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What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
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New App and Firmware Released!

Posted by Micah Roth (Collaborator)

A little late but it's finally happened! 

Last week we silently released our new mobile apps and updated table firmware. We've packed a whole heap of changes into it and we can't wait to hear your feedback. 

To update your app and table:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to update your Sisyphus app. 
  • Open the new app and connect to your table
  • If your table is not already on your home WiFi follow the prompts to do so
  • Follow the on-boarding process to update the tables firmware
  • If you have any issues, email me using the link at

We'd love to hear experience and feedback, good and bad. Please email me here with the subject line "App Feedback"

Included in the app and firmware update:

  • Fully redesigned intuitive user interface with improved flow
  • Night mode
  • Pause between tracks
  • Improved auto-dim algorithm
  • Track/playlist deletion 
  • Update checking
  • Better utilization of bluetooth for connectivity
  • Increased stability of mobile connection
  • New on-boarding
  • Track upload improvements
  • Many, many bug fixes

We are really happy with the new app, but we expect to continue finding bugs and ways to improve. You can expect ongoing improvements and increased functionality through the coming months. Here is what you'll see soon:

  • Community! While we've been really excited to see customer creations and tack sharing on reddit, we will make it easier to share and download tracks from within the app.
  • SVG utility improvements. Our current track generation utility is very buggy and only compatible with Adobe Illustrator. We'll be expanding compatibility to other software adding variable controls and squashing bugs.
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    1. Micah Roth Collaborator on

      Marc - Unfortunately Android requires location data access for bluetooth utilization. However, I'm not sure what it's specifically requesting frequently. We don't log or use any GPS data, but Android clumps bluetooth into "location data" so I assume the app is frequently looking for bluetooth Sisyphus handshake. I'll check with my devs on this one.

    2. Marc Pawliger on

      Anxious awaiting my table, and wanted to check out the app. Couldn't do much and forgot about it, but my phone (Android) said the app was using considerable battery requesting location data frequently.

    3. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      Our developers are several hundred miles from our production space, and their work does not affect table shipping. But I hear you, and we get it. I see you are an international backer, and definitely, this takes longer to figure out and is taking longer. But we've had good feedback from our initial test shipments to Canada, UK, and Australia and are beginning to ship everywhere within the next month.

    4. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      @Ricardo -
      Not expected, but now that a few people have noticed this, we are working on a fix. I just commented in the main comments about it.

    5. Martin Law on

      New app? So what?! I haven't even received my table after chipping in more than a year!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Alves on

      Hi Bruce, really love the Sisyphus end table and it's always a conversation piece with my friends and family. Anyhow, the new night feature is great but I still hear a continuous humming sound when it's in night mode. Is this expected?

    7. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      @Bill -
      Night Mode is the same as sleep/wake, but also adds a "nightlight" option - if you want your paused table to keep its lights on during sleep time (at the brightness you choose).

    8. Missing avatar

      Bill Coderre on

      You say there's a new "Night Mode" which sounds really like-worthy. Elsewhere it says that I should be able to set a time to stop drawing every night and wake up in the morning.

      I don't see it in the app yet -- but I do see "go to sleep" which is almost as good.