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Have you ever worn a piece of jewelry that you know will travel around the world?Have you ever passed on your jewlery to others?

Welcome to the TRACKL3T project!
Have you ever held an antique watch or other antique piece of jewelry?  Have you ever wondered who wore this item in the past, and what their life was like?

Our project will create a community that has never been created before. It all starts with these special bracelets.  Each bracelet has a unique identifier that allows us to track its history.  That is the reason why we decided to call this project TRACKL3T.  Here is how it will work.

First, by supporting our project on Kickstarter you will receive your very own TRACKL3T(s).  In the future you will be able to purchase them on our website.

After you receive your TRAKL3T, you will register the TRACKL3T identifier on our website or mobile app and enter your city.  This is the starting point for your TRACKL3T’s  journey.  You may also enter a special mission for your TRACKL3T such as travel around the world, make someone happy, etc.

Enjoy wearing your TRACKL3T. Eventually, you find the perfect opportunity to give your TRACKL3T to someone.  This person could be your best friend or a stranger.  Tell them about the TRACKL3T, and how the system works.

The new TRACKL3T carrier will go on our website to register themselves by using the TRACKL3T identifier. The new carrier can view a map of the TRACKL3T’s journey as well as its original mission.

Once your old TRACKL3T is registered by the new owner you will receive $3 off your next bracelet order. This code will be a one time code, but let’s say you purchase 5 bracelets, you will get $3 off each bracelet, so you will save $15 on your order.

Visit our website or mobile app and monitor each of your TRACKL3Ts.  Check out all the people that have worn your bracelet and see how many miles your bracelet has traveled.

What will the TRACKL3T’s look like?
The black beads are made of black onyx while the white beads are made of coral. The red TRACKL3T’s have beads made of natural stone, in the picture you can actually see the veins of the stone used. Each bracelet will also have a hand engraved unique identifier.  On the back of the TRACKL3T there will be a small alloy piece which will have our website address on it.

What will the website and mobile app look like?
Our website and our mobile app will allow everyone to register their TRACKL3T, record when the TRACKL3T changes hands and show their journey on a map.  You will be able to enter your TRACKL3T identifier and a map will show you the journey your TRACKL3T has taken so far.  A pin will be shown on the map each time your TRACKL3T changes hands.  If you hover over a pin on the map, you will be shown a quick blurb about why the TRACKL3T was passed and where.

What is the money going to be used for?
The funds will be used to build the mobile app, the website and place our first order.

Follow us on twitter @TRACKL3T

The colors you can choose from...for now.


  • After the project is all over and if the project is successfull. There will be a message sent to every backer asking them which color they would like.

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