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A hard-boiled romantic comedy about finding love and acceptance where you least expect it.


“Hard Love” is a noirish romantic comedy about a hard-bitten, world-weary hit man who wakes up one morning to find that the young woman he spent the night with has fallen hopelessly in love with him. These two people could not be more different, but they share an unexpected and undeniable chemistry that just may transform both of them. This story uses a conventional “hit man” genre to explore the nuances of love and attraction and celebrates the chance we all have of finding love in unexpected places. It will express an unabashedly optimistic view of life and it will do all of this in about 8½ minutes. I believe it is the duty of an artist to entertain, so the main goal is to make this movie a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the viewer.


To make a truly polished piece of work with talented professionals costs real money. Equipment, insurance, props and permits require dollars. Crew members who spend 12 hours on their feet need to be fed. Key crew members (camera, sound, makeup) normally get paid very well for a day’s work and since they’re essentially donating their time to this project, I want to pay them something. I’m not very good at asking people for things, but in this case, I think this project is worth it and I really would like you to feel a part of it.


We’re aiming to shoot in Los Angeles at the end of November and hope to have the film ready in time for the 2013 festival circuit. Join us on Facebook at and follow us on twitter at Our contributors will receive regular email updates on our progress with candid behind-the-scenes anecdotes and confessions. Thank you for checking out our project and THANK YOU THANK YOU for contributing.


Leland Douglas - Writer/Director
Leland Douglas - Writer/Director

Leland is a screenwriter whose credits include "Miracles Dogs Too" with Janine Turner, "Call of the Wild 3D" with Christopher Lloyd and "Bed & Breakfast" with Dean Cain. Leland has developed feature film projects for a number of production companies and has written, directed and/or produced television series for HBO, Cinemax, Playboy TV and HDNet. He's directed a number of short films, TV commercials and stage plays. Leland also draws the "Drawn From Life" cartoon series (

Larissa Michel - Producer
Larissa Michel - Producer

Larissa brings an enormous amount of skill and experience to "Hard Love." As a producer and coordinator, Larissa has overseen production on TV series such as True Blood, Big Love, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Teen Wolf. She has produced four feature films and is widely regarded as "the nicest producer in Hollywood."


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Making a professional quality short film involves a large number of challenges and plenty of risks. The challenges include: putting together a competent crew willing to work well together and work hard for low (or no pay); scrambling to obtain a long list of shots in a relatively short day (we’ll be using a lot of existing light, and the days are getting shorter); pulling together a large number of elements including equipment, props, electrical power, crew meals, parking and more; being willing to improvise when Murphy’s Law kicks in (which it always does on a film set, for some reason) and things go wrong; and staying focused on the true task, which is conveying an intimate and compelling story through strong visuals and performances. It’s a lot to think about and a lot to keep in focus. The biggest risk is not living up to the hopes and expectations of the people who believe in this project. I risk making a fool of myself if I don’t make a good movie! I’m asking for a lot of help from a lot of people and I am frankly pretty anxious about whether I can deliver the polished and entertaining movie that I’ve promised to make. But I expect that the enthusiasm expressed by supporters through their contributions to this campaign will be ample motivation for me to do the very best job that I can possibly do.


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