  outpost is located next to a number that is rolled during the dice  rolling part of a turn. In the example above the green player would  obtain a resource if either a 11 or a 6 was rolled. 

The Command  Console Card is the card that keeps track of all the players saved  shield power, built return rockets, and cargo collected. Each player has  54 wooden cubes to use as markers for each resource gathered on their  Command Console Card in addition to being used as mining outposts and  ancient remote harvesters. 

Spending Resources

During a players turn, if they have  resources available in their return cargo, they can choose to spend  their found resources to accomplish different tasks. The spending key  can be found at the bottom left corner of the game board and it details  what certain tasks cost:

  • 1 resource to Move your PIT ship around the planet to a new location.
  • 2 resources to go looking for a relic.
  • 3 resources to build a mining outpost.
  • 4 resources to bypass all shielding and destroy a tunnel.
  • 5 resources to build a refinery on one of your ships(limit 2 per player)
  • 6 resources to destroy a mining outpost.

 Finding and using relics

During the game relics from an  ancient alien civilization can be randomly discovered(By rolling a 7),  found by spending resources, or created with an artifact generator(A  relic found and played next to a number token). There are 4 different  types/colors of borders designating what kind of card it is. Since it  has been untold ages since the aliens civilization that created these  relics existed... you might find some that, while still powerful, don't  quite function as intended.

  • A red bordered card is a dangerous event card. (Must be played)
  • A yellow bordered card is a rare and powerful card.
  • A blue bordered card is launch based.
  • A white bordered card is tactical and most common.

Of the 63 relic cards there are 21 different objects/events that can be found.

 How to win

Winning the game is accomplished by building  all your Command Console Card's return rockets and filling your return  cargo slots all the way up. Players that reach this stage enter the  Launch Sequence stage. Players in this stage remove all their tunnels  and mining outposts from the planet and move their PIT ships into orbit  around the planet. Players in this stage only roll dice(The two D6) on  their turn and are mainly focused on unlocking their return launch  sequence home. Other players yet not in this stage still continue to  gain resources from all rolls of the dice. Their main focus at this  point is catching up with cargo before the other player in launch  sequence can unlock all their return rockets and leave. Players in this  stage cannot attack or spend resources but are able to use shield cards  and launch based cards. They also can still obtain relic cards if they  roll a 7 during their rolls. (Caution however... you can still get hit  by a meteorite and lose your next turn.)

Each individual dice roll  counts towards the individual launch code needed to fire a rocket on  players turn. Rolling a 1 and a 3 would unlock return rocket slot 1 and 3  and would remove those cubes to show the 4 remaining rockets left to  fire. 

 You can also watch a video tutorial at: 

 Due  to the fact that this is the first ever release of this game I want to  keep the rewards and delivery as simple as possible. To this end,  instead of splitting the game into 4 or 6 player games, I have chosen to  release the Kickstarter version as a full 6 player able game. It really  is quite a fun experience the more players you can gather to play at  one time. 

In the box you will receive:

  • Game board
  • 63 relic cards
  • 45 number tokens
  • 6 command console cards
  • 2 six sided dice
  • 2 twelve sided dice
  • 324 wooden outpost tokens(54 per player)
  • 12 refinery cards
  • 12 PIT ship tokens(2 per player)
  • 96 plastic tunnels(16 per player)
  • 5 artifact generator tokens
  • Rule book

Risks and challenges

To help ensure realistic deadlines, I have completed all of the game development before launching on Kickstarter. The rules of the game are locked and all of the cards, pieces, and the game boards have all been laid out and are ready to print. My manufacturers are ready and I have updated my expected delivery times to match the most realistic (and conservative) estimation of delivery= Late March - April 2019.

31 days for the Kickstarter
14-21 days to get funds released from Kickstarter
3-4 week lead time
4-6 weeks delivery to the US
and around a week to get it into your hands.

There's always a chance that customs, delivery schedules or other factors in the physical supply chain can change but I are committed to turning each order around as fast as humanly possible to get my passion project to your table within the expected delivery window (perhaps even before it).
In the event of delays that are out of my control, everyone will be kept updated via backer-updates.
Once again, thank you for your support!!!!

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