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What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
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Pre-order referral code delay

Posted by Bruce Shapiro (Creator)

We have finally gotten our system fixed - we've created special accounts using the email address we have for each or our table backers. If you backed a table, you will receive an email with a temporary password and a link to the log-in page.  Login to your account to receive your unique referral link to send out to friends and family. If you are not interested, you can simply ignore the email. These have just been sent out. If you haven't received this email by tomorrow, please check your spam filter.

Last update I announced our impending launch of opening new post-Kickstarter pre-orders. And as a special thank you, promised to send out referral links to those of you who backed tables, which you can send to friends and family, enabling them to get an additional discount, and at the same time, for you to earn credits for future purchases.  Many of you have reached out to let us know how anxious you are to receive this referral, and your frustration and disappointment over the delay and our poor communication about it. 

Mea culpa.

A part of me wants to explain all the complexities and details of implementing this "special" referral reward and getting it to work with our new and complex existing referral scheme and how we've been struggling with it continuously over the past two weeks (along with international shipping issues). But it would sound like I'm making excuses - which is not what I want to do. We messed up and I'm sorry.

This entire project has been and continues to be an amazing journey, not without its share of up's, down's, and twists. Throughout it all, when we've hit a snag - whether it is a veneer issue, or someone's table is making noise, or trouble with getting a table connected to WiFi - in each case our motto has always been: "We will make it right."We can't turn back time and un-delay, but we think we have a solid work-around solution in place. You guys have been the absolute best when it comes to trusting us and patiently enduring the long wait for your table to arrive, and it hurts like hell to think we dropped the ball while trying to say "thank you." We will make it right.


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    1. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      Stan and Diane and anyone else without a referral code - please see Micah's comment with instructions on what to do.

    2. Stan Roestenberg on

      I didn’t get a code till now

    3. Missing avatar

      Diane Paquet-White on

      I have still not received a code... can you resend please. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      simon lafosse on

      Thanks for the update. I now have the table and it’s working brilliantly. It’s in my office and I appreciate it’s every changing beauty every day; thank you all!

    5. Micah Roth Collaborator on

      Walter, Shane and anyone else who didn't receive a referral link email:
      After looking into potential issues the easiest solution appears to be to request a password reset on our site. Please go to and enter the email attached to your kickstarter account. You should then receive an email with a password reset link to gain access to your account and referral link. If you're still having difficulties please email

    6. Missing avatar

      Walter Paice on

      Dear Team Sisyphus,

      My beautiful table safely arrived in Amsterdam. Thank you to all of you. I echo Shay's husband's view that most of my other furniture is now redundant in light of my flat's new arrival. My Cat Kiki, is both fascinated and perplexed by the little steel ball that roams the sands just beyond her reach.

      I am getting lots of requests from people about this but could not find the referral code. I would also love to order another in the future. I checked my spam but no referral link email was evident. Could you please resend it to me?

      Please also advise what instagram tags I should use, I've been doing a 5 day epic reveal of the table (from unboxing to first run) to my friends and would love to make sure I attribute it properly.

      While I would especially congratulate Bruce on his invention, such greatness is never achieved alone. So well done all of you. You deserve all the success coming to you.

      Keep creating.

      Thank you so much,


    7. Missing avatar

      Shane Berger on

      Didn't get the referral link email! Checked spam, etc. and it's nowhere to be found. Can it be sent or resent please? Thanks! Shane

    8. Shay Thurmon on

      We absolutely LOVE our table. My husband would be happy if we got rid of all our stuff and had nothing but this table in an empty room. Well worth the wait and I expect we will be getting another one in the future. It is a work of art for sure.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cecilian Lee on

      Thanks for your hard work! Still patiently waiting for my table however got the link for referall! Lol keep it up! :D