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Update #14

Printing Update


Hey Kickstarter friends,

Just updating you with some new video of our posters being created. I expect thousands of posters to arrive here in Chicago next week, and I should start shipping soon after.

Thanks again for your patience - you're going to love the finished posters.

- Max

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    1. Missing_small

      Creator linda greaves on August 9, 2012

      Appreciate your updates through the process, thank you !

    2. 2ft_real.small

      Creator Katherine on August 8, 2012

      Hi Max, I also have moved and need to change my shipping address. I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to do this, thanks!

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Arslan Ildarovich Galeyev on August 8, 2012

      Hey Max, I was wondering if it's too late to change my shipping info? Had to urgently change adresses and the one I provided in the survey is outdated. Thanks in advance.

    4. Twitterpic.small

      Creator Chris Taran on August 7, 2012

      Looking fantastic Max! BTW, any interest in sharing what the highest requested print was?

    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Leon Gaban on August 7, 2012

      Yes awesome video :) looking forward to mine, and eventually a whole wall of these!

    6. Janaavatar_big.small

      Creator Max Temkin on August 7, 2012

      Thanks Travis! I'd love to make some more designs once I get all these Kickstarter orders out.

    7. Mrhulot.small

      Creator Travis Bruno on August 7, 2012

      that's beautiful. also was thinking the other day it'd be sweet if you had a permanent shop up to buy more of these, or potentially to add new designs/ posters to

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