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Cards Against Humanity is a free party game for horrible people.
Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
Cards Against Humanity is a  game for horrible people.
758 backers pledged $15,570 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dahlia on September 25, 2012

      You guys are movin right along! Sold on amazon STILL!!!! And awesome on the second expansion pack...i think i just bought the last 5 on amazon that were available, if not, i will be ordering some more (christmas!!!!) anyway, let us know if/when you will be making more and if/when there will be another expansion!!

    2. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 13, 2012

      @Sean So glad that you're still enjoying Cards Against Humanity! We'll keep your suggestion in mind and let you know if we ever offer separate pack of blank cards.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Westberg on February 13, 2012

      A year after getting CAH and it's still one of the most frequently asked for party games I've ever seen. One girl actually burned Apples to Apples to show her love for CAH.

      With the expansion I've introduced something new: The winner of CAH gets to add one new black or white card to the game when they win. It's super popular, but... I'm running out of blank glossy cards. Any chance we could potentially order from you a set of blanks at some point? I don't want to keep purchasing the first expansion over and over again!

    4. Dahlia on August 2, 2011

      So i have introduced this game to about 15 people. i have bought 2 extra copies for friends. i keep a copy in my truck just in case someone wants to play a game. i have a friend who is going to go buy it... I think you guys did an absolutely amazing job.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ieong on July 23, 2011

      Just got my sets in the mail! Thanks for looking into my order status!

    6. Lee Dale on July 18, 2011

      Hey Max. I brought my card set to a cottage this weekend and it was a huge hit. Thanks for all your hard work and letting me subtly admit that I pick up women at abortion clinics. Therapeutic and amusing. You can't beat that.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ieong on July 17, 2011

      So I haven't received any of my sets yet. I'm hoping it was delayed because of the Canada Post strike, but with every passing day I'm increasingly feeling like I threw $75 away :(

    8. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on June 21, 2011

      @Florian - Thanks for the update! We're still getting reports of missing sets from our European backers, but we think they might be delayed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian Preissler on June 21, 2011

      Yesterday the game arrived in Austria, THX A LOT HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!!

    10. Moose on June 4, 2011

      The custom cards are a different color. They seem to be brighter. I also don't care. This game rocks. Thank you so much for doing this.

    11. Moose on June 1, 2011

      I got my copy yesterday and got to look at it last night. Almost lost the envelope with the custom cards. I didn't hold the custom cards up to the boxed set so I don't know if there is any difference in size or color, and I really don't care, the game is awesome. Much thanks.

    12. Daniella Jaeger on June 1, 2011

      OH. MY. GOD. I played this for the first time yesterday and IT IS AMAZING. FUNNIEST. GAME. EVER. I gave it to my friend as a birthday gift and we played it at this tiny restaurant over dessert and we ended up playing for two hours we couldn't stop. Laughing like craaaaaaaaaazy. YOU HAVE MADE SOMETHING REALLY WONDERFUL! And now everybody wants their own including me so please do another project to make more!!!!! Fantastic job, really fantastic. You guys are legends.

    13. Jonathan Beer on May 31, 2011

      The corner thing happened with mine as well but it's all good. I did get the penguins though :D

      This game is made of awesome.

    14. Missing avatar

      Austin Lee on May 28, 2011

      My custom cards don't seem to be the same size or color as the normal cards :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Barbara Keefer on May 28, 2011

      My cards have arrived and my group of horrible friends played last night. It was a huge hit!! I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. Great job!

    16. Car Tag on May 28, 2011

      Just got my copy today. I can't wait to get a group of assholes... I mean, my friends, together to play

    17. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)
      on May 26, 2011

      I can't wait for my cards to arrive!

    18. Thomas Settefrati on May 25, 2011

      Got my cards yesterday. They look amazing! I will be breaking them out for their first game on Monday during my annual BBQ. Thanks again for an amazing project!

    19. Missing avatar

      aalh on May 25, 2011

      Got my cards this morning...odd for media mail for it to be at my door at 9am, but who knows! Played through a bunch of it at lunch with coworkers, this is awesome :)

    20. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on May 24, 2011

      @Bobby - email us at We'll see what we can do.

    21. Bobby Sanmiguel on May 24, 2011

      One of the corners of my box got pretty beat up in the shipping. I know it's not your guys fault but it sucks.

    22. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)
      on May 19, 2011

      @David -- This project is *by far* the best updated project I have backed. These guys have made many, many updates, and made it very clear what the progress has been, for anyone that avoided living under a rock. You have to remember when backing something on kickstarter, you are *not* buying a finished product, you are backing a product so that it can be created, and thus will take a little time to ship.

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Weaver on May 6, 2011

      Man, I'm an idiot. I signed up with my throwaway email account, and didn't check it. Oh well, missed out on the custom cards. Just filled out my backer survey, at least.

    24. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on April 29, 2011

      Thanks Josh. You are correct that we haven't had any shipping information for the last few weeks, although we just got some major news which I am writing up now. Thanks for your patience and support!

    25. Car Tag on April 29, 2011

      Don't report him to Kickstarter or PayPal. It's possible he just hasn't gotten a shipping update yet and hasn't logged in to tell us that. The previous ETA was that it could be in the states by the end of this month (I may be wrong in that memory). Wait for an update before reporting him for this.

    26. David Scorca on April 29, 2011

      I am reporting you to Kickstarter and to PayPal. No communications and no game shipped yet.

    27. Thomas Refvik on April 23, 2011

      Looking forward to tons of fun with this game throughout the summer, but is there any news in ETA? It´s been a while since you guys gave us an update :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Anna Johnston on April 21, 2011

      Getting VERY excited for my game!
      Hope all is going well with getting everything together - I'm sure you boys are all very busy!

    29. Car Tag on April 21, 2011

      any updated ETA? Been about a month since we heard anything

    30. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on March 22, 2011

      @turck3 The decks are being printed and assembled in China - we'll post updates as soon as there is any news.

    31. Missing avatar

      turck3 on March 22, 2011

      What's the word on shipping? It's been a while.

    32. Bobby Sanmiguel on February 27, 2011

      Any updates on the printing/shipping?

    33. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 15, 2011

      @Stephen - Unfortunately I don't think the cards will be printed by then (we'll have a printing schedule in the next few days). You can always make a copy for yourself at

    34. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 15, 2011

      @Davin - the premium game of Cards Against Humanity is going to be printed on standard playing cards (2.5" x 3.5"). The free print-at-home game will stay as little squares so that it's as affordable as possible for people to make. We'll look into adding blank cards in the future - thanks for the suggestion.

    35. Stephen Bruckert on February 15, 2011

      Think I might get my cards before PAX East? Would love to bring this to the conference... (March 11-13)

    36. Davin on February 15, 2011

      So, I'm curious, are the cards going to be normal playing card size and shape like the art shows, or are they going to be lil squares like the .PDFs show.

      If they are going to be normal playing card size, can we get new PDF templates for making our own custom cards. You know, once you have some free time.

    37. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 14, 2011

      @John - Hang tight. We're finalizing the order the printer, and we'll have a schedule update in the next few days.

    38. John Savage on February 14, 2011

      Just wondering if the sets had been sent out yet.

    39. Sarah Underwood on February 10, 2011

      How can I make sure I got the survey submitted?

    40. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 10, 2011

      @Nathan - we're going to complete our Kickstarter fulfillment before we make more sets available. You can sign up at and we'll let you know as soon as we have more games for sale.

    41. Nathan Karlsrud on February 10, 2011

      Word got out on The Awesomer a little late and now I can't pledge :( Is there any way I can get a hold of the box set sooner rather than later? Or do I have to wait till the sets begin to get sold on the CAH website?

    42. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on February 2, 2011

      @Harvey - the Kickstarter backer survey was emailed to you earlier this week. The Kickstarter FAQ also says, "If you think you might have missed a survey email, please log in to your Kickstarter account to check — you’ll see a notification at the top of the site for any missed surveys."

    43. Missing avatar

      Harvey on February 2, 2011

      And where is the survey you want filled out, Mr. Evil?

    44. Quadro on February 1, 2011

      I am waiting to get my boxed set, then throwing a party with my... evil friend group. I am going to place Cards Against Humanity INSIDE the apples to apples box, then reveal it with a swoosh. Epic can be the only result

    45. Missing avatar

      Nasty Bigtits on January 31, 2011

      This is an amazing game. We played our first game of Cards Against Humanity last week, and it got a great response from everyone. After playing it, Apples to Apples just isn't the same.

    46. Samantha Patterson on January 31, 2011

      I am SOOOOO excited to get my game (and so are many of my friends)!!!! Congrats Max and Thank YOU!

    47. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on January 31, 2011

      @jpocket - If you added $5 to your Kickstarter pledge for shipping, you're all set. The extra few cents are only there to cover transaction fees for people who need to pay using PayPal.

    48. Missing avatar

      jpocket on January 30, 2011

      I included $5 extra for shipping originally, but your latest update says $5.46 including paypal fees...Do I need to make an additional payment now?

    49. Max Temkin 7-time creator
      on January 30, 2011

      Here are the PayPal links for people who still need to pay for shipping:

      U.S. Shipping:…
      International Shipping:…

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